White Label Link Building 2023: How to Create Powerful Links?


Do you want to improve the SEO positioning of your website? Although some people say otherwise, a proper White Label Link Building strategy will help you improve your results.

In SEO strategy, we can categorize the factors that interfere with the page’s better positioning in search engines, technical and content, social media, and off-page.

We can categorize the factors that interfere with on-page search engine optimization in SEO strategy, technical and content, social media, and off-page. The latter refers to the various actions that SEO professionals take to position a website by generating links from other websites (backlinks). Perform We refer to link-building works.

In this way, you will improve the web’s authority and improve your SEO positioning. But not all links pointing to a website cost the same. It’s always better to get “3 Good” Links than “3000 Bad”. And how do we determine if a link is good or bad?

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Support to take into account the value of a link:

  1. Anchor text is the text that appears in the hyperlink. For example, in the “click here” phrase, if we put the link in “here,” the word would be anchor text. Ideally, the anchor text words in our links match the keywords we want to position. But it is important not always to create too many links using the same one. You have to find a balance. For example, to position this blog, the best thing to do is to get links to anchor text: “Link Building SEO Company,” “SEO San Diego Services,” or “Online SEO Agency.”
  2. Original web theme. If a link from a similarly themed website points to it, the link will be of this standard. Google interprets this naturally. If we want to take a position on a restaurant’s website, it would be better to get links on websites or blogs than on leisure and gastronomy, not on a blog.
  3. If it is “do follow” or “no follow.” By “Dofollow” link, we mean hyperlinks that point to search engines that they can follow by transferring their authority. It’s like a website “casting a vote” suggesting another. In contrast, the “no follow” link is one that does not transfer this “popularity.” Both will help our position. The idea is to have as many contacts as possible from one type to another. How to create a do-follow or no-follow link? Very easy. In the HTML code of the link, you have to add the tag rel = “do follow” or rel = “nofollow.”
  4. Geolocation If we want to position a page locally or nationally, most of the White Label Link Building must come from pages whose IPs are from the same geographic area.
  5. DA domain option. Previously, the reference was the status of the data page. This is now the domain authority. This data is a score that gives a page from 0 to 100 in numerical form based on different algorithms. This is a way to determine the quality and trust level of the domain. The pages you refer to will have a higher DA. Linking to a 56 DA site will carry more weight in our SEO positioning, which has 100 links to 16 DA pages. If you want to see what your page’s DA is, you can do it at moz

Guest Posting

Another strategy is to publish quality articles from other genuine and relevant blogs to the topic of these sites as guest writers or “guest bloggers.” And said the article includes a link to the site that interests us. Both sides should benefit from this exercise.

The blog retrieves standard content related to its theme from its firm that may be more or less relevant in its field, and whoever writes it inserts a link with the anchor text that they want. It is one of the most used ways of pillow link building to attract organic traffic to your website. You can either do it yourself or for a refined result, you can hire guest post service providers. It might take time but helps in increasing the authenticity of your website and business. Also, it keeps you from any google algorithm penalties, thus enhancing your online presence.

Great value content.

If you write relevant content with interest and your readers are interested, the links will slowly reach themselves. Other sites will review your blog, offer paragraphs, or maybe even list you as one of the most influential blogs in their field, for example, “10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs.” This technique is also known as link betting.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that other people’s friends are also on the Internet. You may find pages that have copied and pasted articles without even citing you. This is more common than we think. If so, please contact the author of the blog and kindly ask him to cite you.


Press Release.

Press releases are an essential means of creating quality links. Links must be included in the note sent to the media. The media can edit it and not add it, but they will publish it if it is an essential piece of information. In addition, these sites usually have a high DA.

Analyze your competition.

Find out which pages link to your main competitors with the SEO Summaries tool, and try to get links. It’s hard work, but you’ll see how it pays off in the long run.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is an article published on a blog or information portal aimed at promoting a company’s service or product, in return for which it offers financial or material rewards.

Such moves are beneficial as a link-building strategy, thus improving the SEO positioning of our website. If you want to know more, I invite you to read the article “Sponsored Posts: How Can They Help Us Make Money?”

Links Exchange.

Stopped practicing. “You link me to your site, and you link me.” These links were included in sections like “My Favorite Blog” or “Friend Pages” about the blog. They weigh less and less in SEO positioning. Currently, a link in a post works much better. This is either to put links to other pages or groups or add other colleagues’ blogs. But this is not a question of begging for unknown links. They will mostly tell us.

Social Profiles

Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube can be great allies in our link-building strategy. Although they will be hollow links, be sure to create social profiles on various social networks and include a link to your website.


Public Relations.

When we talk about public relations, we refer to holding events (presentations, bloggers’ meetings, workshops, conferences …) around our product/service or company, and digital media or bloggers in our field. I especially invite you to create content about it on your sites before and after the program and link to our website. These links will come from relevant websites and possibly a higher domain authority.

Media Mentions

If your company produces news events, different portals may echo them. Once the mention is known, contact the webmaster and suggest that they add a link to the company’s website. With kindness, you will get a high-quality link.

How will we not do link building?

Google doesn’t like us to be wrong. The custom known as a black hat does not like anything. And if he catches us, he will punish us. How? Sending our page unlimited and beyond your search engine. To avoid this, we should not create links in these ways:

Links to comments from other blogs.

Another way that many pseudo SEOs use is to create links by posting them on other sites as comments. They include an introductory text to hide the claims and justify the inclusion of their link.
Would you like to add another technique to build quality links? Your moment. Any suggestions would be welcomed! And if you choose to review this article on your blog, don’t forget to include a link from the source.


This does not mean that if we add our page to a local companies’ directory, they will penalize us, but it is essential to know that Google no longer values ​​links to these websites. Is.

Links were purchased by weight on link farms.

A few years ago, many companies advertised SEO “for only 50 euros a month”, guaranteeing first positions. What was involved? In creating links to third-country sites and websites created for him, topics had nothing to do with us. The more links pointing to a domain, the better its position. Regardless of their quality. Everything was going well until Google changed the algorithm; make no mistake. Good SEO positioning is not cheap. It requires a lot of training, dedication, and experience.

Link in footer

The links at the bottom of the page are hardly more relevant. Don’t mention hidden links or phrases. These texts or programmed links are invisible to the user (white text on a white background) but visible to Google Spider. Not to mention that!


I hope I have covered all white-label link-building natures with you. So don’t get trapped in cheap link-building services. Always remember 3 Good backlinks are far better than 3000 Bad links. If you want my team to do Monthly SEO of your website then get in touch with us. Let me know in the comments which link you believe is the most powerful when it comes to ranking.

By James Kandu

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