Top 5 Best Gaming Chair for Big & Fat Guys [List & Guide]

Top 5 Best Gaming Chair for Big & Fat Guys [List & Guide]

Heavy people need a gaming chair that can support the increased body weight. It is important to ensure a stable construction and maximum load capacity. It must offer enough space for you to sit comfortably on it. In this guide, I present my personal favorites.

People who either sit and work in front of the PC for a long time, or who can play games for hours at a time, find it important to sit as comfortably as possible in the long run. The gaming industry has of course jumped on the bandwagon and is gradually bringing better and better gaming chairs onto the market.

Comfort is extremely important when sitting long hours in front of the computer. Especially when gaming. But big and fat guys can find it a bit of a challenge to find a suitable (and comfortable) gaming chair that offers the body support necessary, but also is robust enough to handle the heavier weight.

There are, of course, an extremely large number of factors that need to be considered when making a purchase. As with all products, there is a very wide price range in which different chairs are offered. Cheap does not always have to be bad, but especially if a gaming chair is to be able to withstand people up to 200 kg, you have to pay attention to quality. Low quality and cheap chairs are not ideal if you’re a big or fat guy as they will just wear out quickly and may even break quite fast.

If you are looking for the best gaming chairs for big and fat persons, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best and most popular gaming chairs that offer great comfort and are able to hold heavy weight. Further on, we’ve also gone through some of the most important factors you need to keep in mind before making your purchase. We present various models that work up to a weight of 200 kg and give tips on how to prevent making a purchase that you end up being dissatisfied with.

The fact is that most gaming chairs are not designed for a weight of 200 kg. However, there are some models that are also suitable for these dimensions, or at least come near 200 kg. Even if you weigh less than 200kg, it can be good to buy a gaming chair that can handle more than you weight just to ensure that it will last loner.

It can already be said in advance that these chairs are not exactly cheap. Most of them are priced around 500 dollars, but you can be sure that the quality is right and that you will be able to enjoy your gaming chair for a long time.

Best gaming chairs for big & fat person

Vertagear P-Line 6000 Racing Series

The gaming chair P-Line 6000 Racing Series by Vertagear makes it very clear with its appearance that it is a cool gamer chair. It has a modern and sleek design and most importantly, great quality and longevity.

This model definitely belongs in our list of the best, because despite the maximum carrying capacity of 200kg, it not only looks very good, but is also comparatively cheap at less than 500 dollars.

In addition, there is the relatively low dead weight of just under 26 kg, which, however, has no negative effect on stability, which is guaranteed by the solid steel construction. The upholstery for the lumbar area and the head are particularly comfortable with this gaming chair.

Noblechairs Epic Reclining Gaming Chair

This is a classy and elegant design of a gaming chair that is suitable for big and fat guys.

The elegant design of the gaming chair is inspired by the seats in sports cars. The Noblechairs EPIC was even awarded the “European Hardware Award 2020” for “Best Gaming Chair” which is proof of concept enough.

It was developed together with professional eSports teams and is manufactured purely by machine using industrial robots.

The Noblechairs EPIC is the first gaming chair that is available with both a synthetic leather cover and a genuine leather cover. There is also another variant made of nappa leather. You can choose from numerous color combinations and various special versions.

The high backrest (87 cm) is ergonomically shaped and adapts to the natural shape of the spine. You automatically sit upright and avoid an unhealthy posture. The upholstery is particularly high-quality and ensures optimal stabilization and relief. The backrest can be tilted up to 135°.

Two pillows are included for the neck and lumbar area. You can adjust the height using elastic straps. The covers are removable thanks to the zipper and can be washed in the washing machine at 30°.

The seat offers enough space for overweight people. Thanks to the TÜV-tested gas pressure spring, the seat is infinitely adjustable in height. The comfortable armrests are four-dimensionally adjustable in all directions. The universal castors are suitable for both hard and soft floors.

Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair

The Nitro Concepts brand comes from Berlin, Germany, and stands for sporty gaming chairs with many comfort functions. The flame logo is sewn on both the headrest and the pillow and work as nice touches. You can choose from many different colors. Due to the purely mechanical production, the products are particularly precise and of excellent quality.

The backrest adapts to the natural S-shape of the spine. It ensures a healthy posture. You can optionally use the rocking function and the 135° reclining function. This keeps you moving even while sitting and effectively prevents back pain and other sitting problems.

The scope of delivery includes two pillows for the head and lumbar area, which can be removed if necessary. The pillowcases are machine washable. The seat is infinitely adjustable in height, as are the two 3D armrests, which can be moved three-dimensionally in different directions.

The gaming chair is certified according to DIN EN 1335 and supports a body weight of up to 135 kg. Thanks to its own weight of 24.5 kg, it is also very stable and has a high level of stability. The robust nylon rollers are suitable for all floors.

