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Searching out for a dynamic strategy to have led with something as simple as a click? You are at the right place. Epha tech brings you Pay Per Click Services from the desks of exceptionally qualified, skilled, and certified PPC marketers who know exactly how to convert clicks into leads.
We, at Epha Tech, are a team of Google Ads specialists mastering the art of guaranteed new leads generation for your business supported by weekly/monthly reporting, fraud detection, and 24/7 monitoring. Our experts are putting their best efforts into creating a profitable campaign. We can attract targeted audiences and win their trust and convert them into buyers.

Our 3 structured PPC marketing services for Small Businesses

As a PPC Management agency, we have developed 3 structured PPC Marketing Services to grow our customer’s company.

Google Search Ads

This advertising method displays on the search engine result pages (SERPs) when a visitor writes a keyword or sentence in Google search engine bar. Google Search Ads are common as they can offer a decent rate of return on ad sales. While showing this type of advertisement for your brand, our professionals will reach your prospective customers.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing Ads seek to link you with audiences who have viewed your website or mobile app before. This work, just like Google Remarketing Ads, is classified as popup or window. This advertising can lead to high conversion rates. For Google Remarketing Advertising, Epha Tech experts ensure you get a good return on investment.

Google Shopping Services

E-commerce is growing rapidly; however, the challenge is that numerous people would like to market their stuff. Google's ad category is developed specifically for those who offer services online. Such cost-beneficial ads are displayed in Google search. Our specialists can attract the targeted audience to your website, using this method.

Let Google Know You Exist

Our PPC Management Services

helps your business grow in two unique ways:


No matter how many views your website will get, your lead generation will not be successful if your homepage is designed for leads and conversions. This clearly shows your CTA's (Call-to-Actions) website content, load-speed, layout, and positioning must be up to business standards. Epha Tech marketing and branding professionals optimize your website to guarantee a good user experience and engage content and deals to attract clients to become future clients.


One of the initial requirements for creating a pay-per-click campaign is identifying the right combination of keywords to use. We find the most searchable keywords for your business to guarantee that your ad copies get the attention you want. Our experts are also focused on developing new strategies to help you manage cost-effective campaigns.

Our PPC Advertising Services Strategy

Opportunity Analysis

To develop a successful plan, our PPC advertising specialists will develop a comprehensive report on your target audience and the company objectives.

Growth Strategies

We develop PPC advertising campaigns that can achieve both your long-term and short-term goals.

Campaign Launch

Epha Tech specialists can start a PPC campaign with the growth strategies in order and track its efficiency 24 X 7.

Campaign Optimization

Our PPC advertising experts work tirelessly to boost PPC performance as the initiative goes forward and gathers momentum.

Why Choose Us

For PPC Advertising

Serving as a PPC agency, our certified team knows the width and breadth of pay per click marketing and the use of analytics for conversion optimization. Epha Tech has an evidence-based track record of making PPC campaigns that fulfill your strategic goals without making a mess. We have operated through many sectors, allowing our Research & Development team to gain diversified expertise of what works and what doesn’t work in the online world. Now no matter you run a small business or a big renowned brand, our PPC management can bring great change to your brand’s ROI..
  • Driving in a stream of audience
  • Weekly/monthly reporting, fraud detection, and 24/7 monitoring
  • Google certified PPC specialists
  • Full-fledged PPC audit
  • Expert keyword analysis 
  • Channel-specific original and engaging content 
  • Design of Landing page and optimization
  • PPC Ad submission, conversion monitoring 
  • Campaign Adjustment and Cost Management
  • Daily reporting and follow up by a phone call
  • Scalability from local to international
Keyword Research 70%
Technical SEO Audit 80%
Content Optimization 60%


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    Flexible Pricing Plans

    We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
    develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

    $ 69.99

    Monthly Package

    • Social Media Marketing
    • 2.100 Keywords
    • One Way Link Building
    • 5 Free Optimization
    • 3 Press Releases
    Choose Plane

    $ 79.99

    Monthly Package

    • Social Media Marketing
    • 3.100 Keywords
    • One Way Link Building
    • 10 Free Optimization
    • 5 Press Releases
    Choose Plane

    $ 89.99

    Monthly Package

    • Social Media Marketing
    • 5.100 Keywords
    • One Way Link Building
    • 15 Free Optimization
    • 10 Press Releases
    Choose Plane
    Increase Your Revenue

    What can a PPC agency do for you?

