How Much do you get Paid for Writing an Article?

how much do you get paid for writing an article

If you are looking for a copywriter for your business and you know the benefits of dealing with these features, or you are a freelance worker who knows the benefits of working from home but you do not know what a freelance copywriter is and how much do you get paid for writing an article? You know that you got the right article.

How Much Money Does a Freelance Copywriter Make?

This question can be difficult to answer. But for a quick calculation to help you figure out a freelance copywriter’s salary, I suggest you keep in mind everything that goes into getting the job done and delivering it. For example cost and delay.

Now, if we look at it from the other side and you are a business person looking for a writer, we are talking to you about platforms that are looking for freelance writers and writers. As an intermediary, there is an option for you.

  • They calculate the price by taking into account various factors, such as type of article writing, form of payment, and price per word.
  • These websites are interesting because their prices are updated all the time, so you will know how much you should pay for a freelancer and bid to find an editor who will be tailored to your search.
  • On the other hand, although it can be difficult to determine how much a freelance copywriter can charge, this is something that every business leader wants to know, so from the many data presented here, You can guess.

There are two steps to answering this question

The first is to find out the survey data on what is being paid to freelancers. It gives you an idea of ​​what is possible and what is common.

The second step is a bit difficult, so let’s start with this data to guide you:

The 2015 State of Freelancing Report compiled survey data from 643 freelancers (82% were freelance authors).

The report shows revenue data and trends for freelancers (24% earn $ 50K or more annually). But even more interesting, the report reveals a connection between revenue and marketing efforts.

Payment Rate for Freelance Writers is another recent report on the trend of freelance written income. This report is published by ClearVoice.

To find out how much freelance writers are paid, look for freelance writers and companies that hire freelancers.

Reuters Market surveyed copywriters and published a “What to upload” guide for copywriter marketers. They offer rates for a wide variety of written assignments.

Freelance Writing Rates: 5 Resources Another way to calculate how much to charge is to give you a better idea of ​​how much a freelance writer charges.

On the other hand, according to Vivalia, a freelance writer should be paid according to the star rating obtained by registering on the platform and passing the spelling test.

With three stars, the freelance writer is considered a minimum or average experience with a basic range of expectations.

With four stars, the author is the one who has participated in the Vivalia projects and has been well-rated by the senior management.

When it has five stars, the author is considered an expert in one or more subjects.

How to make more money as a freelance copywriter?

Here are some tips to help you grow your reputation as a copywriter and earn more money as a freelance copywriter.

Become a copywriter

Becoming a copywriter is a logical step once you learn to write clean copy for content sites.

You don’t have to wait a year to get started as a copywriter. You can search for copy sites and start applying for jobs. So enjoy product copy or press release writing!

Open your blog

Every copywriter needs a blog. This is one of the best places to prepare your style and your audience.

The philosophy of inbound marketing is to make the audience love the valuable material first. Make it a freelance copywriter with your own brand!

One of the best ideas is to offer an ad to your blog as an author on your blog, top or sidebar. You say, “Hire me!” You can also add a link. On your blog, so that people who read your writing know that you are an available author.

A platform for working as a freelance writer

There are several platforms for working as a freelance copywriter. The following can be mentioned.


This platform gives you the opportunity to generate revenue by creating any article writing for the web and you will be charged for every click registered through Google AdSense.

Text broker

It has been online for over ten years and after reviewing your test, you will start receiving orders from different clients which can be individual or team.


With a payment guarantee, Nobello hires both freelance copywriters and web designers.


Each editor has his own website because the majority of the services offered are standard posts.

Platforms that help calculate the value of a freelancer.

To cite a closer example, Vivilia has a value table for every 400 words that varies depending on the complexity of the article writing being written.

At the basic level you pay USD 1.52, at the intermediate level you pay USD 3.87 for the same number of words, at a higher level you pay USD 10, and at the professional level, you pay USD 25.

As you can see, this is a broad and complex panorama, but one that undoubtedly removes any doubt as to how much a freelance writer earns.

On other platforms, although they calculate their prices in euros, the price is estimated to be between USD 7 and USD 34 for every 300 words.

In all these examples there is a narrow difference between the minimum and maximum value for the same number of words.

These differences vary depending on the quality of work and the quality of life of the freelance writer.

How much do you get paid for writing an article: Conclusion

When you find yourself offering your services as a freelance writer, consider offering clean and quality work, as this will help you to get paid for the work. In the world of digital marketing, many companies and businesses value quality content more than quantity.

Before explaining how much a freelance writer earns, I advise you not to rush into signing a contract, at least until you know exactly what the project is. Do the research and study whether it will be easier to put the material together.

All of these calculations and factors are essential when hiring a freelance author or offering your services. Numbers are not fixed once and for all, they largely depend on how much you want to earn and the quality of work on offer.

By James Kandu

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