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Crypto Art Universe is a proposal that has a growing interest over the past year and a constantly expanding market that has generated 1 billion worth of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

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What is NFT and how is it made?

The first question that arises when talking about such a term is what is it all about? By the name of ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’, anyone already knows that we are talking about something complicated, as the people involved admit it themselves, but ‘blockchain’ or something like that. Art may be the best way to understand its operation without knowing it. The environment in which the real world can best be brought closer to this new virtual world.

What about Art NFTs?

Going digital is sometimes exciting, sometimes fun, and sometimes a combination of both. Raising digital cats is definitely fun and exciting. In fact, that’s exactly what happened around NFTs.

In 2017, a Canadian company launched CryptoKitties, a game based on NFT collecting cats that run on Ethereum. CryptoKitties allows you to have funny digital kittens inside the blockchain.

Due to his love of crawls, the game rose to prominence and replaced NFT. As innovation continued, excitement around NFTs waned. Living as something that excited the world of cryptography. Since then, countless projects of cryptocurrencies have emerged around the world.

For example, card games such as Steam Monsters or other collection games based on purchases via tokens or cryptocurrencies; That somehow, they have always been close to the idea of ​​NTF.