Top 13 Best Gaming Headset for Noisy Environment [Noise-Canceling]

Top 13 Best Gaming Headset for Noisy Environment [Noise-Canceling]

There is an endless selection of gaming headsets on the market. They come with a large selection of different functions, features, and designs. A function that is becoming more and more popular on the market is noise-canceling gaming headphones, or at the very least, gaming headsets that are good at reducing noise from the environment around you. Because of the demand for gaming headsets for noisy environments, manufacturers have listened and started offering a wide selection of noise-reducing gaming headsets.

What is noise canceling?

Noise canceling is a technology used in headphones to block out ambient noise. The external noise is strongly dampened by sound-insulating materials and also inside by the counter-noise, i.e. the noise in the headphones so that there is a strong noise reduction.

With noise canceling, a distinction is made between passive and active noise reduction.

What is the difference between passive and active noise canceling?

Passive noise canceling refers to non-electronic noise reduction through the shielding type of construction and materials, while active noise canceling refers to the electronic generation of an anti-tone, which is mathematically calculated and produces an inaudible anti-tone to the environment.

With active noise canceling, the headset uses a microphone to pick up the noises from the environment and uses internal software to determine which counter tones and sounds in the human ear counteract these noises as much as possible. By precisely determining the inverse frequencies, the active noise-canceling technology ensures that both tones cancel each other out and it is absolutely quiet for us.

The newly generated tones such as music or gaming sound can then be intensively perceived even at low volume.

The method of noise canceling is also called ANR, meaning “Active Noise Reduction” and ANC, meaning “Active Noise Cancellation”. This is about the counteraction of background noise (from outside) and useful noise (from inside) so that the interior environment appears quiet even when sounds are played quietly.

This sound is also called anti-noise and so external noise in your environment can be effectively hidden.

Due to the materials used, these gaming headphones are already significantly quieter thanks to passive noise canceling, but the active noise canceling effect is only triggered by the electronics.

When do you need noise-canceling gaming headsets?

Gaming headsets with noise-canceling functions have established themselves at e-sports events, tournaments, and trade fairs, as there is extreme external noise when the player wants to focus on their screen. Noise-canceling headphones are essential for maximum focus while gaming.

In addition to loud events, it can also be the case that there is some noise in your own household with your partner, family, and pets. You may also live in a noisy place or want to use the headphones in a LAN café or at work, for example.

If you are looking for the best gaming headsets/headphones for noisy environments, you have come to the right place. Below, we take a closer look at some of the best and most popular gaming headsets for noisy environments on the market. Further on, we’ll also go through some of the most important things to take into consideration when buying gaming headsets for noisy environments

Best gaming headset for noisy environment

JBL Quantum ONE Over-Ear

The JBL Quantum One over-ear is considered one of the best and most popular gaming headsets for noisy environments on the market. It has a really high-quality noise-canceling function which is suitable for noisy environments and maximum focus.

This over-ear headset completely eliminates the environment and has a rich and voluminous sound intensity.

The “JBL Quantum One” is perfect for a professional gaming setup and for gaming at a high level. It is also perfect for sound-intensive or sensitive games such as Counter-Strike and other games where it is important to be able to identify the steps of an enemy.

These headphones come with  QuantumSphere 360 technology with an integrated head-tracking sensor as well as high-quality leather ear pads with memory foam for optimal comfort.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset, PS4 and PS5

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset is considered one of the best wireless gaming headsets with noise-canceling functions. This headset is not only popular with PC gamers, but also with console gamers on the Playstation and Xbox.

It comes with built-in noise-canceling technology and spatial surround sound make this headset an excellent choice with excellent value for money.

  • Wireless Connection – A wireless mini-USB transmitter provides reliable audio.
  • Glasses Friendly – Turtle Beach’s exclusive, patented ProSpecs comfort design makes it extremely comfortable – even for those wearing glasses
  • Superhuman Hearing – Makes it possible to hear enemies sneaking up on you
  • The 3D Audio Advantage: Unleash the power of 3D audio and deliver accurate and high-quality sound

Sony WH-XB900N

These headphones do not have a microphone and are only limited to listening to music and watching movies – or gaming when you don’t need to speak to your gaming partner. But whether or not you need a microphone is a matter of preference.

The headphones do however specialize in maximum sound quality for full audio enjoyment.