Secretlab Titan Evo Stealth gaming chair

The 89 cm high and 56 cm wide backrest of this gaming chair makes it suitable for people who are up to 2.05 m tall. The patented cold foam padding adapts perfectly to the back and ensures much greater comfort. The spine is stabilized and the back muscles relieved. You sit upright and effectively prevent back problems.

The backrest has an integrated lumbar support that can be individually adjusted in height and depth. It relieves your lower back and stabilizes your lumbar spine. The cervical spine is relieved by the memory foam pillow. The cooling gel layer inside the pillow feels very comfortable, in particular during intense and sweaty gaming sessions.

If you want to take a break, you can tilt the backrest backwards by up to 165°. The integrated rocker function ensures sufficient movement when sitting. The counter pressure can be adjusted to the body weight using a rotary control.

The 49 cm wide and 50 cm deep seat can be adjusted in height between 46 – 55.5 cm. The seat and thigh support have enough space and freedom of movement thanks to the flat side walls. The ergonomic seat is comfortably padded. This gaming chair supports a body weight of up to 180 kg.

The 3D armrests are adjustable in height, width and angle inwards and outwards by 7.5 cm. They are 27 cm long and 10 cm wide. The arms can be laid down to relieve the neck muscles. The corners and edges of the armrests are rounded so that there are no uncomfortable pressure points.

You can choose between a high-quality imitation leather cover and a breathable fabric cover. Overall, the gaming chair impresses with its design and precise workmanship. Accordingly, you will receive a 5-year guarantee.

The 80 cm wide base ensures high stability. The universal rollers are suitable for all floors, e.g. laminate, parquet, tiles and carpet. They are quiet and protect the subsoil. So you do not have to order an extra roller set.

Fantasylab Big and Tall Gaming Chair 440lb

The backrest is 63 cm wide and 82 cm high, so that the head can be relaxed. The integrated lumbar support adapts ergonomically to your back. The black and gray cover has an elegant diamond design. Underneath is a comfortable padding made of memory foam.

The rocking function, thanks to which the backrest can rock backwards by up to 17°, ensures sufficient movement when sitting. It can also be fixed in several angles: 90° working mode, 130° relaxing mode and 155° sleeping mode.

Thanks to the SGS-certified gas pressure spring, the seat is adjustable in height between 46 and 52 cm. It measures 55.9 x 55.9 cm and offers enough space for overweight people. The comfortably upholstered seat is 12 cm thick. Thanks to the robust metal frame, the gaming chair can carry a weight of up to 200 kg.

The two armrests are adjustable in height, width, depth and angle. The right setting and support for the arms can be found for every sitting position. The backrests are 23.9 cm long, 9 cm wide and offer a large contact surface. Smooth-running castors are attached to the 68.6 cm wide base.

How to choose gaming chair for big, fat & heavy guys – buyer’s guide

There is a large selection of gaming chairs on the market. But not all gaming chairs are not suitable for big, fat, and heavy guys.

Thereore, when choosing a gaming chair, you have to focus on the right factors so that you don’t end up with an expensive chair at home that you don’t sit comfortably on or that doesn’t meet your own requirements. At worst, you may end up with a chair of low quality that breaks just because it cannot support your weight.

Maximum carrying capacity

The cheap models in particular often look very good and give the impression that they are in no way inferior to the expensive gaming chairs. As is so often the case, you only discover the quality when you take a closer look or have sat in a chair for a long time. A good indicator of quality is the maximum carrying capacity.

We only looked at chairs that you can sit on without any problems even with a higher weight. Here you can already assume that the construction is solid and the materials used are of very high quality.

Height adjustability

Even if the gaming chair has a load capacity of over 200 kg, it still has to be flexibly adjustable. Every body is different and gamers in particular often have to and want to sit in front of their computer or console for a few hours at a time.

For this, a high-quality chair must also be adjustable in terms of the backrest, the seat height or the armrests. The models from our comparison are all at the highest level, which you definitely have to expect at a price of around 500 dollars.

The gaming chair should have these properties

It is more difficult for overweight, big, or fat people to find a suitable gaming chair. Most models are designed for a maximum load of between 100 – 120 kg. Overweight people need a gaming chair with special requirements:

Backrest: This should be as high and wide as possible so that you have enough space and freedom of movement. It has to adapt ergonomically to the back and stabilize the spine. You sit upright and prevent back pain.

Seat: It must be sufficiently wide and deep so that you have enough space. The seat is flattened at the sides so that the thighs are not squeezed. The front edge of the seat is rounded to promote blood circulation in the legs.

Padding: It must be particularly resilient so that it does not give way too easily when the weight is increased. It stabilizes the back and promotes a healthy posture.

Cover: It should be of high quality and durable. Most covers are made of wear-resistant synthetic leather, less often genuine leather or fabric. Faux leather feels comfortable on the skin and is easy to clean.

