What is Content Development in Writing – Guide

What is content development in writing

What is content development in writing? Have you ever wondered how to achieve success with content development for your brand? It’s no secret that content marketing has become an option for many brands and businesses to build loyalty and gain customers.

The internet today is full of blogs, publications, and articles that talk about whatever you want, but brands still don’t understand how they can play in this information universe. Open your browser, search for any term and you will find many pages with results related to your search. In that sense, why is content development important for a brand?

Today’s marketing suggests content marketing strategies, but it also warns you that everyone is doing the same thing. This is called “Contradiction of Content” or Contradiction of Content. While the development of digital content is good, it is a fact that many brands and products, even from the same segment, are doing just that. There is a contradiction in this.

What are the keys to success in content development?

We can say that there are 2 basic conditions to get it:

1. Material quality

Basically, you have to be different and consider SEO positioning strategies. Keep in mind that you should be different, and consider developing standard content. Quality here means being timely and responding to the content you’re targeting. Of course, creativity also plays an important role. But beyond that, it adds value to consumers.

2. SEO Strategies

Consider that for a good SEO strategy it is important that you create a lot of content with topics related to the keywords you want to position. With the development of 1 single piece of content on a topic, you will not be able to index in search engines.

We suggest you understand the basics. This is a theme that you need to be able to determine the amount of content you need to create.

In these cases, it is better to use parallels to better understand this “contradiction of content”. It’s like taking a look at the soft drink brands on the market. Are there enough? Is it excessive? The truth is that there is something that you like, that conveys something to you, that you value, and in which you recognize quality. In a way, it is the same with content marketing. There is content that is so good that you trust the source you are consulting with and come back again.

This is one of the contradictions of marketing that has no end. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So, again, content development must be well planned, here are some tips so that this contradiction does not occupy your content strategy:

  • Let your customers know which content is relevant. Keep in mind that this should not be branded or advertising content. The buyer’s definition is basic.
  • Avoid creating content that you are not an expert at. Find quality over quantity. 
  • Tell your brand stories closely, which are interconnected. Don’t make it commercial or commercial.
  • Add the role of Content Manager to get better results if you want to go further.

Content development and keyword research

One way to deal with these content discrepancies is to do a thorough search of the keywords or keywords that your buyers are looking for. By being clear about these terms, you can get a clearer starting point that will contribute to a more successful strategy. If you want to go deeper, do it:

A simple example might be the following.

A tire company wants to increase its website visits and decides that the best way is to post articles on its blog. The suggestion is to write an article on “wearing tires”.

However, when you look at the number of searches for terms related to Google’s Word Planner, there are a few terms that are better:

Search suggests using another keyword, as there is no interesting search volume on the term you are looking for. So an article that was suggested as “wearing tires”. Call it “Buy Tires: When to Do It?” Can be understood.

Your content must be relevant.

This is something we have already mentioned in other articles, but it never hurts to emphasize it. For Google, content is king, and it should be relevant. In this regard, keep in mind all the points that we have explained in this passage. If you apply them in the writing of content, you are creating relevant, standard text, and Google will reward you for it.

Use high-resolution images.

Throughout this text we have mentioned on several occasions the importance of your writing not being flat and boring. In this regard, it is important to use good-resolution images. Always try with the main image along with your text. Needless to say, this image should be relevant to your topic.

Also, if your content is too long, it is advisable to use at least one image inside the text. This is good for two reasons: First, because like subtitles, they provide comfort to the reader. And second, because often a picture costs a thousand words.

Always close your text with Call to Action.

Lastly, always keep in mind that the last paragraph of your text should be a call to action.

Call to action is a well-known term in the world of content writing. This technique is very easy to apply. Basically, it involves inviting the reader to take a specific action within your website.

Call to action (CTA) applies to a variety of areas. For example, in the La Web Deal editor, on the homepage, you will find a CTA. This is the end when we invite the user to contact us.


Don’t forget that you should have a good link-building strategy as content growth increases.

In this example, a short correction in the title will make it easier for the article to make more organic impressions (the number of times you appear in the search results).

Doing so will help position the tire company’s website and respond to your buyer’s personality search.

If your strategy is well articulated, you will know that sometimes content development is positive. Don’t worry about “publishing for the sake of publishing”.

Always remember that your brand’s reputation is always at stake in digital. So whatever you decide to post should always be based on the quality of the brand experience you offer to your followers, customers, and the value you offer to your future customers.

By James Kandu

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