Top 6 Best Gaming Chair for Tall People [List & Guide]

Top 6 Best Gaming Chair for Tall People [List & Guide]

Choosing the right gaming chair for your height can be tricky for taller gamers. Comfort is of utmost importance when gaming. Gamers often sit for long hours and if you have an uncomfortable chair, it will negatively affect your experience. And finding a comfortable gaming chair can be even more difficult when you are tall.

A chair that is too low, affecting the position of your legs and knees, a backrest that is too small and preventing you from supporting your neck well… Sounds familiar?

Luckily, manufacturers are aware of this problem and some of them offer gaming chairs adapted for taller people.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the best and most popular gaming chairs for tall people. This will help you find something that will allow you to sit in front of your PC for hours without feeling the slightest bit of pain. Further on, we also take a look at some of the most important things you need to take into consideration when making your pick.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Best gaming chair for tall persons

DXRacer Master Modular Gaming Chair

The chair is ergonomically designed and adjustable. The head cushion ensures good seating comfort. This gaming chair has well-thought-out back support for tall people.

Ultimately, this chair is also suitable for people of above-average height.

This model also adapts perfectly to your own needs. Whether you want to use it as a gaming chair or an office chair is up to you, as it is well suited for both purposes.

The backrest can be tilted, while the armrests are individually height-adjustable. The seat has a rocking function and the two cushions on the backrest ensure an ergonomic sitting experience.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Version XL

The Secretlab Titan Evo is one of the most popular gaming chairs for tall people. The Singapore brand stands out from the competition with its professional chairs. However, the price often exceeds the budget of most gamers.

This large gaming chair stands for robustness and can carry loads of up to 180 kg. Secretlab has dispensed with the lumbar cushions and incorporated an adjustment system that allows the shape of the chair to be precisely adjusted to the shape of the body. The magnetic headrest pillow allows you to place the chair exactly where you need it.

An interesting feature is that you can choose the type of lining: either leatherette or fabric. I’m going to be a bit picky here, it’s a pity that the genuine leather coating is not available for the Titan XL series.

There is not much to say about the weaknesses of this chair. If money isn’t an issue for you, this is probably THE gaming chair for tall people.


  • Possibly one of the best chairs in the world.
  • Possibility to choose the coating.


  • High price.

NITRO Concepts S300 Gaming Chair

This gaming chair really shines with its large-pored fabric cover. Cool gaming sessions are guaranteed on hot days. The adjustable 3D armrests ensure the optimal arm position. Two pillows for the back and head support the posture at the computer, improving comfort and minimizing the risk of developing back pain after long gaming hours.

SONGMICS Racing Gaming Chair

The SONGMICS OBG28G gaming chair offers a 54 × 51 centimeter seat. It is suitable for people with body dimensions of up to 1.90 meters and a body weight of up to 150 kilograms. The TÜV-certified gas pressure spring allows the seat height to be continuously adjusted between 46.5 and 56 centimeters. The backrest can be adjusted backward by 20 degrees. The seesaw mechanism has adjustable resistance that adapts to body weight.

The SONGMICS gaming chair has a steel frame with padded armrests that can be folded up. The upholstery is made of high-density reflective foam and is upholstered in synthetic leather.

Fine workmanship with seams that are neatly sewn should ensure an attractive appearance and a long service life. This chair with the steel frame is available in three color variants – black-grey-red, black-grey-white, and black. It measures 70.0 × 126.0 × 70.0 centimeters and weighs 16.1 kilograms.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

The Dowinx gaming chair has a continuous back design and is equipped with a head pillow and a lumbar pillow. This helps distribute the pressure better.

The backrest is continuously adjustable in a range between 90 and 170 degrees. The seat height is also adjustable and the chair allows for a rocking range of 15 degrees. It is equipped with armrests and has a retractable footrest. For people who are looking for a gaming chair with footrests, this is an excellent alternative.

The base of the gaming chair is an iron frame designed to support the width of the backrest. The five-star base is made of nylon and can support a weight of up to 120 kilograms. The chair is upholstered with artificial leather and available in different colors.


  • Medium load capacity (up to 120 kilograms)
  • Large tilt angle (up to 170 degrees)
  • Suitable for tall people (up to 1.85 meters)
  • Breathable backrest
  • Padded armrests
  • massage function
  • Foldable footrest
  • Available in four colors (brown, grey, red, black and white)


  • No spare parts included

CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair

The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair is inspired by racing and is correspondingly sporty. It is covered with a breathable, soft fabric that ensures minimal heat retention. In other words: The gamer sweats less in this chair.

The padded neck pillow and lumbar support with a memory effect ensure comfortable sitting. The armrests of this gaming chair can be adjusted in all directions. Whether up and down, left and right or back and forth, the backrests can be optimally adjusted to your own seating position.

