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I’m damn sure before this guide you don’t know How to Dm Someone on Discord. Right? Let’s begin! Discord is a completely free platform designed for gaming communities. You can use this software to connect with other people who are playing your favorite games. As talking in the game can be quite annoying at times, Discord also allows its users to make voice and video calls.

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But can you text someone other than your friend on Discord? If so, how can you do it?

This article will show you Everything you need to know about Discord’s privacy settings.

How to Dm Someone on Discord who isn’t on your friend list?

We say you’ve just met someone from a specific group on Discord. You are not friends yet, but you want to invite them to play with you. Does iteration allow you to send a message?

The answer depends entirely on the person you want to contact. As you can see, Discord has added a feature that allows people to organize and personalize their inboxes. Can use Discord has a troll problem, and your inbox can easily be filled with junk messages.

Under Privacy and Security, you can choose exactly what kind of messages you want to receive on Discord.

Save Direct Messaging

Find privacy and security options in my account. Click Privacy and Security, and you can use various features to make your account more secure.

The first section you will see is Security Direct Messaging. In this section, you can adjust your messages to allow or reject certain messages.

In other words, you can set yourself to scan and delete messages directly if they contain explicit content.

You have three options:

  • Keep me safe – enabling this option will scan everyone’s discorded direct messages.
  • My friends are good. Enabling this option will check everyone’s discorded direct messages unless they are your discorded friends.
  • I’m still running – enabling this option will completely disable the Discord Scan feature. This means that your Discord Inbox will be open to everyone.


Therefore, if the person you want to send the message to is not your friend in Discord and has enabled the second option, you will not be able to send the message. If this option is not enabled, you will see a message icon on their profile, which will allow you to chat with them.

What else can you do in privacy and security?

As mentioned earlier, there are other options that you can adjust on the Privacy and Security tab.

Under the Security Direct Messaging section, you will find server privacy defaults. There is only one option in this section that you can edit.

If you enable this option, you will be allowed to receive messages directly from server members. All you need to know is that these settings will apply when you join a new server. This does not apply to servers you are already subscribed to.

Below that, there is a section that can add you as a friend.

As the name of this section suggests, you can control who can send you a discorded friend request, and the options are:

  • Allows you to add everyone as a friend
  • Friends of friends Only your friends’ friends allow you to join
  • Server Members – Only allows people you are sharing the server with


How to Block someone from Discord?

If someone is bothering you or sending you messages you don’t like, you can always use the blocking feature. This will prevent them from revising your discorded profile (unless you decide to block them later).

Here you can block people.

  • In your DM chat, click the @ username – it will show you the discorded user profile.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the user’s profile (send the next friend request or message, depending on whether you are friends or not)
  • Click on the block

After clicking on the block option, you will add this user to your block list. You can also remove someone from your friend list by touching the three dots or sending them a message.


Find your voice with Discord.

If you are a gamer, then Discord is a great platform to use. In general, among consumers interested in voice calls, it is also gaining popularity. But some users like to be a nuisance, so it is important to know how to Discord privacy settings.

How to apply BetterDiscord

Discord is an exciting free chat service aimed at gamers and business people for those of you who don’t know. It focuses on providing an audio and text platform for people to work together to achieve a greater goal. Sometimes it can be a tech startup that works to get as many people on board as possible, while other times, it can be a group of friends who start a Minecraft server. Nevertheless, Discord is an excellent platform for users to take advantage of.

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Not only does it offer text and voice chat, but the platform has recently expanded into the game store. It is just like this; Discord has handpicked indie titles that showcase the industry’s best industry to be seen all over the world.

To increase productivity, users can share screens with others, connect their music player to let others know what they’re listening to, and even share what they’re playing. They can also connect to their Xbox Live, PlayStation, and Steam accounts. All the services that the traditional Discord platform offers are excellent.

That said, the Discord platform has a significant lack of customization. For example, users can’t change many accessible settings, largely with font sizes. There is only one light and one dark theme to benefit the users. For example, users cannot customize the discorded background with a custom theme or font.


For most users looking for a Discord experience, they can download BetterDiscord. BetterDiscord is exactly what it feels like – a great way to experience Discord.

What is Better Discord?

Better Discord includes live emojis and emoticons from There is a custom CSS editor so you can customize the coder platform to your liking. You can add plugins and extensions, customize your theme, switch to minimal mode to focus on voice chat, and more.

With the creation of open-source code, there is always the latest information so that anyone can change it at any time. In this guide, we are going to tell you how to install the latest version of Discord.

How to install BetterDiscord

Before embarking on any part of the Better Discord installation process, ensure that you have installed the traditional Discord platform first. From there, make sure the actual service is turned off before starting anything.

Next, go to the official BetterScore download page. Be sure to select the version that best suits your operating system, such as Mac OS or Windows 10. Once selected, an installer will be downloaded to your machine.

Make sure to open the installer and follow the installation process just like any other program. Accept the terms and conditions, read the license agreement (or not), select the installation location, and wait for it to expire. Once working, restart the Discord platform, and you are ready to use BetterDiscord.

Using BetterDiscord

Once Better Discord is installed, there are a ton of different combinations to customize your experience. A plugin allows you to send large messages, which makes them less visible. The second allows you to hide servers or manage them in folders and even shows hidden channels that are not possible due to your permission. Other plugins enable Spell Checker, show details of your photos, and even link to your Steam profile.

You can also customize themes that look like Blue, Maroon, or the classic Windows XP experience. There is also a “compact 2017” version of the Discord theme. All of these features and much more are available through the BetterDiscord platform.

However, keep in mind that not all users have the BetterDiscord plugin installed on their platform. In this case, if you are running a custom server and your customers need the best possible experience, you want to make sure that all users are aware of how to download and install the BetterDiscord experience for them.

How to improve the experience of traditional Discord

If you’re struggling with a better Discord experience but still want to improve your traditional Discord platform, know that you need to help soften the server and provide additional opportunities such as news bots and advanced features. Can install automatic bots and other plugins for Everything for fun!

Now that you know how to install the BetterDiscord experience, build a better platform for yourself. Of course, if you’ve enjoyed this guide, take a look at our other Guides in our Blogs section and improve your knowledge even more!

I hope this guide on How to DM Someone on Discord will help you to DM any of your friends on discord easily. Let us know in the comments below about this guide and your suggestion if I miss out on anything.

By James Kandu

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