Today we will talk about how much Social Media Marketing Pricing is. And what the benefit of outsourcing the project to a social media marketing agency.

As everyone knows, almost 80% of the world’s population is on social media platforms; and it would not be wrong to say that at least one member of this population will have an account on social media platforms. And it is clear that people who are on social media means that they are interacting with other businesses like you or your business is not taking Social Media Marketing Service, so this is not your business loss?


Do You Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy To Make Your Business Successful?

If you use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Daily, then you will see Ads of Many companies. Such as E-Commerce stores, Local Shops, non Profit organizations, health care, Services stores, and many more.

This underscores the importance of social media marketing pricing and why business owners around the world invest in social media platforms. Because they know this is the most significant way to market their product Globally.

There Are Four Very Important Factors

In Social Media Management

Whenever we talk about social media management, every social media marketing agency must consider the four things that contribute to the branding of your business. Which gives people an idea of the products of your business.

Social Media Marketing Pricing Plans


  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 12 posts Monthly
  • 2 Gif posts
  • One Service Video
  • Monitor Pages


  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • 20 posts Monthly
  • 4 Gif posts
  • Two Service Video
  • Monitor Pages


  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. Pinterest Twitter
  • 25 posts Monthly
  • 6 Gif posts
  • Three Service Video
  • Monitor Pages

Each client Has Two Objectives Regarding Social Media Pricing Packages

Top social media platforms that convert your local shop into a brand

80% of people say they look to Facebook to search for products and services.
65% of people say that they like & follow the pages of brands.
In 2020 So far, Facebook ads have generated a revenue of $ 14.5 billion.
Facebook users daily want to watch videos from their mobiles from which they decide to buy these products or services.
70% of people say they use Twitter every day to learn something new.
25% of users report seeing ads regularly
The own website traffic has increased by 5% in recent times
2 Billions Of users daily see uploaded tweets from people around the world
85% of people say that LinkedIn leads are the most successful
90% of users say they have found the most significant customers from LinkedIn
60% of agencies generate countless daily leads from LinkedIn.
90% of marketers use LinkedIn to promote their content
70% of people say that using Pinterest on a daily basis has given them a lot of new ideas which has greatly benefited their business.
80% of people say their sales have increased significantly because of their pins
Sales of shopping stores have almost doubled due to Pinterest ads.
60% of Pinterest users say that shopping is their first priority when they see their PIN on Pinterest. Because it boosts their trust.
90% of people say that they go to their website and purchase their product or service after viewing the brand’s Instagram post.
60% say that they take an interest in the brand from their sponsored stories and regular stories. More than 100 million people daily view of Instagram services and shopping ads.

Agencies Social Media Management Pricing Plans

Now that you all know how social media marketing packages work and before you go to these platforms and start instant advertising, let’s talk about the social media marketing pricing packages of the agencies. Each agency’s social media pricing sheet is flexible and customizable according to the client. Because the requirements of each client and company are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the brands & products, services can range from as little as 500$ to as much as 5000$+ per month. Companies set offer these budgets to social media agencies based on their monthly revenue.

The minimum advertising cost ranges from 100$ to 10,000$+ for running ads. And that’s why companies hire agencies to get their payments invested on right & targeted ads. Social media advertising costs are also measured by other factors such as strategy, business products, how big the business is & etc.

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