How To Increase Opening Rate and Conversion in 2023

How To Increase Opening Rate and Conversion in 2023

Right place, wrong time – that has certainly happened to everyone, right? Do not you believe? Then take a look at the evaluations of your newsletter. Countless mailings are sent to the mailbox every day because the newsletter was not sent at the right time.

Often the emails get lost in the flood of messages – or are simply quickly deleted due to stress. This must not happen to you! After all, you have already invested a lot of time in creating the content, which should of course pay off.

In order for your mailing to be opened, you must find the perfect time to send the newsletter. Because it has a significant impact on opening rates, clicks, and conversions – i.e. the success of your emails. We’ll show you how to optimize your shipping time!

Newsletter dispatch time: a question of the target group

For the ideal newsletter dispatch time, you have to select your target group and take a close look.

One important (and disappointing) thing to start with: THE perfect newsletter dispatch time exists Not. If someone says otherwise, you should not believe that person.

Why is that? Because of course, your delivery time depends entirely on your target group. After all, housewives and househusbands have completely different cycles than bank employees or craftsmen and women.

It starts with the area in which you are active. Do you work in B2B or B2C? Because end consumers are more likely to be reached outside of working hours on their private e-mail addresses. Business customers, on the other hand, are easy to reach during working hours but like to switch off after work.

In addition, there are many factors you need to consider:

DemographicsAge, Gender, Marital Status, Place of Residence

Socio-economic characteristics: Profession, income, education

Psychological characteristicsMotivation, Opinion, Desires, Values

Purchasing behaviorSatisfaction, price sensitivity, online or offline

Do you have international customers? Then the time difference also plays a role. Even the weather has an influence on the time when you send your newsletter because when the weather is good everyone prefers to be outside, especially at the weekend.

You see: before you send your first email, you need to do your homework. Ideally, you’ve already done that anyway. Because you need all key data that are relevant for the shipping time for the targeted creation of content.

So a lot, if not everything, depends on your target audience. Nevertheless, there are of course a few key data that you should take into account for B2B and B2C …

The ideal mail delivery time for B2C

Consumers are best reached when they have free time. This is simply because not everyone in the office checks their private e-mails.

Of course, this is also increasing. But a purchase decision is seldom made directly in the office. Ideally, you should therefore send your newsletters in the evening hours, after 8 p.m.

By this time, the working day is over, the household has been taken care of and the children (if any) have already been looked after and played with. Now it’s time for relaxation – and also the heyday of online shopping etc.

You can also reach people in B2C at the weekend. The following applies: Friday afternoon and Saturday morning are rather taboo. This time is often used to do bulk shopping and get the household under control. Saturday afternoons and Sundays, on the other hand, are good opportunities to get your newsletters out to customers.

Summary of newsletter dispatch B2C:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8 p.m.
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Sunday mornings and afternoons

Danger: Of course, these are only rough guidelines. As already announced, everything depends on your individual target group. Young parents, for example, are often up early and may be checking their emails as early as the morning hours. So there are no general solutions.

When your newsletter is well received in B2B

It is of course completely different in the business area. Here you should avoid rush hours as much as possible. This is especially true on Monday mornings when e-mails are often thrown in the trash in order to get the situation under control. The same goes for Friday afternoon, after all the weekend is just around the corner and no one wants to let your newsletter get in the way.

The rest of the weekdays, on the other hand, are fairly balanced. For a long time, Tuesdays and Thursdays were recommended for shipping, because Tuesdays are freer and many weekly tasks have already been completed on Thursdays.

But this often repeated tip means that there is a lot of traffic in the mailbox these days. For example, many marketers send their emails between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. in the morning. So you can expect a lot of competition here.

What that means for you: Do you like to work anti-cyclically? It is better to send your email in the afternoon than in the morning. Immediately after the lunch break, e.g. B. a good idea. A good time to send the newsletter is also between 3 and 4 p.m.

A survey by Mail working from over 100 million mailings shows the result: openings and clicks are particularly common on Wednesdays and Thursdays high from 11 a.m., they reach their peak on Thursday afternoon.

By the way, the weekend is usually taboo in B2B. Here you will just be ignored and then disappear in the big pile on Monday.

Newsletter dispatch time for B2B summarized:

  • Send anti-cyclically at frequently recommended times
  • Avoid Monday and Friday and the weekend
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays are particularly impressive from 11 a.m.
  • Thursday afternoon is very promising

As always, these are just hints. Perhaps your target group consists only of top managers who also like to use Saturdays for work? Of course, you know that best!

Find the ideal newsletter sending time with A/B tests

A/B testing will get you closer to the ideal shipping time.

Do you know your target group exactly and have you also taken the previous tips to heart? Then it is now a matter of determining the perfect time to send the newsletter.

You have no choice but to try it out. Ideally, you should do this with A/B testing. To do this, split your subscribers into two or more groups and send them your newsletter at different times that make sense for your target group and in general.

Then evaluate You see the results and make decisions. This is how you approach the ideal newsletter dispatch time step by step. So you simply follow a strategic “trial and error” principle.

We determine when you send the newsletter

You don’t want to dwell on it or don’t have the opportunity to carry out the necessary A/B testing yourself? No problem! As experienced newsletter marketers, we are at your side and look after your newsletter.

We create the right content for this and determine the ideal time for sending the newsletter. This guarantees that your content will reach your target group. Contact us!

By Ephatech

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