How Mobile Apps Change The Workflow

How Mobile Apps Change The Workflow

The advent of new technology has transformed the way we work. Everyone has a mobile phone in their hands now. Earlier it was predicted that around 3 billion people will have a smartphone by the end of 2020. In the current year though, more than 6 billion people own a smartphone, completely changing the way we look at things.

How Mobile Applications Can Affect The Business Process?

Many mobile applications have completely transformed business processes and workflow. Businesses that want to stay updated and relevant in the current scenario need to up their game and adapt to the technological changes as their consumers have done the same. Many modern apps have a positive impact on the workflow and operations of any business.

How Mobile Application Changed The Way We Communicate?

Many mobile applications have now changed the way businesses communicate with each other and their potential clients. We have gathered a list of such apps which are going to be super useful for you in managing your business workflow.

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): It is one of the most popular and widely used software these days. It is being used by organizations, universities, and hospitals to streamline their procedure. It helps in easing the workflow by enabling a single person to manage the business operations of multiple departments. Accounting, order fulfillment, inventory management, etc., can be easily handled through an ERP. The software comes with a cost but the impact it has on business is huge and has entirely changed the way business operations work.
  2. Clockify: A software that is going to manage all your HR issues and track the employees’ productivity through its methods. The task activities, attendance of the task force, cost reduction and control, etc., can be analyzed with the help of this software. The best part is that the app is free to download, and can be used for an unlimited number of projects without any additional cost.
  3. Call Recorder for iPhone: A call recording app is a basic requirement for all businesses nowadays. There are times when you are unable to gather what your employees are saying. At those times you can get phone call recording app which will help you to take calls from wherever you want and you can get back to the call recording later for taking notes, feedback, or for follow-up with employees as well as your clients. The call recorder for iPhone is free to download and is immensely useful for both clients and employees alike. You can also use the call recording to later identify the problem areas in your conversations which may be having a negative impact on your business. A call recording can also be useful in keeping records of your conversation to ensure all the tasks have been done as decided. It helps in continuous improvement as well as decision-making, you can also avoid many potential disputes through it.
  4. ClickUp: It is a modern way of integrating all your documents, goals, and resources in a single app for you to access at your ease. A single app, syncing all the documents in one place helps you in understanding the current business position, what resources can be applied, and which ones need improvement.

What Are The Impact Of Mobile Applications?

The impact of mobile applications on business is immeasurable. The impact though positive or negative depends on how these mobile applications are used.

What Are The Positive Impacts Of Mobile Apps?

There are many benefits of using mobile applications. The mobile apps help in strengthening communication with both the clients and the customers, by adding value to the stage of the communication process and giving a chance for feedback and improvement at every point. Mobile apps have completely revolutionized the workflow of every industry. The apps can help in managing orders, deciding when to purchase new stocks, controlling the total costs, and using the available resources efficiently. 

The tasks of HR have been widely reduced with the help of mobile apps, as the salaries transfer, invoices, raise, and an appraisal is all calculated and completed with the help of mobile applications. The call recording apps have made it easier for the staff to record their conversations and check them later while doing the task to ensure that it is done according to the given instructions.

What Are The Negative Impacts Of Mobile Apps?

As with any other thing, mobile apps also have a few negative factors. Many people believe that mobile apps have cost them their jobs as the apps are now replacing humans. The apps and digital data come with a consequence, as the data can be hacked and misused by any third party for their purpose. Competitors can also get your data hacked and use it to their advantage. Good anti-virus software can help in getting rid of these hackers.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Applications have without a doubt changed the way we look at the world. The businesses are now running efficiently with the help of these apps like Clockify, Call Recorder for iPhone, etc., as they have not only helped in running the workflow smoothly but also has a huge impact on reducing the overall operational cost.

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