The Pros of Outsourcing Software Development to Bulgarian Companies

Outsourcing work has gained popularity as businesses expand globally. Bulgarian companies are known for providing reliable and cost-effective software development services, making them a hotspot. However, what benefits can one expect from outsourcing to these companies?

Bulgaria boasts a thriving tech industry, with a highly educated workforce and competitive rates compared to other European countries. Many businesses have already moved to outsource their software development projects to Bulgaria – but why?

This article will explore the advantages of outsourcing to software development companies in Bulgaria. From saving costs and time to accessing top talent and expertise in the field, we will explore why more businesses are turning towards this Balkan nation for their software needs.

The One-Stop-Shop for Software Development Outsourcing

Bulgaria has been ranked among the top 20 outsourcing destinations for software development worldwide by numerous industry reports, including A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index. This is due to Bulgaria’s highly skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and cost-effectiveness, making it an attractive location for outsourcing software development projects.

Market reports noted that Bulgaria has an uprise of IT market specialists with over 100,000 experts, with a rough estimate of 200 companies listed on Clutch. This growth is attributed to several factors, including the country’s favorable corporate tax rate of 10% and the regulatory environment. Bulgaria’s rapidly expanding startup ecosystem is also attracting domestic and international investment. These factors make Bulgaria an attractive destination for IT firms looking to set up shops in Europe.

A Skilled Labor Force at a Lower Cost Than Other European Countries

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing software development to Bulgarian companies is their highly skilled workforce. Bulgaria has a long tradition of mathematics, science, and engineering education, which has led to a large pool of talented IT professionals. Many Bulgarians also speak English fluently, so speaking to a representative, and often the entire team, won’t be as challenging as in other countries.

Despite the high level of expertise, Bulgarian software development companies offer competitive rates compared to other European countries. This means your business can access top talent without breaking its budget, making Bulgaria an affordable option for software development outsourcing.


High-Quality Work and Adherence to International Standards

The country has a rich history of innovation and modernization, especially within the technology industry. We can almost say IT is well routed on Bulgarian heritage since the guy credited for inventing the first electronic digital computer, American physicist John Vincent Atanasoff, was of Bulgarian descent. 

The skilled workforce, lower cost of living, and supportive government initiatives provide an ideal environment for tech startups to thrive. Additionally, Bulgaria hosts several tech events and conferences yearly that attract businesses worldwide. As such, it’s no surprise that Bulgarian software companies are making a name for themselves on both the regional and global scale.

Time zone advantages

For businesses in Western Europe and North America, one of the most significant benefits is that Bulgaria falls within the same time zone as these regions. This means that companies can: 

  • keep their working hours aligned with those in their home countries
  • save valuable time on administrative tasks
  • have round-the-clock development teams that can work on projects 24/7.

Due to the country’s location, your company can benefit from faster project completion times and increased productivity.

Cultural Compatibility and Language Proficiency

Bulgaria’s culture is characterized by a combination of Eastern and Western influences, which can provide novel viewpoints and concepts for software development initiatives, resulting in imaginative and inventive solutions. The country has a long-standing history of technological innovation and has been recognized globally as a leader in the IT industry. This unique blend of cultural heritage with cutting-edge technology makes Bulgaria an ideal location for software development outsourcing.

Additionally, the high proficiency in the English language and the technical expertise of Bulgarian developers make communication more accessible and efficient between outsourcing providers and clients worldwide.

Potential Communication Challenges

The software development industry in Bulgaria is rapidly growing and has attracted many international clients seeking quality services at competitive prices. However, working with a foreign company can present challenges due to cultural differences that may impact communication and business negotiations.

Understanding cultural differences fosters the cross-cultural exchange of ideas & boosts both business negotiation skills. However, these differences can sometimes cause an underlying sense of disrespect between teams, especially if their collaboration is long-term. Sometimes it can be as little as forcing team members to work on their national holidays simply because of not being informed. 

To succeed in cross-cultural exchange, it is vital to understand and respect cultural differences while fostering an open exchange of ideas. For example, religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas are celebrated on different dates. Bulgaria is predominantly Orthodox, but its Christmas festivities are held on the 25th of December, unlike other countries that celebrate it on the 7th of January. On the other hand, Easter festivities are given on the same date. This is important to note when working on end-of-the-year projects, team availability, etc.

Robust It Infrastructure and Advanced Technology Solutions

Bulgaria’s IT infrastructure is highly developed, with fast internet speeds and a reliable telecommunications network. This means that software development companies in Bulgaria can provide high-quality services without disruptions or delays.

Moreover, Bulgarian software development companies can access the latest technological advancements and tools. They use cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning ( ML), and blockchain to develop innovative and efficient solutions for their clients. This ensures that software development projects are completed on time, within budget, and with the latest technology.

Final thoughts

Outsourcing software development has become famous for companies looking to reduce costs while maintaining quality. Bulgaria has emerged as a low-risk, high-reward hub for software development outsourcing due to its highly skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and economic labor costs. Many Bulgarian software development companies have successfully provided high-quality services to clients worldwide, with low risk and high rewards.

Bulgaria’s software development industry offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking affordable, high-quality outsourcing services. With a skilled workforce, adherence to international standards, time zone advantages, cultural compatibility, and language proficiency, Bulgarian software companies are making a name for themselves on both the regional and global scale.

By Ephatech

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