  • Extra bass for rich, powerful sound
  • Digital noise cancellation at the touch of a button
  • Quick Attention Mode: Perceive the surroundings at lightning speed
  • Optimizable sound settings with the Sony Headphones Connect app, Google Assistant, and more
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life

Jabra Evolve 40 MS Stereo Headset

The Jabra Evolve 40 MS Stereo headset offers passive noise cancellation for more concentration: loud voices and noises are effectively dampened. This also allows you to work optimally, regardless of the environment.

Increase your productivity: The red busy light activates automatically when you are on a call. They can also be switched on manually.

The headset is optimized for Microsoft, is stylish, and also offers maximum wearing comfort thanks to the soft leatherette ear pads and adjustable bracket

Simple call management: The remote control integrated into the cable allows you to make or mute calls – you can also connect to your end device via the 3.5 mm jack.

Jabra Evolve2 65

These noise-isolating headphones are suitable for many different purposes, including gaming. They are designed to help your concentration by blocking out the background noise around you and ensuring a quiet working atmosphere.

Long battery life and improved busy light: Long battery life of up to 37 hours minimizes interruptions, while the integrated red LED lights up when you’re on a call

Precise sound quality everywhere: 3 microphones, an improved digital chipset, and a swiveling microphone arm offer you the best possible call quality. All in all, this is a stylish and sleek headset with effective noise-cancelation.

SteelSeries Arctis 7+

SteelSeries is a popular brand for gaming headsets so naturally, these ones do not disappoint.

  • With the new USB-C dongle for a 2.4 GHz low-latency connection, the connection with all platforms can be quickly and easily switched between systems at any time (USB-A adapter included).
  • The battery life of 30 hours allows endless gaming sessions
  • Extended support for the latest USB-C charging standard
  • Immerse yourself in 360-degree surround audio and give yourself a distinct in-game advantage with virtual 7.1 surround sound (PC) and Tempest 3D audio (PS5) and more.
  • The Discord-certified ClearCast microphone is considered the top mic on the entire gaming scene: it’s bi-directional, retractable, delivers studio-quality vocal clarity, and effectively blocks out background noise

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose is one of the most popular headphones on the market. As such, you can expect a really high-quality pair of headphones. Whilst they are not specifically made for gaming and do not come with a classic gaming microphone, they really shine in terms of noise reduction and sound quality.

This headset has powerful noise-canceling with 11 levels of active noise reduction. It allows you to enjoy your music, podcasts, videos, and calls without distractions.

Impressive top sound: Natural and clear with powerful, deep bass. These wireless headphones feature vibrant, balanced sound at any volume.

Unsurpassed voice pickup: A revolutionary microphone system ensures your voice sounds crystal clear when you’re on the phone, even in noisy or windy environments.

Everything at a glance and hands-free: Thanks to easy access to voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant for music, directions, weather reports, and more as well as intuitive controls on the earcups, you can stay connected without having to pick up your smartphone.

High-quality design and maximum wearing comfort: Thanks to the lightweight stainless steel headband and angled ear cups for an ideal fit, these Bluetooth headphones ensure maximum wearing comfort for hours.

Sony INZONE H9 Noise Cancelling Wireless Gaming Headset

The INZONE H9 gaming headset is Sony’s top-of-the-line gaming headset. As is to be expected from Sony, the workmanship is very high-quality and modern. At the same time, the headset appears unobtrusive and simple. The wearing comfort is very good, thanks to the over-ear design, the ears are completely enclosed. The ear cushions are slightly thinner than comparable products, but are still soft and not uncomfortable even when worn for a long time. The headset weighs 330 grams.

In terms of additional accessories, they are kept at a minimum. There is neither a storage option nor a charging station.

A USB-C charging cable is included, but no charging adapter. It is positive that Sony has accommodated many setting options on the earphones. Both the volume control, very convenient with a rotary control, and the ANC button are located there. ANC stands for Active Noise Cancellation, which we’ll talk about later. A USB adapter for the 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection is also included in the box. The adapter is the size of a normal USB memory stick.

The 360° Spatial Sound for Gaming technology features a newly developed virtualizer that converts 2-channel stereo audio signals into 7.1-channel surround sound. This precise sound reproduction increases your spatial awareness and allows you to hear your opponent’s movements clearly before they can even see you. This wireless headset even optimizes spatial audio for your ear shape for truly personalized gameplay.

