How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers [Best Tips & Guide]

How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers [Best Tips & Guide]

Whether for notification of new company information, as teasers for articles on your company blog or to tell your customers about interesting offers – you can reach them with a newsletter of potentially interested customers targeted, fast, and above all almost free of charge.

So that the effort of creating it is not in vain, you would of course also want to reach an attractive number of subscribers. The following 8 practical tips should help you to get more newsletter subscribers.

How to get more newsletter subscribers – 8 tips

1. Match the design to the brand/company

Regardless of whether you are sending out invoices or appearing with your company at a trade fair – you will always present yourself in your company colors and include your logo or brand. Correctly? The same rule also applies to your e-mail traffic. You should therefore integrate your company-typical colors and certain design elements into the newsletter design. These let your readers recognize that the newsletter comes from you and ensures a basis of trust in the long term.

2. Optimize technology & design

Writing a newsletter is not exactly the same as writing an e-mail – but thanks to programs like Mailchimp or CleverReach, it is not harder either. With the help of the programs, you collect your email addresses in lists that enable sending with just one click.

The programs also provide different tools for the design of your newsletter, which simplify the design for you with images, colors, and different fonts. Upgrade your newsletter accordingly to make it easier to read and to make your subscribers happy.

3. Advertise

Anyone who takes the trouble to create a newsletter also wants it to be read regularly and with pleasure. Therefore, regularly bang the drum for your newsletter on suitable platforms or in another way. Be it via the integration on your

Blog on your website or your Instagram and Facebook page. Communicate regularly the existence of your newsletter as well as current and interesting content to potential customers.

4. To offer something

Hand on heart – if you can win something, the willingness to deal with something is much greater. Therefore, offer your customers something for the subscription. Be it a small prize or a voucher code – those who are rewarded for their “effort” and receive a small goodie in addition to an interesting newsletter will dare to register more quickly.

5. Customize the registration form

Speaking of registration – an intuitive, quick and trustworthy registration also ensures even more newsletter subscribers.

Therefore, make the registration as easy as possible by only asking for the most necessary information from the interested party.

Also, enhance the fields in terms of design by using a legible font and inserting the fields appropriately. In addition, always adhere to the data protection guidelines and be transparent about what happens to the data.

6. Place the newsletter subscription correctly

A small icon or a button often has a big effect – draw attention to your newsletter, creatively if you like. Small integrations like in the sidebar of your website or at the end of each post on your blog ensure increasing subscription numbers.

7. Communicate rotation

Not hourly, not daily, but possibly weekly or monthly – depending on the content and industry or clientele, a different rhythm for sending the newsletter is recommended. Always determine this considering the communicated content and also in relation to the need of your industry. It is best to communicate the cycle when registering for the newsletter so that subscribers know what they can expect.

8. Easy to unsubscribe

Even if you “lose” subscribers, they should always regard you as a reputable source. Therefore, not only make registering for the newsletter as easy and quick as possible, but also unsubscribing. You make this possible, for example, by giving subscribers the option of unsubscribing from every e-mail and being able to remove their e-mail addresses from your system without giving too much information.

By Ephatech

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