What is SEO Article Writing – Brief Guide 2023

What is SEO Article Writing

Today we will discuss What is SEO Article Writing and how you can write winning articles. One of the most repetitive maxims in recent years in the world of search engine optimization is: Content is king. And that is, after an era in which links were the main focus when it came to improving positioning, Google was slowly relegating content.

Thus, when performing SEO optimization of a web page, it is not enough to take into account external factors of SEO of the page – such as link building, or important SEO On-Page factors – to develop a proper structure. , Internal linking tag structure or optimization of SEO fields, etc. Today, for a corporate website or eCommerce to get a position in Google SERPs, it is important for the user to publish quality and useful content.

Starting with this, SEO writing becomes very important. We can say that any kind of content is not worth it. In addition to adhering to some of the basic principles of writing so that the text can be understood by the user and without misspellings, content suitable for SEO means following many other guidelines.

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is the process of writing better content for the web with a variety of techniques that favor internet positioning. Considering the different SEO metrics, it tries to capture the first results in search engines like Google.

It is useless to write content without guidelines or pre-existing structure. There must be a specific basis for what you want to convey, how to write it, and, above all, how the content should be structured.

How to write SEO?

Proper SEO writing is not much different from the writing we are used to. However, there are some elements and methods that need to be considered in order for the resulting explanatory text to be excellent and effective.

With the help of our Hybrid Search team, an expert in Hybrid Digital Units in SEO Positioning, we know some tips for writing SEO content.

Write for people

One of the first guidelines to keep in mind is that the person who is going to read the post is a person. It seems that the purpose of SEO copywriting is to please search engines and to meet the technical standards set by them. But that is not the case.

It should not be forgotten that the end user is about to become a person who wants answers to his questions. Therefore, the writing should be simple, natural, and simple. It is not good to think too much on the same subject, because the user is going to find the answer to his question and he is going to hurry it. One way to be clear and concise with content is to use the question-and-answer format, where the answer to the question is given directly below.

Adjust post extension.

It is true that in the SERPs it is possible to search with 100-word content which works very well up to 3,000-word content which also got the first position in the ranking. However, as we have mentioned, it is important not to ignore the user’s search intent, and depending on it, it will be possible to increase it more or less so that we can fill in the text naturally.

Find the keyword.

Before linking directly to the previous point, starting writing, and filling in the blanks, it is important to be clear about the user’s search to which we want to respond. That is, what is the keyword to which we are going to orient the content? There are a number of questions we can ask ourselves: What is user search intent, transaction, or informational? What kind of webpage am I going to write content for? What kind of word should I choose, head tail, or long tail?

Material structure

Explaining the content of a post in blocks or sections will make it easier to read naturally. Introducing each part of the article writing with a subtitle not only allows the user view to relax but also allows the article to be SEO optimized without any effort.

These subtitles should be marked with the corresponding Hn tag, to form a post structure. The H1 tag should always match the title of the post and the article keyword should be included to the left of the title as far as possible. The H2 tags are the main highlights of the article writing which includes the variations of the main keywords of the post. In the case of the third type of title in the content, such as a list, they will be marked with an H3 tag. Similarly, the structure of the material is clear at all times.

Avoid duplicate content and cannibalization.

When doing this keyword study, keep in mind that there is no precedent in the web structure that speaks to the same thing. Otherwise, it could cause genocide issues and affect the positioning of the web, as we would be showing Google two different pages for the same search. That means confronting yourself. One way to avoid this situation is to have a publication calendar, where web content is registered, where the keywords associated with each listing, product file, or post are set. 

Create internal links

It doesn’t matter what kind of SEO strategy the website follows, local SEO or international SEO, this point is most important for good web optimization. There are several benefits associated with optimizing the generation of internal links in a web structure.

On the one hand, it allows feedback on the website, as the user can continue browsing it by clicking on the link that appears in the post. On the other hand, it expands the keyword as long as it is associated with a good anchor text.

Improve images

The visual aspect of the content on the web also helps to retain the user as they enter the website in search of a specific result. However, in order to publish images in a post, it is not enough to upload images later without any correction.

While the title of the image is more convenient in Content Manager, the ALT attribute of the image should follow the same pattern. One suggestion for fast and proper optimization is that the ALT attribute may be the same as the one chosen to save the image to the computer.

What is SEO Article Writing: Conclusion

SEO writing is based on these principles, so, after writing the article, it is easy to check that these basic points for content optimization have been followed. The work of our Hybrid Search team involves, among other things, developing a content strategy with proper SEO copywriting for each client.

By James Kandu

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