The wide, plush headband on these gaming headphones distributes weight evenly across your head for an extra comfortable fit. The soft leatherette ear cushions are shaped to minimize pressure on the ears for stability and provide excellent soundproofing.

The same Dual Noise Sensor technology powering our industry-leading Sony 1000X series noise-canceling headphones delivers invincible gaming. Ambient sound mode is also available when you’re waiting for an important call or there’s a knock on the door!

The flexible flip-up microphone with a mute function is shaped to be brought closer to your mouth and is bi-directional, so your voice can be heard loud and clear even in the most hectic moments! These headphones with a microphone are also Discord-certified.

With a 2.4GHz wireless connection via the included USB transceiver, a low-delay algorithm reduces the latency between the game’s sound source and the sound output of this wireless gaming headset, allowing you to react quickly.

You can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to make phone calls while gaming, enjoy up to 32 hours of battery life, fast charging, an improved PlayStation experience if you want to use the INZONE H9 as a PS5 headset, customizable settings via the INZONE Hub PC software and much more.

HyperX Cloud Alpha wireless gaming headset with up to 300

When a manufacturer offers a wireless gaming headset and claims it has a battery life of up to 300 hours, we become suspicious. This is what happened with the HyperX Cloud Alpha wireless gaming headset. To our surprise, the device only weighs 350 grams.

With such a long battery life, we would have expected heavier headphones. As our test showed, the battery actually lasts a long time. Charging the powerful battery takes around 5 hours.

HyperX has software called NGENUITY for all its hardware products such as gaming mice or gaming headsets. So if you own several HyperX products, you don’t have to install a special program for each one. For the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset there are additional settings in this software, such as an equalizer and more.

It’s just a pity that HyperX failed to install a Bluetooth interface in addition to the 2.4 gigahertz wireless technology in the Cloud Alpha wireless gaming headset. Otherwise, the long battery life would have been more rewarding. We could have connected to our smartphone via Bluetooth to benefit from the battery life on the go.

The scope of delivery includes a USB dongle, which can be plugged into a free USB port on the computer. A separate driver installation was not necessary for us, our test computer with Windows 10 recognized the dongle without any problems. We were then able to configure the gaming headset as the source of audio signals and the microphone as the audio input.

Logitech G533 Gaming-Headset

The Logitech G533 gaming headset is a wireless and circumaural headset with 7.1 surround sound. According to the manufacturer, surround sound can only be achieved when connected to a PC. The device offers lossless sound transmission within a radius of 15 meters and has a maximum battery life of 15 hours.

The gaming headset features a 4mm active noise-canceling microphone on a foldable stand, easy-to-access volume controls, and a mute button. The mesh ear pads should be breathable and easy to remove for cleaning.

The Logitech G533 gaming headset is equipped with 40mm diameter Pro-G drivers. They are said to produce deep bass and clear highs thanks to a hybrid mesh construction that reduces distortion.

The gaming headset comes with a wireless USB adapter, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. The headphones work in a frequency range of 100 to 20,000 Hertz and, according to the manufacturer, are compatible with the operating systems Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and macOS X 10.11 or higher. Logitech gives a 2-year guarantee on all hardware parts.

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro gaming headset is a high-end device with characteristics and features to match. The 50-millimeter drivers are equipped with titanium-coated membranes, which according to the manufacturer should ensure even more clarity in the sound. The driver is divided into three parts for individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows, which should lead to a brilliant, clear sound. Razer guarantees full highs and rich bass with this gaming headset.

While many manufacturers swear by Bluetooth for wireless headsets, Razer relies on wireless technology for the Blackshark V2 Pro gaming headset. The 2.4 gigahertz connection ensures lossless sound that always stays in sync with the game. Due to the high transmission speed and extremely low latency, the player does not miss a single detail.

The 9.9-millimeter cardioid microphone suppresses background noise from behind and the sides. It can thus isolate speech even better and reproduce the voice authentically. The included Razer Synapse software offers additional setting options. The noise cancellation of the headphones themselves is passive. With the closed ear cups, Razer achieves the effect that disturbing noises cannot even reach the gamer’s ear. The technical data and the connection options are in the instructions linked here.

