Top 6 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox One [List & Guide]


Having a perfect computer, perfect PC, motherboards, graphic cards, etc., are not the only things to get the best gaming experience.

For the best gaming experience, comfort is extremely important. For this, your gaming chair is the most important component.

XBOX one is a fantastic video game (console gaming) that can make you experience a whole new level of the gaming world. But, you have to have the best gaming chair for XBOX one. Gaming chairs are also one of the necessary needs of gamers. Think this way, you have the best gaming machine and skills, but you do not have the best chair to sit on and be comfortable to play your game. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect your comfort but also your performance while playing.

This is because if f you are uncomfortable when gaming, you lose your concentration and focus from the game. The best gaming chair will not only give you a comfortable seat but will also help you to focus better on your games. You can indeed concentrate better on whatever you are doing when you feel relaxed and free of tensions. When the chair’s height is tall, you can relax your head on it, making you free from any neck hurt. The soft armrest of the chair can make you feel more comfortable on the chair and relax.

Every human being is different perfectly and beautifully different in their size. The common gaming chairs might not work for everyone. With that said, everyone has different tastes and preferences.

The right gaming chairs are believed to work well for everyone. With the best gaming chairs, you can lean on that soft back-rest and enjoy ultimate comfort whilst enjoying a game.

It’s not easy to pick out the best gaming chair, but once you know what to look for, it will be much easier. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the best and most popular gaming chairs for Xbox One. Naturally, these chairs will be suitable for gaming with any type of console as well. Further on, we’ll also go into detail about what you should take into consideration when choosing your gaming chair.

And we can promise you that once you have purchased your computer, you will think that it is the best investment you have ever made.

When your seat is comfortable, you can be ready to play your favorite game and enjoy it on any day and at any time of the week.

My recommendation for the best gaming chair for Xbox One

My recommendation for the Cheap gaming chair for XBOX one is RSP-400.

The RSP-400 has similar armrests as RSP-200, which are broader and topped with good quality pads. The padded armrests can easily be adjusted up or down, side to side, slide forward or even backward. The long gaming sessions with comfortable seat and armrests can help you focus better on your work and be a great gaming experience.

The RSP-400 is one of the perfect big and tall XBOX one gaming chair that is suitable for everyone. You don’t need to worry about your size while choosing this chair for your studio to play your favorite XBOX one games.

This will be the best option for your XBOX one games.


  1. AKRacing Masters Series Max ( Height Adjustment )
  2. OFM ESS-3085 ( Affordable Chair )
  3. RESPAWN RSP-400 ( Reclining Gaming Chair )
  4. Big Joe Milano, Medium ( Bean Bag Chair )
  5. RESPAWN RSP-110 ( Reclining Ergonomic Gaming Chair )
  6. ACE 5149201 ( Foldable Gaming Chair )

Best gaming chairs for Xbox One

AKRacing Masters Series Max Chair ( Height Adjustment )

The AKRacing masters series gaming chair is suitable for pain relief who love to play games for long hours. This AKRacing model is a good height adjustment, which is an amazing feature.

This gaming chair is suitable for all the beautiful gamers out there. It is a big chair that is suitable for gamers of all types of gamers having different weight from each other. The AKRacing Masters Series is constructed for large gamers, with a seat width of 15.3 inches and a maximum weight ability of 400 pounds (around 181 kg).

This chair comes disassembled, including the seat with armrests, back, wheeled base, top base (that mounts to the bottom of the seat), pneumatic cylinder, castors, and plastic handles and covers. All of this comes separately in a box. As in other gaming chairs, this gaming chair also comes with one hardest pillow and one pillow for your lumbar support, and these pillows are really important in any gaming chairs.

As you have read about this chair, let me additionally tell you the global rating of this chair for XBOX one players which is 4.4 stars out of 5.

Let’s check its specifications, pros and cons.


  • Color: Indigo/black
  • Form Factor: Gaming Chair
  • Material: Polyurethane, Foam, Metal
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 20.5 x 29.5 x 52.7 inches
  • Furniture Finish: Leather


  • It has the capacity to maintain 400-pound weight
  • Good reclining function
  • The armrest is adjustable ( inward and outward, up and down, etc. )


  • It is a bit expensive

OFM ESS-3085 Style Leather ( Affordable Chair )

The OFM ESS has a smooth seat and is an affordable chair, making you feel relaxed during your intense matches. The adjustable features in this leather gaming chair are a plus point that comes along with this chair.

Check customer reviews.