Frame: The construction should be made of sturdy steel that can withstand high loads. A high-quality and precise processing is important.

Gas pressure spring: It should be able to bear the high body weight and cushion when standing up and sitting down. High quality gas springs are safety certified.

Base: It should be made of robust steel or aluminum and be as wide as possible for high stability. The gamer chair cannot accidentally fall over.

Certificates: High-quality gamer chairs have various test seals. A good indicator of high quality are long-term guarantees over 5 or even 10 years.

Pay attention to high-quality manufacturing. If you use the gaming chair properly, it will last a long time and can be used for many years.

Rocking function: The backrest and the seat should be able to rock backwards for sufficient movement when sitting. Ideally, the counter pressure can be adjusted to the weight using a rotary control.

Lying function: fat people do not have to do without comfort functions. With most gaming chairs, the backrest can be reclined to take a break to relax. Breaks are important so that the muscles are relaxed after tense sessions and no tension develops.

Armrests: They must be robust to withstand the high loads when standing up and sitting down. The armrests should at least be adjustable in height, ideally also in width and angle. With some gaming chairs, the backrests can even be folded away to the side for more freedom of movement.

Pillows: They relieve the head and neck area as well as the lumbar region. They can be adjusted in height using elastic straps for a precise alignment to the body size. The pillowcases can be washed in the washing machine. When not in use, the cushions can also be easily removed.

Footrest: It is ideal in combination with the reclining function to put your feet up in a relaxed manner. This promotes blood circulation in the legs.

Castors: They must be strong enough to carry heavy, overweight people. Heavy-duty castors can be loaded up to 250 kg. Castors are ideal for all floors that allow the PC chair to glide smoothly. Otherwise, you can also order suitable carpet or hard floor castors if required.

Design: Many high-quality gaming chairs have been developed together with eSports teams. You can usually choose from many different colors and in a vast array of different designs.


One of the most important things to consider when looking for a bug guy gaming chair is quality. The chair should not only be able to support your weight, but also be able to support it over a long period of time. After all, buying a chair that can hold 200kg but doesn’t last more than 2-3 months would just be a waste of money.


When you buy a gaming chair, you will probably want to use it for hours. Therefore, the design should be ergonomic and support your back and neck in the right places. If the lumbar pillow or headrest doesn’t sit properly on your back and neck, you’ll have body aches over time.


Adjustability is a key factor to consider when purchasing chairs for the overweight. Unless you’re sure that the chair you want to buy is extra large and will fit you comfortably, you should buy one that has a high level of adjustability. Being able to adjust the seat width, height and armrests would contribute to a more comfortable gaming experience.


Intense gaming sessions are sure to make you sweat and overheat! It would be ideal for taller people to look for chairs that have room for air. You should also pay attention to whether the material/padding allows for breathability during use.


Before hitting the stores or browsing online, you should set a budget for your gaming chair. If your stores have multiple options for heavy-duty gaming chairs, you could lose track of your budget and the features you originally wanted in the chair. Gaming chairs come in different price ranges. So you won’t have a problem finding one under your budget. But remember not to buy an uncomfortable chair that you may never use just because your budget doesn’t allow for it! In fact, there are also gaming chairs for 150 dollars, although these are of lower quality and generally not suitable for big and fat guys.

Frequently asked questions

Can gaming chairs withstand more weight than specified?

In principle, the gaming chair for big guys can withstand weights above the maximum load capacity, at least for a short time, at least up to a certain tolerance range. However, such an application always means additional wear and tear, which is likely to significantly reduce durability.

What is the weight capacity of a gaming chair?

The weight capacity of a gaming chair can vary greatly, depending on the type of chair and the manufacturer. Most gaming chairs have a weight capacity of around 250 to 300 pounds. This is usually sufficient for the majority of users, as the average weight of an adult is between 140 to 200 pounds.

However, there are some gaming chairs designed to accommodate larger and heavier users, with weight capacities of up to 500 pounds or more. These chairs typically have a stronger and sturdier construction, with reinforced frames and high-density foam cushioning to support the added weight.

When purchasing a gaming chair, it’s important to consider the weight capacity of the chair to ensure it will support your weight comfortably and safely. It’s also important to consider the size and build of the user, as larger individuals may require a chair with a higher weight capacity to accommodate their body size and weight.

Conclusion on gaming chairs for big and fat guys

Ultimately, everyone has to decide individually which factors are decisive for a purchase apart from the carrying capacity of 200 kg. Especially with streamers, the look is also crucial, many want a gaming chair that goes well with the rest of the setup or the lighting.

In the end, however, the quality and comfort definitely make the difference, because the most beautiful chair is not of much use if you have already worn through the upper material after a few weeks or can no longer sit on the chair without pain after a few hours.

By Ephatech

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