What is latency? Latency plays a crucial role, especially with wireless audio devices such as headphones or headsets. This means the delay is caused by a wireless connection. If the latency is particularly high, the connection is out of sync. For example, it happens that the player sees an explosion in the game but only hears it a few milliseconds later. The reaction time of the player is thus severely impaired.

The particularly soft padding of the headphones ensures that there is as little skin contact as possible thanks to the breathable fabric. The heat cannot accumulate and the player sweats less. So that the headset presses less on the head, the foam is heavily compressed under the artificial leather.


  • Wireless thanks to radio technology
  • Less skin contact, less perspiration
  • Lots of setting options thanks to the software


  • Cannot connect via Bluetooth

Klim Mantis k51

The Klim Mantis k51 gaming headset is a wired over-ear model that the manufacturer claims is suitable for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music. It has an integrated microphone with active noise cancellation.

The gaming headset is compatible with the PlayStation 4, but due to software limitations, the built-in 7.1 surround sound and volume control on the headset will not be available for the PlayStation. The model is not compatible with the Xbox One.

According to the manufacturer, the mentioned surround sound provides a unique gaming experience, especially with so-called shooter games.

According to the manufacturer, the Klim Mantis k51 gaming headset was designed to be comfortable for long periods of use, regardless of head shape. Among other things, a padded and flexible headband that does not heat up should ensure this.

The manufacturer grants a 2-year guarantee on all electronic components. The gaming headset has a USB socket for the integrated LEDs that produce a red backlight. It’s an open-back headset, but without built-in vibration. A 3.5 mm audio cable with a length of 3 meters is included in the scope of delivery. According to the manufacturer, the microphone is rigid and rotatable.

What is an open construction? An over-ear headset with an open design is characterized by the fact that the ear is not completely shielded. The headphones only lie on the outside of the auricle or are put on loosely. Ambient noise is passed on to the ear as if the wearer did not have headphones on their ears. The guide provides more information about headphones and their different types after the product comparison.


  • surround sound
  • Illuminated
  • 3-meter cable


  • Rigid microphone
  • Rigid headband
  • Not compatible with the Xbox One

Logitech G635

The Logitech G635 gaming headset is a wired over-ear model that is also available as a wireless version if desired. It delivers Dolby 7.1 surround sound thanks to built-in Pro-G speakers and, according to the manufacturer, offers cross-platform compatibility with game consoles, computers, and mobile devices.

The model operates in a frequency range between 20 and 20,000 Hertz and has an integrated boom microphone with active noise reduction. A suitable cable, a second microphone on the cable, and the manual linked here are included in the scope of delivery.

Special feature RGB lighting: According to the manufacturer, the Logitech G635 gaming headset provides individually adjustable RGB lighting with up to 16.8 million colors. The headphones have two customizable lighting zones: the light strips and the logos.
The LEDs can be adjusted using the G-keys.

An LED indicator on the boom shows whether the microphone is muted or active. The mesh material of the ear pads and headband is said to be soft and breathable. If desired, the audio settings can be individually adjusted and personal sound profiles can be created. The headphones have an impedance of 39 ohms and a sensitivity of 93 decibels.

What is RGB lighting? An RGB light source uses three light-emitting diodes in the colors red, green, and blue and mixes them in different intensities to produce different-colored light. RGB is the abbreviation for red, green, and blue – the three base colors or primary colors of the additive color system. The guide explains further purchase criteria and functions of a gaming headset after the product descriptions.


  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Functional RGB lighting
  • Individual sound profiles


  • No disadvantages recognizable

Best gaming headset for noisy environment – buyer’s guide

A noise-canceling headset isolates you perfectly from ambient noise and ultimately improves your experience. Especially if you are sitting in a noisy environment. In this case, noise-reducing headphones can be extremely valuable. Gaming headsets for noisy environments are suitable in many different situations. They can dramatically help improve your gaming experience and make you hear the sound more clearly.

Here are the most important things you should know and consider when buying gaming headsets for noisy environments.

The demand for noise-canceling technology in headsets and headphones continues to grow as our environment is perceived to be getting louder. It doesn’t matter whether we’re doing sports, on the train, or at work, undisturbed and quiet listening to music, podcasts, or phone calls is becoming increasingly important.

For gaming without ambient noise

When playing games on the PC or console, you want to be able to focus as much as possible. The game sound is now an important element in many games in order to be able to play the game well and if you miss something, it can literally be “deadly” in the game.