The Corsair gaming chair has a large seat with a width of 56 centimeters and a depth of 58 centimeters. It offers good conditions for people with long legs or wide hips.

The base and back frame are made of heavy-duty steel to ensure the chair is strong and durable for many years. The seat height can be adjusted by 100 millimeters thanks to the gas pressure spring. The backrest can be tilted by 180 degrees, the seat by up to 10 degrees. The 65-millimeter double wheels guarantee trouble-free gliding on almost all surfaces.

The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair is available in black, black-grey and gray-white color variants. It has dimensions of 88.5 x 88.5 x 37.5 centimeters and weighs 22.5 kilograms.

How to find the best gaming chair for tall people – buyer’s guide

Finding a comfortable gaming chair with great economics is crucial for any gamer for a great gaming experience. But tall people have even stricter requirements and demands in a gaming chair to ensure that it offers maximum comfort.

If you often sit in front of the screen for a long period of time, you should use a suitable chair with ergonomic aspects. However, tall people in particular have the problem of finding a suitable model. Most conventional gaming chairs are only designed for a body height of up to 180 cm.

A suitable chair should not only have a high backrest, but also a sufficiently wide seat. In addition, maximum resilience also plays an important role, since a taller body naturally means more weight.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors to consider when looking for a gaming chair for tall people.

High stability: A taller height also means a higher body weight, which is why a suitable gaming chair for tall people has a higher maximum load. The armchair is more stable and proportionally larger. As a result, the armrest, backrest, and seat are slightly larger.

Ergonomic properties: In order to support a back-friendly posture even for longer seating units, good models have various ergonomic properties such as lumbar supports and the like.

Generous components: In addition to a high backrest, suitable models also have a wide seat. On some models, the length of the backrest can be adjusted.

What makes good gaming chairs for taller people?

Not every gaming chair is suitable for tall people. If they are not designed for this, they do not offer sufficient stability and cannot enable comfortable and ergonomic sitting.

So that you know what to look for when buying an office chair for gaming, it is first important to know what makes a good model.

You should pay attention to this:

  • High backrest
  • Wide seat
  • High resilience
  • Ergonomic properties
  • head and lumbar pillows
  • Height adjustability
  • Armrests
  • Rock and lean
  • High backrest

Tall people have longer torsos, longer legs, and longer arms than the average person. The backrest should be higher than the length of the torso for optimal support.

These chairs are equipped with a high backrest so that tall people can sit comfortably. In this way, the entire spine can be stabilized and the head relieved at the same time. On some models, the backrest can be extended.

Wide seat

A wide seat is also an essential feature so that you don’t feel constricted while sitting. The seat should be well padded so that you can fully concentrate on the game even after hours of sitting. Too little padding causes pain in the legs and buttocks.

Really good gaming chairs for tall people are equipped with a cold foam density of 50 kg/m³ or more.

High resilience and durabiulity

Since tall people naturally also have a higher body weight on average, suitable XXL gaming chairs also have a higher maximum load capacity. This not only guarantees better stability but also improved durability.

People who are 190 to over 205 cm tall should weigh 90 to 105 kg. Fit or overweight individuals may exceed this. The maximum load capacity of the gaming chair for tall people should be at least 120 kg depending on the size and shape. Your own body weight can greatly affect the longevity of the chair.

Ergonomic properties

In addition to an adjustable headrest and comfortable armrests, high-quality models also have many additional properties. These include lumbar support, a dynamic support mechanism, and an ergonomically shaped backrest.

Head and leather pillows

Head and lumbar pillows should be adjustable in height so that they can be adjusted to the body size. A pillow provides relief for the neck, while the lumbar pillow protects the intervertebral discs in the lower back.

Height adjustability

Almost all gaming and office chairs are now height-adjustable. This is important so that you can get a 90° angle between your thighs and lower legs. Make sure that the height of the chair can be adjusted to your size.

The best sitting position is one in which the pelvis is slightly bent forward and the thighs are horizontal or slightly oblique. For people with a height of up to 205 cm, a range between 46 cm and 59 cm is optimal.


Rest your forearms on the armrests. This takes the strain off your neck and shoulders. In very good models, the armrests are adjustable in height, width, and to the side.

Fixed backrests are not well-suited for long gaming sessions. The armrests should also be well padded to make long evenings in front of the PC as comfortable as possible.

Rock and lean

A rocking function provides relaxation for the back. With it, you can move again and again and promote blood circulation. Some models also have a reclining function that can be tilted backward by 135° to 150°.

What distinguishes gaming chairs for tall peoplefrom classic ones?

Gaming chairs for tall people need above all a high backrest and a wide seat to ensure good comfort.

Pay attention to the height specified by the manufacturer. If the backrest is too low, the spine is not sufficiently relieved. The seat depth can also be decisive. If it is too low, this leads to an unhealthy posture.

