Unlocking the Potential of Your Business With Amazon Seller Central


With millions of customers and global reach, Amazon Seller Central can propel your business to new heights. It also provides sellers with critical metrics and analytics for sales, performance, inventory, and more.

Sellers need to understand and master these tools to reap the benefits of this marketplace. This article provides valuable tips and strategies to help you achieve your goal.

Inventory Management

Online sellers often need help with maintaining sufficient inventory levels to meet demand. This is especially important given that the average consumer expects their online purchases to arrive in zero to three days, and 47% would be willing to pay extra for faster shipping.

To avoid running out of inventory, look for a system that allows you to track and monitor inventory levels with real-time data and offers forecasting capabilities. This can help you determine your reorder points, ensuring you always have the proper inventory to meet customer demands.

To prevent accumulating unsold inventory, be strategic with sales and promotions. For example, if you are running a sale or promo, set a threshold that covers four hours of promotional sales so that you have time to remove the promotion before customers order it again at a regular price. This will prevent your inventory from expiring before it sells and incurring additional long-term storage fees.

Account Health

You can access various essential business metrics depending on how you sell your products via amazon seller central. These can be found in the Performance section of Seller Central, which includes reports like business reports, advertising reports, return reports, and inventory reports.

Account health is a crucial feature that shows you any customer service or policy compliance issues that may affect your account in the future. It also displays your overall performance and how you compare to other sellers.

You can also view your orders and manage them through Seller Central. This is important for FBA and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) orders. This section can help you track your sales and traffic and monitor customer feedback, buyer messages, and A-to-Z Guarantee or chargeback claims. This is a vital tool for all sellers to use regularly.


The feedback section of Amazon Seller Central enables sellers to monitor customer messages, A-to-Z guarantee claims, chargeback claims, and seller performance ratings. This feedback provides insights into how well a product performs on the platform and what needs to be done to improve its sales.

The ad campaign manager feature on Amazon Seller Central allows sellers to manage Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads for their business. Sellers can also create and view reports on ad performance. Additionally, if a brand is enrolled in the Brand Registry, it can access additional tools and features on Seller Central.

Amazon Seller Central allows sellers to change their account information, including store name, business address, and deposit methods. They can also amend shipping settings, tax settings, and user permissions. In addition, they can change their account type (e.g., from an Individual to a Professional account). Sellers can also give another person access to their account by adding them as users.


Sellers can use this section to review their sales metrics, including a day-to-day Sales Snapshot and a year-on-year sales comparison graph. It also helps them learn more about their customer demands, allowing them to optimize their products and advertising campaigns.

The reports also provide sellers important information about their performance, such as the Buy Box percentage, FBA fulfillment rates, stranded inventory, and more. This data can help them decide whether to scale up their business and grow their revenue streams.

The seller can also use the data to improve their listings and sponsored ads. This will increase their chances of converting visitors into customers and save them money on costly promotional strategies. It will help them determine whether they are providing the right products for their target market and if their product pages have sufficient relevance, clarity, and visual appeal. It will also help them improve their conversion rates by optimizing their target keywords and creating rock-solid listings with relevant, high-volume keywords paired with captivating images.

By Ephatech

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