    A continuous stream of visitors is looking for resources, information, ideas, and services on the search engines, making it extremely difficult for your website to become noticeable. This isn’t wrong yet, since this endless stream of web searches offers a great chance. This says that users are constantly looking for answers to put your website in front of the people. Working with an agency can have a big effect on paid advertising campaigns by having the complete and accurate focus the businesses need to work well. PPC management agency can drive brand growth, PPC can focus on internet users, and the PPC platform has massive scope.

    PPC advertising types based on the services and products you deliver. For example, if you have services to market, Clickable Banner Ads are awesome so the user can see an image of your brand, the market value, and your brand name.

    Why does your brand need PPC marketing services?

    It’s not static on internet marketing – it’s dynamic, constantly changing, and evolving. SEO and PPC advertising services are only two types of internet marketing. Yet, these alone are sophisticated marketing strategies that can involve a hand in many industries, that’s why our PPC services are affordable and result oriented.

    Every brand should use a good PPC strategy if they are to compete with its rivals. Keyword bidding and having your ads display before theirs only enhance your engagement and improve conversions and sales. The secret to organizing, implementing, and maximizing paid ad campaigns is a strong PPC strategy. Using the wrong keywords can only be your wastage of time and energy.

    Epha Tech is a reliable and result oriented PPC Management agency, constantly striving to enhance the PPC and SEO efforts of its customers. We have years of professional experience in PPC, and we are comfortable sharing our expertise with companies that need a successful marketing strategy.

    Client testimonials

    What They
    Say About
    Epha Tech

    Wassim Mounir Boulos
    Very good services and very reliable. I would definitely recommend this company.
    Wassim Mounir Boulos
    Shahzad Ali
    This company helped me to grow my business as I told to them, i have SMM issue and can't get sales. After that these people took care of the online system. now I am happy with Epha team services. thank you Epha Tech.
    Shahzad Ali
    Mega Store CEO
    Shahzaib Khan
    Working with EphaTech is effortless - they quickly grasp concepts/requirement and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required - and all within the committed deadlines. Managing our two platform from graphics,concepts to brand building with good quality. Feel free to get them on board for your tasks.
    Shahzaib Khan
    Founder Perkkart
    Shahin Uddin
    Excellent service and design by Epha Tech. Try them first before you try anyone else
    Shahin Uddin
    Baklava Company
    Danial Pirani
    Recently completed a banner design with them. Very Nice work. Key attractive features included: Flexibility in timings Proficiency with the tools Quick service. Nice working with them. Definitely recommended...!!
    Danial Pirani
    Hot Cream Ice
    Khawaja Ali Arshad
    Thanks so much Epha for the wonderful work … we love Our Social Media posts and all that you have done for our new marketing efforts. It is a pleasure to work with you.
    Khawaja Ali Arshad
    Khawaja Tea CEO

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long are the Contracts?

    We provide an initial 3 month contract period. Your account should be operated monthly until the original contract period comes to an end. With a 30 day written or computerized confirmation, you have the right to terminate at any point. Both sides' agreements shall proceed throughout the duration of notice.

    Is there any Setup Fee?

    We only charge a one-time fee to get started. To get your campaign started, it is important to have you set up on our side. We would set you straight in our search engine systems, monitoring projects, and other administrative activities. We can also create any promotional profiles that you need.

    How long does it take to get started?

    You can email us when you are fully prepared to get started. All of our consulting advisors will help you find the right strategic plan and create a project proposal for you. We will email you an agreement upon your request and get your campaign begun as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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