Key points and main features of the Unholy Death Knight class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


WoW is one of the most famous MMO RPGs, not only because of the famous Horde vs. Alliance factions, but also because of the wide range of races and classes to play comfortably in any preferred style.

Each character in World of Warcraft is a large set of potential builds and mechanics that need to be mastered in order to play for fun and reveal his strengths, for this they write a lot of guides, or turn to the Skycoach service for training.

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What is an Unholy Death Knight?

Death Knight, with the Unholy specialization, is a combat class that combines attacking skills for self-leveling and attacking one or more targets and defensive parameters that allow the Death Knight to remain a tank and perform his direct duties in raids and dungeons and contribute and your contribution to the total damage to the boss and his retinue.

With the release of patch 10.5 in the Dragonflight update, the Blizzard developers have radically changed the system of builds and learning talents.

Now you can combine skills however you want, regardless of the specialization for your class.

This means that the skills from the Blood and Ice branch are also available to you, which greatly expands the possibilities of using your class during grinding and PVP, as well as raids.

Thanks to the combination of talents, it is now possible to significantly reduce the cooldowns for damage overclocking and accumulation of resources and get not only a well-protected class, but also a good potential for AoE damage and damage to the enemy, including due to periodic negative effects.

Strengths and benefits of the Unholy Death Knight class

  • Good damage that can be increased on one and several targets.
  • An excellent skill for fixing the enemy on you and ensuring the safety of your allies is Death Grip.
  • Can resist knockback and maintain a high level of speed through the skill – Death’s Walk.
  • The ability to establish a special zone that will provide a high level of magical protection to all the heroes who find themselves in it and will be allied to the Death Knight.
  • There are opportunities to attack the enemy from a distance, and not just in close combat.
  • One of the most tenacious and combat specializations among tanks and specifically Death Knights.

Weaknesses and Cons of the Unholy Death Knight Class

  • One of the weakest indicators of mobility and speed, among other classes, even taking into account strengthening skills.
  • If the targets are far apart and there is no way to combine them together, then the damage will be reduced due to the large distance.
  • There are not many skills to help allies in raids other than general enemy control skills.

The main characteristics and parameters that are important to develop in the Unholy Death Knight class

Each hero has a full set of parameters that develop his abilities and capabilities, but absolutely every character and class has its own set of characteristics.

Often, priority is given to parameters that the hero suffers from and cannot quickly replenish with the help of buffs and personal improvements.


The biggest weakness of the Unholy Death Knight class is speed.

The speed parameter is not only about the general pace of movement, but also about the speed of attack and casting spells.

By developing the speed skill, you will receive two bonuses at once – you will be able to catch up with even the most mobile targets and will not feel a general lack of pace if negative effects that restrict movement pass on you.

Attack speed will be a nice bonus when pumping and using skills and normal attacks. The higher your swing rate, the more damage and, accordingly, experience and total damage you can inflict in a minimum period of time.


Since in the most frequent variation you will be pumped using a combination of skills, the mastery parameter will become extremely important for developing your skills and strengthening the hero.

You’ll combine damage overclocking skills to peak burst damage, and mastery will increase the chance of all debuffs proc, increase damage from primary skills, and give a chance that all buffs will proc with double the timer, or repeatedly without cooldown, saving you your resources and accelerating your potential.

Critical hit

Since you use skills and simple attacks in your pumping and dispersal of your own damage and reaching its peak, the critical hit will become another extremely important parameter.

This is the chance to deal double damage when using skills and during simple attacks.

The higher the attack speed, the greater the chance and the higher the overall damage, and since it is on the speed that we focus on the development of the Unholy Death Knight, the overall result should be pleasant.

Since you will not only grind and quickly kill monsters, but also walk in a raid, your contribution to the overall damage will become much higher and there will also be more groups of people who want to invite you to the campaign instead of the classic tank, which simply keeps the boss and the retinue on itself.


A general parameter that will be useful to all characters without exception, but it is difficult to call it a priority for at least one of them.

Versatility is an increase in physical and magical attack and defense relative to your level and the general parameter of this characteristic.

It is often boosted by valuable Legendary gear, which also has Versatility as a bonus.

Since you are not only a semi-attacking class, but also a tank, the combination of an increase in attack and defense will be a nice bonus for all types of activities, both profile – defense, and for grinding.

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Unholy Death Knight Class Conclusions

On its own, the Death Knight class will appeal to players who like to be in an important, covering role, but still remain a combat-ready class at the level of self-sustainment and leveling without an acute dependence on the group.

The character has difficulty with movement speed, and even personal skills do not really change the situation, especially against opponents who can impose appropriate negative effects. The problem is solved by increasing the speed characteristic with the help of high-quality armor with many auxiliary characteristics, food and buffs.

The Unholy Death Knight has great offensive potential and a lot of options to boost his damage to the point where you will destroy the monsters in groups – the main task is to collect them at a sufficient distance, otherwise the damage will dissipate and the generation of resources will need to be started over again.

Of the pleasant moments as a tank, you will have one of the most powerful skills – provocations, which not only directs the enemy at you without letting your allies hit, but also keeping him from causing damage even to you for the entire duration of the action.

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