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Today I’m going to reveal How Does Discord Make Money. I’m sure you people don’t know this before because not many people covered this topic. This will give you real motivation for why you need to start working on your idea and don’t care about the world.

Every day, it seems like a new gaming platform or a new place for messaging and networking is being started with people with similar interests. Enter Discord, a gaming platform that provides users with free voice, chat, and text chat services, and shows no ads. Questions arise: how do they stay in business and make money? So how does Discord do this?

What is Discord?

First, we need to know who we are going to talk about, Discord is a free video chat and instant messaging software, primarily known for its use in video game communities. There are many gamers who use Discord to stay active and in touch with their community, as the application has video calls and various voice and instant messaging channels that allow different topics of conversation.

However, despite the fact that Discord is an application that is very popular in gamer communities, this does not mean that its interface is purely for video games. In fact, application design is perfect for any type of community. Because, you can upload videos, photos, audio channels, live streams, messaging channels, and so on.

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Discord Business Model Income chain

1. Premium Features and Server Booster: Discord Nitro.

Like other platforms, they do this by selling premium features and services to their customers. Although one can legally have full access and never pay a penny, there are some elements of this system that you can pay for.

Discord Nitro is a “premium” subscription that allows users to upgrade to a higher level and therefore get faster service, more information for others, more privacy with their account and avatar, more bandwidth, and plus. Is. If you are a frequent user or plan to spend a lot of time and resources using Discord, it may not make sense to buy it. It can be seen as a status symbol, which can be desired in gaming circles.

2. Extended out of the game

With a $ 100 million cash increase in June 2022, Discord announced that it was expanding its offerings and becoming a day-to-day communication tool. During the Coveted 19 epidemics, this game chat app has attracted teachers, co-workers, and others at its service to connect with each other. There is some evidence to support that Discord aims to be a complete office space alternative, including office rooms for team collaboration, text channels, and three-way channels.

3. Premium Features: Discord Nitro “Classic”

Discord Nitro is a less expensive version of the premium services called the Discord Nitro “Classic”. The classic version offers the basic chat benefits of Discard Nitro without Server Booster.

In a way, this leads to the discord of the “freemium” model, which has dominated the gaming market in recent years. In the “freemium” model, the basic experience is how is discord free for all users, including most of the game or system elements and the majority of game functions. However, users are free to purchase a higher subscription level or to purchase additional features or products in the game.

4. Commercial goods

Players are known to buy items related to their favorite games, fandoms, etc. and Discord is no different. Loyal customers spend money on platform-related equipment, including clothing and accessories. It is a symbol of real-world status that tells others which system they use. Promoting the selected gaming platform is a source of pride for gamers and is also a great marketing tool for Discord.

5. Skins and DLC.

Another “freemium” feature that is common to gaming platforms is the purchase of a variety of downloadable content (DLC). A common type of downloadable content is “skins” or custom graphics and costumes for game characters. Skins can include different and upgraded costumes, accessories, weapons, or versions of a character.

This type of content not only allows the user to customize their avatars and characters but also allows them to play using their favorite version of the character. It doesn’t change game functionality or character abilities, but it’s a common practice across all games and platforms. It can be seen as a mere escape or fulfillment of a wish, but it is an important part of gaining a complete gaming experience.

Aside from the game’s characters, users can also improve their personal avatars on the platform. Premium stickers, badges, and other custom items can be displayed for group participation or just for fun. This is another common practice, and consumers will buy such items to show off their status or for sheer pleasure.

6. Other sources of income

There are other revenue channels that are likely to be developed in the future. Increasing collaboration between Discord and the developers will mean that more and more games will be released on the platform, and some may be reserved for Discord or certain levels of users. This type of partnership will increase revenue potential for both developers and Discord, as the exemption will lead to additional purchases from these customers. Better revenue-sharing deals will also lead to new and growing revenue streams for the platform.

7. Game distribution

If you are a game developer, you can also test and release your games on Discord. Discord is very open to allowing developers to host their games on the system, providing users with exciting new ways to have fun and participate. Discord is generous in terms of affiliation with players – they earn at least a percentage of the game’s revenue. However, everything helps and is considered a source of revenue for the platform.

8. Cash input

Although not a pure source of “income”, Discord has received 37 379.3 million in external funding from 18 different investors. In June 2022, Discord raised 100 million in funding. When Discord was first issued, it was funded and continues to receive cash injections. Although most businesses are rapidly moving toward self-sufficiency in terms of advertising sales or other customer-centric revenue, this type of funding appears to be an important point for discord.

The creators have said since the product launch that they wanted to provide their customers with a free, ad-free experience. So far they have kept that promise. Consumers who are fed up with similar experiences elsewhere have happily gone to Discord, and loyalty to this user-oriented brand creates goodwill that leads directly to higher subscriptions and premium content. Earnings are earned.

How Does Discord Make Money: Little More Difference

Discord users access the platform to host their online games and network with other players. Users can manage their profiles online and connect with others through a variety of channels, including voice, video calls, chat, instant messaging, text, and file sharing. These features compare to other services like Skype, but the main difference is that Discord does not charge its users for access to basic features. Thus, it is like Facebook or Twitter that the main platform is free for everyone.

This ad-free experience is refreshing in an environment where most online platforms are dominated by advertising and promotional tricks. Large social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) have become a huge marketplace for large and small businesses, and much of the revenue from these services comes from selling ads to businesses that have a customer base. Or expect to maintain. On your own. Most mobile games rely heavily on ads to launch for free, and removing ads will cost users a fee with special features and capabilities within each game.

After all, conflict seems to be the best of both worlds. It gives users access to an organized, safe, and secure environment without annoying ads, where they can play new and exciting games. Connect with other users, and create groups and networks with those who share their interests. Yes, it’s all free. Matches that many gamers are longing for, and Discord’s growing user base, show that they have reached the sweet spot for their target market.


I hope this guide on how discord makes money clears your all thoughts. Discord may not go the traditional way of an online gaming platform, but a strong focus on the end-user experience has paid off, both literally and figuratively. By placing the customer at the front and center and providing the kind of experience they want, Discord has built a loyal customer base that voluntarily pays for premium features as long as they don’t force or cheat. Your existing revenue channels will grow in the future, and new opportunities should emerge to further expand the platform.

By James Kandu

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