The thick padded arm seats are extremely comfortable with a high back. The height of the chair can also be adjusted according to your feasibility. The slight reclining of the chair is smooth. When you lean your back on it, the back of the chair is really supportive of giving you comfort.

This chair also consists of a seat tilt-lock/tilt-tension control and a 360-degree swivel. The soft material of the seat is leather-based and the contrasting color mesh upholstery completes the modern, superb appearance and feel of the chair. This chair is backed through our essentials by OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty and features 275 lbs., almost 124kg weight capacity.

With the global earning of 4.5 stars out of 5, this gaming chair for people with back pain is good.

Have a look at its specifications, pros and cons.


  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Room Type: Office
  • Color: Grey, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, etc.
  • Form Factor: Upholstered
  • Material: Leather


  • It is extremely comfortable
  • The armrest can flip up
  • It is a great quality chair.


  • If you have sensation issues/fabric texture sensitivity / thin/sensitive skin, the fabric on the forearms might be an issue for you.

RESPAWN RSP-400 Leather ( Reclining Gaming Chair )

This might be the best gaming chair for XBOX one. The RSP-400 can provide you real smooth long gaming sessions as this reclining gaming chair is a really good quality.

Check customer reviews.

The Respawn RSP-400 has all of the proper adjustments to keep you comfortable for a long time, the RESPAWN 400 is definitely one of the best big and tall gaming chairs.

You can get the maximum support that starts with the metallic tube body foundation that holds customers up to 400 lb, which is around 181 kg. The reclining lever is included into the side of the seat for comfort.

The adjustable tilt tension controls your reclining speed, making you feel relaxed in your seat. This chair has a 4D armrest, which allows you to adjust the height, forward and backward, interior and exterior, and horizontal movement.

It comes with one hardest pillows and one pillow for your lumbar support. These pillows are totally adjustable and place them according to your comfort.

The overall performance of this chair is pretty good and can be considered in your must-buy list.

With a global rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, let’s take a look at its specifications, pros and cons.


  • Color: Grey, Blue, Red
  • Form Factor: Plastic
  • Material: Textile
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 28.5 x 31.75 x 50.25 inches
  • Furniture Finish: Leather
  • Interior and Exterior Arm Width: 22.8 – 24.2  /  27.1 – 28.5 inches
  • Arm Height: 24.8 – 28.15 inches
  • Seat Height: 16.75 – 19.5 inches


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable to sit on
  • The castors are great for carpet


  • The armrests are not padded

Big Joe Milano, Medium Multi Colors ( Bean Bag Chair )

This beautiful plush bean bag by Big Joe Milano is that one gaming chair to play games in full relax mode.

Check customer reviews.

As their website says, you don’t need to worry, the zippers on your Big Joe aren’t broken. They’re safety locked.

Check out the label on your chair for instructions on how to open your chair’s cover when needed. It’s just one of the many thoughtful details that make your Big Joe absurdly awesome.

This is the perfect Big Joe to fit your space with lots of incredible designs, colors, and fabrics to choose from. From playrooms, living rooms, dens, dorms, and beyond, we’ve got the comfort you crave. The bean bag chairs are really soft and gives you a peace of mind when you sit on them.

This gaming chair for XBOX one ( bean bag ) has been globally rated as 4.4 stars out of 5, which is worth to give it a try.

Let’s take a look at its specifications, pros, and cons.

Specifications :

  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Gray Plush
  • Material: Textile
  • Brand: Big Joe
  • Fill Material: Polyester
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 32 x 28 x 25 inches


  • Beautiful style and shape
  • This plush is really soft


  • Back support is poor

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style ( Reclining Ergonomic Gaming Chair )

RSP-110 is a great choice for your console gaming, especially if that console gaming is XBOX one. This reclining ergonomic gaming chair has been a major change in the market, giving the competitors a tough time.

Check customer reviews.

RSP-110 has great popularity and great sales among other gaming chairs. This plush chair is really comfortable for everyone and its affordable as well, which attracts more consumers.

The armrest is a great quality and the backseat can recline up to 130 degrees, which is a pretty good feature. It comes with an included footrest that is held collectively through 2 metallic poles. The retractable footrest is strong even if each of your leg is resting on it. When the footrest is deployed at the same time when the backseat is reclined, the chair will become a snug seat to watch a film or a TV show.

A chair that’s easy on your body and your wallet. Whether gaming, working from home—or both—this chair delivers: extendable footrest; adjustable headrest pillow; contoured and segmented padded design.

