What Is The Most Popular Feature Of Hootsuite – Guide

What is the most popular feature of hootsuite

What is the most popular feature of Hootsuite? Social networks have become an indispensable part of curiosity for both small and large companies. It’s on social media where people connect with their favorite brands and tell their friends about it.

This type of communication allows businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers, encourage referrals, and improve sales.

However, the large number of existing social networks makes it a challenge to develop an effective strategy.

Hootsuite is a tool that will help you succeed in your social media strategy with these 3 great features.

1.  Monitor

Listen to what is being said about your brand, your products, your services, and your competition. Search for titles and keywords to find out what’s going on in your area.

Finding relevant content to share with your audience will be easier than ever.

2. Programming

Social networks never sleep and thanks to Hootsuite you can schedule a large number of posts on different channels at the same time.

Do you know what is the best time to create your own posts? Don’t worry if you don’t know, you can leave it on Hootsuite and it does it for you thanks to the automatic programming option.

3.  Measure the results

What cannot be measured cannot be improved and if you cannot improve you cannot improve.

At Hootsuite, you have a series of reports that will tell you in-depth how your social media strategy is going.

This will allow you to determine which messages have been translated into the conversion, which platform provides the best performance, and which time of day is most effective.

To make social networks a competitive advantage for your company, you need to be aware of what’s happening in this ever-evolving space. Hootsuite Pro helps you manage and analyze campaigns on multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from a single web-based console.

What exactly is HootSuite, and how does it benefit you?

HootSuite is a platform that allows you to manage many Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles and pages, and other social media accounts all at the same time using a single interface. HootSuite is a browser-based client that comes in two flavors: a free version and a premium one. Its ability to post to a variety of prominent social media networks makes it a very handy tool.

Even while it isn’t exceptionally in-depth, it is really intuitive. It enables the sorting of many types of columns, such as messages, TL, lists, and so on, making it very simple to keep track of everything. It also allows us to program tweets and has a link shortener, among other features.

Advantages of Hootsuite

HootSuite has a number of advantages, including the following: In contrast to TweetDeck, which operates on our computer using AdobeAir, it does not require any resources from our computer to function. It also gives you the option of publishing the same material over various networks at the same time. Additionally, it allows us to schedule the day and time at which we wish to post messages to our followers.

Note that more than one-third of all tweets are sent from the default Twitter platform, which should come as no surprise given the network’s website’s lack of activity when it comes to numerous accounts and the fact that the network is present on multiple social networks.

There are a variety of clients, such as HootSuite, that provide a more efficient way to manage Twitter profiles and other popular networks, such as TweetDeck, coTweet, and Twirl. The use of a certain system will be determined by our workflow and the features provided by each client.

What is it about Hootsuite that I find appealing?

In order to share my posts and manage my activity on social networking platforms, I’ve been using Hootsuite for more than two years, and I don’t see myself switching to another application anytime soon. So, allow me to explain why I prefer Hootsuite above other social networking platforms in this article.

There is no longer a need to visit each website one by one and input your login information every time you want to share a post. You can use this tool to share content, respond to other people’s messages, remark, retweet, and share. For these actions to work, you do not need to log in to Facebook or Twitter separately from your web browser. You will save a significant amount of time by using this feature.

How does Hootsuite work?

The design of Hootsuite is very intuitive. It is not a very deep platform with hundreds of configurations, but it is a small platform with a lot of functionality. It works with a system of columns in which it shows us information from different profiles or different content that we are looking for.

That way, you can see your Facebook posts when you create a Twitter post. Depending on your workload on social networks, you will benefit from the tool more or less.

For many users, the fact that they are able to make multiple posts on different networks with the same content is already enough. Others see the tool as somewhat complicated for the service it provides.

Within the wide range of functionalities that the tool allows you to manage, you should know that, with regard to social networks, these are the accounts that you can control and monitor:

  • Twitter
  • Personal profiles and Facebook pages
  • Profiles and pages on Linkedin
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • Integration with your website in WordPress
  • Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr
  • And many other platforms (via additional installable add-ons)


If you are looking for a tool that can help you effectively manage your social media and help maintain your company’s reputation and PR, then Hootsuite is the best for you. There is a choice. I tried other social media tools and was disappointed. I have never used any other social media tool since I started using it. It saves me a lot of time and effort and helps me gain new followers every day.

Now, I can share my content with the public in just a few clicks, and it has also helped me grow my business network. I highly recommend Hootsuite to all my fellow bloggers and business owners. Try your free trial and start growing your business and network.

By James Kandu

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