Reach vs Impressions 2023: A Real Hack of Growth

Reach vs Impressions? What are they and how do we use them correctly? Let’s find out! When you work on the social networks that you manage, when analyzing, it is important to look at all the data provided by the data.

One of the most important data to determine the performance of your post is the access and feedback you receive.

But what is the reach and what are the impressions? We are going to solve this question once and for all.

The difference between Reach and Impressions

What are the impressions?

Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. It doesn’t make a difference to the individual, if not it counts the perceptions of whether they belong to the same person or not.

Therefore, impressions are the number of users of the network who have viewed your content.

That is, even if you have 1000 followers on your profile, you have received 3000 impressions because users have viewed the same content more than once.

What is the scope?

Reach counts the number of people who have viewed your post individually. It takes into account the number of people.

This is the total number of users who have viewed your profile post. That is every post on Facebook and Instagram, and every tweet you post on Twitter.

Ideally, all your followers see your content. If you have a community of 20,000 followers, you have 20,000 views. This never happens because of network algorithms or because the user is not connected at the time of publication, etc.

Reach Marketing Definition

The difference is simple, reach is the number of users who view your content and affects the number as they view it.

So far everything is clear, the problem comes when every social network points to each metric differently.

We will now show you how everyone applies this term to their social networks.

Reach vs Impressions through social networks.

What does impressions mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, like other networks, access and feedback are different.

What does each one contain?

The Reach:

This is the number of Instagram profiles that have seen the posts you have made (fixed posts, reels, IGTV, and even stories).


As part of this, this Instagram user is the number of views of your content: from the story, video, post, IGTV, or reels.

What is an impression on Facebook

Access to Facebook is divided into three different categories.

1. Organic Reach:

This data represents the total number of people who have viewed your post organically or without creating an ad, which is free.

2. Paid Reach:

This is the number of users who have viewed your paid content for an advertising campaign on Facebook.

3. Viral access:

These are people who have seen your content through friends or users who have shared it on their wall. That is, ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ your post.

Impressions are the number of times a post on your page is displayed on the users’ wall. Thus, we can also find:

4. Organic impressions:

content viewed for free.

5. Paid impressions:

because this is a post promoted with Facebook ads.

6. Viral impressions:

Because other users have shared it on their wall.


Oddly enough, Twitter does not provide information about the reach of your tweets. All you have to do is click on one of your posts to see if the first data they present to you is about impressions.

In this case, for Twitter, feedback is the moment a network user sees one of your posts. That is, for every user who sees your tweet, you get a new impression.

Which metric is the best impression or reach?

Both metrics are key to analyzing your work performance. The important thing is to know what your purpose is.

If you want quantity, impressions are a measure of what you should look for, as they will show you how many times users have viewed your post.

By looking at access metrics, you will reach a larger number of customers by increasing your brand image and awareness.

How to Get Real impressions?

Real impressions are related to the user’s ad ideas, be it a link, text, image, or video. In other words, this is the duration of the campaign in front of the users.

For example, when a person enters a web portal that appears in his search engine, he will not need to enter, he just sees them going down with the mouse, that is, he talks to the medium. Imagine them without talking.

Although the term is confusing to many people, it is often used in various social networks when it comes to online advertising, as it is closely linked.

For this reason, business people who market their products on social networks often use this tool, as it allows them to attract people’s interest on the web and move from that impression to intention.

In other words, we can explain the actual impression because of how often the Internet user sees a banner or advertisement on a web portal.

If a user enters a web portal, displays a banner and navigates, scrolls to the end returns to the starting point, and sees the ad again, the impression is doubled in the same record, which means you can create only one user. Multiple impressions if you view the banner multiple times.

Typically, these terms are known in reports of different results for an advertising campaign because they allow comparing impressions and their reach so that Internet users can see the frequency of impressions.

However, you should be clear that they do not have the same meaning as the form of payment for viewing the ad may be for impressions.

Who are the royal impressions for?

This ad serves to determine the number of times the user appears in front of their eyes, any type of content.

Whether through a search engine or an image in a post, this appearance is what is recorded as an impression, knowing that it will tell you what works in terms of traffic volume.

Then, it will become a meter that analyzes the performance of the web portal, plus, it will become a factor that contributes to the support of SEO.

To conclude, we can say that the importance of access to both social networks, Instagram Reach and Twitter Reach is based on the increase in the number of followers of an account. This will let you know if what you are doing is right.

In addition, it will not only provide you with data about the engagement of users who follow the account, but it will also indicate the number of followers that users have with your ad. Can reach

Therefore, real impressions measure a brand’s impact on social media. That’s why it’s so important to be clear about what impressions are and how you can monitor them.


If you run a campaign or action that you want to go viral, this tool will allow you to determine if the ad campaign you are running is successful. So, focus your efforts and resources on promoting this successful content and keep it in mind for future campaigns.

Similarly, you will be able to compare the results of this advertising campaign with others that you have performed and verify who did the best work.

Consider publishing content that allows you to reach that target audience in a simple, easy way and that certainly reaches your followers, increases the number of followers, active fans, engagement Increases, and seeks to reduce criticism and negative comments on the brand. social media.

This is achieved by timely answering the questions that users ask you on every social network in which you promote or market your brand.

Periodically monitor the social network and analyze each metric so that you can correct the mistakes and stay on the path to success.

We hope that this content has cleared up any doubts you may have about the actual impressions, take our advice and recommendations so that you can implement this tool and make the best use of it so that you The products become famous in the market and the company’s sales increase.


If you need more information about your networking strategy, we suggest you take a look at our Social Media Marketing Services

Who do you think to win the battle of Reach vs Impressions? Let us know in the comments below.

Popular Questions People Ask

Q: What does reach mean on Instagram

A: Reach is the number of unique visitors who saw your content whenever you post it. And Engagement is how many people Like, comment, share, or in short interact with your content when you post it. These both are different things.

Q: What does impressions mean?

A: Impression is how many times your content, post, or anything is displayed in front of the user screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s clicked or not. If you want your content to stand out you need to focus on your competitors. That’s the secret key to your success on social media.

By James Kandu

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