Find your own angle by raising or lowering your chair and recline between 90–155 degrees, with infinite locking positions. Killer looks, killer price.

This console gaming chair has been rated with 4.3 stars out of 5, this is a must-buy chair for your gaming experience.

Have a look at its specifications, pros, and cons.


  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Room Type: Office
  • Color: Grey
  • Form Factor: Upholstered
  • Material: Faux Leather


  • Easy to assemble
  • No squeaks are detected


  • Arm-rest can’t move up and down

ACE 5149201 X ROCKER EXTREME ( Foldable Gaming Chair)

The ACE foldable gaming chair has been winning the game in the market ever since its release, all thanks to its good quality. This chair is a must-buy.

Check customer reviews.

This wireless audio transmission gaming chair is not only designed for console games, but you can also enjoy songs or even watch high-quality movies while resting on it.

This has 2 audio systems hidden in the head relaxation and an extreme 4” subwoofer. This places audio system and ported power subwoofers into the open space – now no longer simply the frame – in the X Rocker chair to exaggerate sound fine and intensify your enjoyment.

The supportive base lifts you and permits you to tilt and swivel for hours of relaxation even as the padded armrests, ergonomic design, and head relaxation offer greater back and neck support.

Control panel consists of separate quantity and bass controls, and input and output jacks for connecting on your audio supply and to different X Rockers for multi-participant games.

This X Rocker chair has some really great features that makes it earn a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, making this one of the best gaming chairs for XBOX one.

Have a look at its specifications, pros, and cons.

Specifications :

  • Furniture base movement: Swivel
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Form Factor: Foldable
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Furniture Finish: Faux Leather


Easy and fast to assemble.



Has a stationary base.

Best pick of Xbox gaming chair for pro gamers

We picked out the decent gaming chair game for the XBOX one that you can connect with your best console gaming system XBOX one.

It is AKRacing masters series. It functions a much wider frame, an upgraded mechanism with a maxed out weight potential of as much as 400 lbs. This chair has an amazing feature that can allow you to lock the chair in any position you want.

Just like any different AKRacing chairs, Max boasts top-high-satisfactory pleather upholstery, an all-metallic frame, fifty-five kg/m3 cold-therapy foam padding and adjustable headrest and lumbar guide pillows for cushty seating.

All of that capability sits atop a five-big name aluminum base, metal frame, and big 2.5-inch casters.

Buyer’s guide of unique gaming chair for Xbox one gamers

Above, we have taken a look at some of the best and most popular gaming chairs for Xbox one gamers. But buying a gaming chair involves a lot of considerations to make. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider when buying a gaming chair.

Beginner or a pro gamer, you still need to be completely educated about the product you will buy for your computer and gaming studio, so you can let out your gaming skills at full capacity.

If you really want to give your best in the games, make sure your computer components are the high quality and best to handle.

The best gaming chairs for XBOX one are not hard to find, but the key is to be educated about every feature of that specific XBOX gaming chair.

Let me guide with the basics for a gaming chair.


The gaming chair can be made with leather, fabric, mesh, PVC leather, etc.


The leather, additionally called genuine leather, is a fabric crafted from animal rawhide, typically cowhide, via the tanning technique. Although many gaming chairs sell a few types of “leather” substances in their construction, it’s typically a fake leather-like PU or PVC leather.

Genuine leather is great quality and is much more long-lasting than PU-leather. It is capable of lasting for a long time as opposed to PU and PVC, which are much more likely to crack and peel over time.

It is likewise an extra breathable material compared to PU and PVC leathers, which means it is far higher at soaking up and freeing moisture, thereby decreasing sweat and maintaining the chair cooler.


Usually, the maximum common substances observed in well-known office chairs, fabric is likewise used in lots of gaming chairs.

Fabric chairs are extra breathable than leather-based and its imitators, which means even much less sweat and retained heat is produced.

But, the fabric is much less resistant to water and different liquids as compared to leather and its synthetic brethren.

An essential determining element for many in deciding on between leather and fabric is whether they choose a firm or a smooth chair. The fabric chairs are normally softer than leather and its offshoots, but also much less durable.

Style Of The Chair

You can’t simply buy any gaming chair of any style. The style is also necessary according to your taste and the vibe of your gaming studio.

There are lots of superb color alternatives available to praise the neon radiance of your gaming PC.

There is no guidance by which we will be able to provide other than to mention that when you have narrowed down your alternatives to chairs that match your favored comfort functions and materials, so then simply pick what excellent fits your private style tastes.

