An Extensive Guide to Demand Generation for SaaS Companies

Demand generation for SaaS companies is a complex process that requires professional planning and implementation. Typically, it involves the use of digital marketing strategies to lure potential clients to subscribe to your software and applications. 

With increasing supply and demand for SaaS products, it is important that SaaS companies embrace effective marketing and brand promotion strategies to increase their customer base. Demand generation for SaaS companies is, therefore, a crucial strategy to be used by the marketing team or the professionals you have hired. 

According to Rocket SaaS and other digital marketing companies that use demand generation for SaaS companies, high-quality leads, and their conversion determines the success and growth of such a business.

What Is Demand Generation for SaaS Companies?

As hinted, demand generation for SaaS companies is all about luring potential customers and converting them into buying customers. From this, the most important thing is defining the target audience and setting strategies to reach them. 

Content is the commonly used strategy, which includes the creation of blogs, social media posts, webinars, tutorials, guides, and other content. With the right skills and tools, you can easily meet your goals in demand generation for SaaS companies.

Benefits of Demand Generation for SaaS Companies

There are numerous advantages to demand generation for SaaS companies. Here are a few of them. 

Expands your customer base – The main reason for demand generation for SaaS companies is to have as many customers as possible. SaaS companies offer software and application services, and they need as many customers as possible to survive or grow. When they lure customers to buy their products, they are likely to attract more customers through conversion.

Increases revenue and profit – Another reason to make efforts in demand generation is to sell more SaaS products. When the customer base is increased, you will definitely improve revenue and profit, especially if you keep the costs low. 

Business growth – A growing business keeps everyone motivated. With a higher demand for SaaS products, you will have no option but to expand the company to serve customers well. This means more employees, more servers, more support, a bigger marketing department, and the like. 

Strong brand awareness – Demand generation for SaaS companies comes with more brand awareness because potential customers are learning a lot about your business. All strategies used also increase brand awareness over time. 

Promotes customer retention – A SaaS business that has a great demand generation employs the best strategies for customer conversion and retention. According to digital marketing experts, it is important that you create a holistic digital marketing department to grow your business.

Best Strategies for Demand Generation for SaaS Companies

To succeed in demand generation for SaaS companies, it is important that you have the appropriate strategies. There are many of them, but you can only use those that work for you. For SaaS companies, here are some popular strategies to apply.

Determine your audience

Before creating any content or applying any demand generation strategy, you should know who you want it to reach. This is called the target audience. You can profile them with details such as demographics, age, and careers to understand their needs in a better way. 

Understanding their buying behavior is also very crucial, so apply the right profiling measures, especially the use of tools that analyze past buying behavior. Fortunately, you can always buy target audience data from reliable sources these days. This is the first step to a successful demand generation for SaaS companies. 

Understand your competitors

Before you proceed, you still need to understand your competitors in the SaaS sector. You can narrow it down to other companies that provide products like yours. What strategies do they apply for demand generation, and are they successful? Do they have an internal digital marketing team, or do they outsource the professionals?

Checking their success and failures will help you to plan better. Again, you can get competitor information easily now that there are numerous companies that collect and sell such data. With this information, you are now ready to move to the next step.

Create high-quality content

This is the most crucial step in demand generation for SaaS companies. As mentioned, this strategy is all about creating content that lures potential customers to check your products so that you can convert them into buying customers easily. 

Your content should describe your products, offer educational guides and tutorials on how to use the products, inform about the benefits of SaaS products, and the like. You can hire a professional content creator, but this depends on what you want to achieve. 

These professionals use written content most of the time on platforms such as websites, blog sites, journals, newspapers, and social media platforms. Other informative SaaS content such as videos, images, and illustrations is also used on these platforms. 

Additionally, one can also succeed in demand generation for SaaS companies through paid advertisements, which are part of content marketing strategies. 

Use an effective distribution strategy

Even after creating your content for demand generation for SaaS companies, you should distribute it appropriately for positive results. We have already mentioned the common platforms to post your content. 

Just to clarify, you should have a strategy on how to distribute the content and capture the attention of potential customers. For instance, posting content on social media can be done in the evening or over the weekend when most people are online. The same applies to videos posted on YouTube and other media streaming platforms. Blogs can be written anytime but kept short and informative. 

Work on your website

Even as you eye using other websites and platforms for demand generation for SaaS, your website will be the main tool. So, you should first work on its SEO to ensure that it is visible to as many people as possible.

Fortunately, this is a dynamic process that you can achieve easily if you have an idea of how to do it. So, let your digital marketing professional work it out for you. 

Track and improve your strategies

Doing all the above is not enough for a successful demand generation for SaaS companies, you still need to keep a close eye on everything and take corrective measures if required. Use your professional and the right tools to measure success and act where necessary.


It is clear that demand generation for SaaS companies is a dynamic process. As mentioned, only a professional or a skilled entrepreneur can handle this. So, plan well and use the right experts and do everything that is needed to succeed in this.

By Ephatech

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