Tall people with extremely long legs need to be able to adjust the gaming chair to a seat height where the angle between the upper and lower leg is 90°. This relieves the knee joints, the muscles, and the intervertebral discs. In addition, blood circulation in the legs is ensured, and “heavy legs” are avoided.

Buying gaming chairs for tall people: questions to ask yourself

You’re not quite sure which armchair can support you in your gaming sessions? What is the best gaming chair for tall people? Only you can find out for yourself.

So that you know which one really suits you, you should ask yourself a few simple questions. Because there are some criteria that you should consider before you treat yourself to a seat. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose, the functions count much more.

You should answer with these questions:

  • How tall am I exactly?
  • How much do I weigh?
  • What is the width of the seat?
  • How high is the backrest? Can you adjust them?
  • Does optics play a big role for me? If yes: Which chairs do I like?
  • Does the armchair have ergonomic properties?
  • Up to what height can the seat be adjusted?
  • Can you adjust the armrests?
  • How long is the guarantee?
  • How much money would I like spent?
  • If I choose a cheap model: Which functions can I do without?

The best tips for ergonomic sitting with a gaming chair

People who sit for long periods of time are more prone to problems with their musculoskeletal system. The only solution is conscious, back-friendly sitting and sufficient movement.

Failure to do so can result in muscle shortening and poor posture, which can lead to permanent problems over time. Good blood circulation in your legs is also important.

A good place to start is with a comfortable and adjustable PC gaming chair. But the chair must also be used properly. It is important to know that there is no such thing as the best sitting position. The optimal sitting position is one that changes frequently.

This is also known as dynamic sitting. The goal is to stay active while sitting, thereby preventing muscle shortening. It is recommended to change sitting positions every 15 to 20 minutes. When changing positions, follow a few basic guidelines.

The back

The back is in good shape when the lumbar spine is slightly arched. The normal curvature of the thoracic spine is automatically supported and the entire back adopts a natural posture.

A slight inclination to the side or a brief hunched back is not problematic as long as the sitting position varies.

The chest and shoulder areas are often shortened. Many people therefore sit in front of the computer with their shoulders pulled forward.

The shoulders remain forward even when standing, which naturally rounds the upper back – the result is a cat’s hump. That’s why you should always consciously pull your shoulders back when sitting.

Arms and legs

With the arms and legs, it is important that the seat and table height are coordinated. The armrests should be set just below the edge of the table so your arms can rest comfortably on them or the table without straining your shoulders.

The legs should not drop or be sharply bent. The hip and knee joints should be at right angles.

The hip flexor muscle, which pulls the knee toward the stomach, is typically shortened in people who sit a lot. When restricted, the hip flexor pulls the pelvis forward.

As a result, the spine falls into a hollow back. There is no sitting position that can prevent this condition. The hip flexor can only be stretched by standing up regularly and doing targeted hip flexor stretching exercises.

The basin

In order to get a good posture for the pelvic area, you should use the entire seat of the gaming chair.

The following rule of thumb should be observed: The distance between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat should be about two to three finger widths when the pelvis comes into contact with the back of the chair. The pelvis serves to connect the legs to the body.

The position of the spine changes when the pelvis tilts forward or backward. When sitting, the pelvis should be in a neutral position – recognizable by an upright back.

I would pay attention to the following points before deciding whether or not this big gaming chair is for you:

  • The height of the seat determines the position of your legs. Ideally, your knees should form a 90° angle when you sit. But beware, your gaming table has to harmonize with your chair. Otherwise the armrests will not fit underneath.
  • The dimensions of the seat. The depth is important to ensure a good support surface and to avoid the impression that our legs are sticking out of the chair. On the other hand, especially if you are tall in the thighs, make sure you have a sufficiently wide seat.
  • The height of the backrest is crucial if you don’t want your head to stick out too much.
  • The adjustment of the headrest cushion. Some models are more flexible than others to put the pillow in the right place for us.

Conclusion: What to look for when choosing a gaming chair for tall people

If you came to our site looking for a great gaming chair, it’s probably because ergonomics is one of your main criteria. I understand that there is nothing worse than buying a gaming chair and later finding that the back pain persists after a few hours of gaming.

To conclude this article, we would recommend paying attention to the following points before deciding whether or not this big gaming chair is for you:

  • The height of the seat determines the position of your legs. Ideally, your knees should form a 90° angle when you sit. But beware, your gaming table has to harmonize with your chair. Otherwise, the armrests will not fit underneath.
  • The dimensions of the seat. The depth is important to ensure a good support surface and to avoid the impression that our legs are sticking out of the chair. On the other hand, especially if you are tall in the thighs, make sure you have a sufficiently wide seat.
  • The height of the backrest is crucial if you don’t want your head to stick out too much.
  • The adjustment of the headrest cushion. Some models are more flexible than others to put the pillow in the right place for us.


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