Comfort Level

Comfort levels can be different for everyone. Every human being is beautifully different from each other physically, so they all have their own comfort levels with different types of chairs.

Knowing your own comfort level and body shape, you should carefully check every gaming chair’s specifications carefully before buying one.

Someone might want a wide seat in the chair while someone would look for the good quality of seat and pillow for lumbar in their chair.

Not just that, one would also see the comfort level of their budget too.


The other critical elements that you need to check out in gaming chairs are the maximum weight ability for chairs. Most gaming chairs top out at 250 lbs. Not just that, the size of the chairs being smaller and limited makes them uncomfortable for larger gamers.

On the other hand, most plus-sized gaming chairs can help in extra of 300 kg. Some of the high quality gaming chairs may even help up into the 400 pound range.

It is best to get a chair whose weight limit is set to 50 lbs greater than your common weight.

Size Of The Chair

The major reason huge game enthusiasts want precise chairs apart from a better weight capability is that many everyday chairs are simply too slim or small to easily fit your support body structure.

That’s why huge game enthusiasts’ chairs are usually larger than average, presenting a much broader seat and a taller and wider backs. The chairs in this list are extra tall and extra wide. Some are taller, others are shorter. Some are wider, others are narrower.

However, if you have a doubt, then make sure to double-check your purchase.

Some features to consider when choosing a gaming chair

1. Height

The height of the chair is important, but most gaming chairs are adjustable, allowing you to adjust them according to your height. When the chair is at the ideal height, the legs are in the best position. Buying an adjustable lift chair is a good option.

2. Ergonomic shape

When you relax in a chair, it should match the shape of your body. It is a good idea to have a chair with a memory foam cushion and a vinyl arm that is comfortable.

Pillow covers can be made of natural leather or manufactured textiles.

3. Audio connection

This is another important feature. Buy one with speakers in the headrest. It is always good to have a volume controller as well as RF input and output terminals.

A headphone jack is also important if you want to use headphones.

4. Ability to add and store

There are many chairs that can be attached and kept out of the way when not in use.

5. Other Features of PC Gaming Chair

  • Pedestal base adjustable in height and tilt.
  • High-power subwoofer for integrated audio.
  • Premium built-in speaker
  • Connections to popular game consoles, iPods, TVs and MP3 players

6. Use a chair to watch TV

One of the great benefits of a gaming chair is the ability to kick it back and use it to watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

FAQ’S – Best gaming chair for Xbox One

What is the best gaming chair for Xbox?

This article is made with available information on the internet about all the possible available gaming chairs for XBOX one. All the gaming chairs mentioned in this article are high-quality and can be given a chance easily.

Are gaming chairs good for Xbox?

Yes. Gaming chairs are made especially in a way to provide comfort to the gamers for their gaming system. They also come with good lumbar support so gamers won’t feel any discomfort for their long gaming sessions.

Can you connect a gaming chair to Xbox One?

The console gaming chairs are designed for console players. The XBOX one is a heavy-duty console game that can easily be connected to any console gaming chair.

What is the best pedestal gaming chair?

The ACE foldable gaming chair is a great choice for a pedestal gaming chair.


As someone who loves gaming, you would want a comfortable seat to enjoy your games and relax. The XBOX one is an amazing console gaming system that can give you a good gaming experience once you have all the necessary set up for your studio.

If you enjoy long gaming sessions, such great gaming chairs are needed for you to enjoy peacefully without feeling any pain or tiredness. And if the chair has a good quality then it’s a plus point in that specific chair.

The gaming chairs are indeed not exactly cheap, so it is better to invest on the right chair with the best features so you can use for a long time without worrying about it being broken soon any time after you buy it.

Once you get your hands on a good console gaming chair, it will give you a peace of mind and body.

Make sure the chair you buy has good lumbar support too, and that it can help improve your posture as sitting on the chair for long hours might not be a good choice, so it’s better to have good back-rest lumbar support. It would be best if you additionally recalled the warranty. This will cowl you from any producer defects that would pop up over the route of your ownership. The longer the warranty, the better.

If you intend on using your new chair to loosen up, you’ll need to consider its max tilt angle. The better the angle, the farther returned you’ll be capable of recline.

Lastly, you could or might not want to be aware of its weight capacity. We’re all constructed differently, so better to buy the gaming chair that supports your body.

Also, check out the best gaming mouse for small handsbest 650w PSU, etc., on our page.

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