10 Features Every Dentist Website Need to Have

10 Features Every Dentist Website Need to Have

Anyone looking for a dentist these days no longer opens the yellow pages and leafs through the phone book, but starts their search on Google.

The search starts online, especially for special dental treatments or treatments for which the patient has to bear the costs themselves at Google.

A dentist website is therefore the first and most important basis for being perceived online as a dental practice. In this article you will find out what the perfect dentist website looks like that will help you continuously attract the patients you want.

At the end, we also tell you 10 important characteristics of the perfect Dentist website – but be sure to read the whole article to understand how a dentist website can improve your day-to-day practice.

Why does every dentist need a website?

In our article on the topic “What patients expect on the internet” we have already manifested to what extent the need for online information has changed.

  • 90 % get information online about health
  • 70% look for a doctor or dentist on the internet
  • 51% of all Internet traffic comes from Google instead of 3
By Ephatech

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