A Guide on How to Delete Files From SD Card on Computer

Removing unnecessary files from your SD card is essential when you run out of storage space. But the question is how to delete files from SD card on computer easily and quickly without disturbing important files.

This article will provide you with an overview of some effective ways to remove files from SD cards. You will also discover reasons to do so and what problems you can encounter while deleting files. 

Why Do You Need to Delete Files From an SD Card?

The significance of SD cards is increasing more rapidly today than ever before. It helps in keeping more files than primary devices. Clearing SD card files not just allows you to organize files on Mac but helps make space for other important data. Click here to learn more about organizing files on Mac. 

Most people erase memory card data when it has been infected with malware or other toxic programs. Sometimes the SD card doesn’t allow storing files and displays an error that says “no permission to delete”. Data corruption can also lead to the need to delete SD card data.

 How Do You Erase SD Card Files? 

Now you know which factors lead to the need to erase SD card files. It’s time to discover the most efficient ways to delete unnecessary data from your SD or memory card.

Clear SD Card From My Computer 

Place the memory card into the adapter and connect it to the computer. Press the Windows and E keys or tap File Explorer to access Windows File Explorer. Open the Computer or My PC by clicking on it. Locate the SD card folder under Devices and drivers in the My PC folder.

In the SD card folder, left-click on the selected file. Press the Delete key. When you do that, you will be prompted to confirm that action. Tap on the Yes option to confirm that you want to permanently delete the file. After finding the SD card folder, you can press Shift and Delete to bypass confirmation. 

Format Your SD Card

If you don’t know how to delete files from SD card on computer completely, then opt for this method. Formatting your SD card will help in fully erasing the card. Access Windows Explorer by entering Windows Explorer into the search bar of Cortana and tapping on the icon. 

Or, hold Windows and E. Next, open My PC or This PC folder. Locate the SD card folder and open it. Expand the Devices and Drives option to locate your memory card. Right-click the memory card drive. Scroll down and find Format. Click on it and allow formatting of the memory card. 

Delete Entire SD Card Contents

To delete files from your SD card, you can delete all the contents on your SD card using a smartphone. Insert the SD card into your phone. Tap Home, Volume Down, and Power to reboot your device.

 Once you press these keys, it will take you to recovery mode. To discover more options, press the Volume Down button. Select the ‘Wipe data/Factory Reset’ option by clicking on the Home button. It will remove all the data from the memory card.

Try Windows Utility – Diskpart 

This window utility program is similar to a power shell or a command prompt. This method is recommended when you have some technical know-how. Open this program by typing Diskpart into Cortana’s search field and clicking on it.

Input ‘list disk’ to access a list of disks and drives presently available on your system. Note down the number showing the SD card. Input select + (your SD card name). Discover your SD card. Enter clean to delete your memory card. Hit Enter. You’ll get a message ‘Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk.’ 

Can’t Erase SD Card Data?

Although all the methods discussed above are highly effective in getting rid of unnecessary files. Sometimes, write protection on your micro SD card doesn’t allow deleting such files. It could also happen if the file you want to erase is still opening. So, close them completely.

The corrupted file system of your SD card can also become an obstacle while removing files. So, protect your card by including read-only attributes. Poor contact between the SD card slot or adapter and the SD card will also not support deleting card files. So, adjust them. 


That’s all you can learn when going to delete data from your SD card on a computer. No matter what the reason is for removing files on an SD card, you need to be careful about protecting other crucial data. Copy that vital data to the cloud and then recover it again.  

Take out enough time when you are getting rid of unwanted files on the SD card to avoid deleting other important data. So, try the most useful solution as per your requirement and start saving your vital files on your SD card.

By Ephatech

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