Some Towns Offer the Best Summer Getaway Experience with Safe Air!

New York

Everyone waits for summers to flock to boardwalks and beaches. And the East Coasters usually have their eyes fixed on New Jersey, heaven for summer holidayers. Whether you want to stroll on the shore or get some sunshine, Jersey never disappoints. Cleanliness, beach amenities, and easy accessibility make this place more attractive. However, are these factors more than enough to spend your vacation here? Amid concerns over rising air pollution levels everywhere, one must decide their option based on that place’s AQI or air quality index. It should be prioritized if your immunity is low or you have kids and older adults in your holiday group.

AQI represents the status of cleanliness of the air, grading it on a scale of 0-50 and above. Places under 100 on the index can be a safe choice. You can refer to the summer vacation air quality index for a hint. At the same time, here are some top picks from New Jersey based on air quality.

Asbury Park Beach

With AQI 54, this beach location proves it is safe for everyone. Luckily, it is also one of the famous beaches in New Jersey. After a recent renovation, the park has become even more gorgeous with boardwalk, eateries, and fabulous stores. Kids can spend their time building sandcastles with white sand. Others can swim, go kayaking, or surfing. Some consider this a favorite swimming beach for its salubrious ocean winds. 

Long Beach Island

It scored 53 on the AQI measurement. Going to this part of the coastline means witnessing the charm of quaint towns sprawled along the 18 miles of sandy beaches. Clean air and slowed-down ambiance make it an ideal place for romantic couples. Others can spend time shopping, dining, and water sports. Fairs and festivals can be added attractions on the beach around such times. Adventure lovers can enjoy amusement rides and surfing.

Cape May Beach

AQI 49 shows the air around the beach is clean and safe to breathe. Among other coastal hamlets in Jersey, the Cape May city shores offer you the best beachfront experiences. It is also one of the first seaside towns in the US. You will pass by the charming Victorian homes and boutiques on the streets. Wineries, bird-watching, and historical tours are other opportunities you can exploit in this seaside town.

Wildwood Beach

You can find this beach in Cape May. With AQI 45, the free beach stands out for its thrilling adventure opportunities. The shoreline is five miles long. Set up your beach chairs and relax on the sandy shore. A promenade also hosts arcades, rides, and gift stores. You can get the full Jersey feel being here.

New Jersey has many beach towns with a good AQI range. Hence, planning a trip to them with your loved ones can be safe. When your lungs get fresh air, you feel happy and healthy. Your energy levels will also be high, allowing you to explore all the outdoor games. So, decide on an option and pack your bags! This American state is coveted for summer breaks.

By Ephatech

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