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I have seen many people who don’t know How To Change Your Name on Facebook so in this article we will discuss this in detail. Whether it’s because you recently got married or just because you got a new nickname, we explain to you to change your name on Facebook. The process itself is quite simple, but you also have to take care of some things when editing your name, because Facebook does not allow you to change it for anything.

How do you change your name on Facebook?

Here’s how to change your name on Facebook. The process is quite simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind when editing your identifier, as Facebook will not allow you to change it into anything.

  1. Tap the inverted triangle icon (▼) in the upper right corner of Facebook. Then select Settings.
  2. Select edit in the name row.
  3. Change your first, middle, and last name, and select Overview Change.
  4. Choose how your name will appear, enter your password and click Save Changes.
  5. How to change your name on Facebook?
  6. How to change your name on Facebook?


How to change your name on Facebook?

The above are the only steps you can take to change your name on Facebook. However, Facebook has a rule that prevents users from doing anything with their names. It is forbidden to:

  • Change your name within 60 days of changing your name.
  • Use unusual characters, symbols, and punctuation marks (for example, enter “J0hn, Sm1th” instead of “John Smith”).
  • Use titles (for example, Mrs.
  • Use exploitative or “advisory” words.
  • Use letters from different languages.

It should be noted that the absolute ban on this list is not clear. For example, it is sometimes possible to change your Facebook name to a language that contains characters from more than one language, at least if you only stick to languages ​​that use the Latin alphabet. (For example, English, French or Turkish).

However, if you combine one or two non-Western characters (for example, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic characters) with English or French, the Facebook system will not allow it.

In general, the social media giant advises users that “the name that appears on your profile should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life.” If a user violates these guidelines by calling himself, for example, “Stephen Hawking”, it is unlikely that Facebook will eventually discover him and give the user his name and identity.

It will need to be verified. In that case, users will be locked out of their accounts unless they provide a scan of identity documents, such as a passport and driver’s license.

How to change your name on Facebook after verification

Users who have previously verified their name on Facebook may sometimes have difficulty changing it later, as verification provides Facebook with a record of their real names. In this case, users will not completely change their name on Facebook unless they legally change their name from the first verification and have to go through the verification process again through the Facebook Help Center.

Add or edit a nickname or another name on Facebook

Although Facebook advises people to use only their real names to complete the legal name l. It is possible to add a nickname or another alternative name. Doing so is often an effective way to help people who know you by another name find you on social networks.

  1. To add a nickname, you have to complete the following steps.
  2. Select About in your profile.
  3. Select your details in the sidebar of your About page.
  4. Select the Add a nickname, birth name option. . Other names under subtitles.
  5. From the Name Type drop-down menu, select the type of name you want (for example, Alias, First Name, Name with Title)
  6. Enter your second name in the Name box.
    If you want your second name to appear on your profile and your first name, select Show at the top of the profile.
  7. Hit save

That’s all there is to it, and unlike full names, there’s no limit to how many times you can change your second name. To edit a nickname, follow steps 1 and 2 above, but hover over the other name you want to change, which will bring up an option button, which you can edit or delete. You can click to choose between tasks.

How to Change Your Facebook Username

The URL of our Facebook page corresponds exactly to this part of the web address where the official domain of the social network is immediate. Then there’s our username. This is also known as a custom URL and is a special way for other users to view our profile.

Of course, when creating usernames, it is important to follow the rules set by the social network itself. The obvious thing is that it is not possible to use a username that another user already uses. Also, they can contain only literal statistics or a term.

Nor can they contain general terms or extensions. They must contain at least five characters, and, ultimately, they must comply with the terms set forth by Facebook.

However, as we will see below, we do not need to confuse our username with a personal name. Thus, while the username is the URL to access our public profile, the personal name is the name that appears on our profile (and which should theoretically be our real name).


What’s the username on Facebook?

As we summarize in the introduction to this note. As mentioned, every Facebook user has a username, which is unique because of its features. No other user can be created in such a way that it is not possible to create an existing username (and it is used).

This means that it contains the username added as a suffix to the URL of the official Facebook website. It has the form ‘’, where, of course, ‘username’ will be our unique username on the social network.

That way, any user can access this URL through a web browser and view our profile.

The difference between a username and a profile name on Facebook

It is common to confuse usernames with Facebook profile names. But the fact is that they are two different elements, clearly different. That way, while the username in the social network is our unique identifier (and it, as we have indicated, is automatically added as a suffix to the website URL), the name can be Yes. For example, we have our own personal names.

That way, while usernames are unique and will never be the same for two people, names can be the same.

However, just as it is possible to edit a profile name in a social network, we can also change our username. Unless, of course, it’s in use.


Choosing a new username

If you need to change your new username, it’s important to know that you must always follow the basic requirements. When we first create it, it looks exactly like this:

The username must be new, which means another user must not use it.
Neither periods nor uppercase letters count as part of a URL. Thus, ‘Christian Perez’ and ‘Christian Perez is considered equal.
It is possible to choose a unique username for our Facebook profile.
It can only contain a literal statistical letter or term, which includes general terms or extensions. Net ‘or’ .com ‘cannot be included and contains at least five characters.

Changing your username through the Facebook desktop website

Suppose you do not use the Facebook app via your mobile phone or digital tablet, and you usually access the social network through the desktop website to edit your username. In that case, you can take several basic steps to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

First, we must go to the official page and log in to our Facebook account if we have not already done so. Then, click the date icon at the bottom, which we’ll find in the upper right corner of the website, and the Settings and Privacy button, and then click Settings.

The General Account Settings window will now appear, where we will find your name and your username.

Click on the username, and a new section will appear where we can enter our new name. If it’s available, Facebook will point us to the right side of the form.

Of course, remember that Facebook indicates that it is important that the username includes our real name. Finally, if the username is available, let us click Changes. Be careful!


I hope this detailed article on how to change your name on Facebook & how to change your Facebook username will help you to change your name within seconds next time. Still, if you don’t get it then it takes better to hire a Social Media Marketing Services Agency for this task. Because Experts know how to do it in seconds.

By James Kandu

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