If you live with noisy people

People who live in a flat-sharing community or in a large family know the volume level in everyday life. With noise-canceling headsets, you can easily eliminate this noise.

To listen to music outside and on the train/bus

The noise canceling function is also a real lifesaver in everyday life when you are on the move, as you can enjoy the silence and your own music, even though you are in a noisy city in the middle of traffic.

To focus

No matter where you are, noise-canceling headphones can help you focus more while gaming or working. Personally, I just want to focus on one thing at a time in order to do it the best I can, and noise canceling is a powerful tool for that.

For work

When working in the office, I find noise-canceling headsets almost the most important thing, because you want to concentrate on your work, but someone is always talking. An absolute must for me at work!

Who Needs a Noise-Canceling Headset?

The decisive advantage is therefore obvious. The better the noise-canceling headset works, the less the environment can distract you. You usually have to spend significantly more on this technology. (especially with active noise canceling!)

However, the purchase is worthwhile in certain cases.

As a gamer, you enjoy immersing yourself in the game. Your environment is therefore darkened so that there is no distraction.

The right noise-canceling headset protects you from ringing phones, the neighbor’s vacuum cleaner, and speeding cars in front of your house. Thus you merge perfectly with the virtual reality that unfolds in front of you.

If you want to buy a noise-canceling headset, pay attention to the following points:

1. Passive or active noise canceling

In practice, you will get the best results with active noise canceling. Simply because the integrated software controls everything automatically. Microphones record your surroundings and counteract accordingly. But then you also spend more money. Which can sometimes be too much of a good thing.

Therefore, determine your noise canceling needs. In many cases passive suppression is sufficient. Please be careful so that you do not confuse “noise reduction” with “noise canceling”. You don’t necessarily need noise-canceling headphones, but it is important to know the difference so you can make a decision. If you don’t normally play in noisy environments, then noise reduction may be sufficient. On the other hand, if it is very noisy in the environments that you are playing, then noise canceling may be the function you need for the ultimate gaming experience.

2. Noise-canceling adjustable

On or Off – In almost all cases there are only these two options. Occasionally, however, you will also come across noise-canceling headphones that can be regulated. Either manually on the headset or via an app on the smartphone. The different levels make them flexible. For example, you should not isolate yourself completely from traffic. On the other hand, in the often very loud subway or near a construction site.

3. Sound quality

When it comes to sound, you can expect a little more. High-quality noise-canceling headphones usually do not save on this. Maybe you can test such headsets in advance in an electronics store. Otherwise, existing reviews on the Internet will help you further. Sound depth, sound quality, and bass simply have to be consistent.

4. Over-Ear, On-Ear, or In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones?

Most noise-canceling headphones come in over-ear and on-ear versions. This allows the best results to be achieved. In-ear headphones are difficult to implement due to their small design.

An additional body is often attached to the cable in order to record and compensate for the environment. However, this contradicts the lightweight and compact dimensions of in-ear headphones.

So you will almost always prefer noise-canceling headphones as over-ear or in-ear.

5. Wired or Bluetooth transmission

Not an easy decision, is it? Many music lovers and gamers argue that the best sound is only available via a cable connection. However, Bluetooth grants you more freedom of movement. This is particularly important in sports. Here again, the sound will not be that important to you.

So it depends on your preferred use. When you are on-the-go, we recommend Bluetooth headphones with noise canceling. If you want to use the headset mainly at home or at work, the cable connection would be preferable. Also because you don’t always have to think about charging the battery.

6. Comfort & weight

Good padding is not everything. You simply have to feel good even when you use it for a long time. Your individual head shape and the tension of the bracket play two important roles. Even when playing games or going for walks for hours, the headphones must not pinch.

The weight is just one aspect. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the perfect rule of thumb for this. You just have to try it. Can you try noise-canceling headsets at your local electronics store? Then we advise you to do so. Otherwise, please make use of your right of exchange. As soon as the noise-canceling headset has arrived, you should test it intensively.

Move around with it, watch a series marathon, etc. If you feel comfortable with it, keep the headset. Otherwise, it will be sent in again and a different one will be tried.

Considerations When Choosing a Gaming Headset

When choosing a gaming headset, there are several important considerations that can help you make the best decision for your individual needs.


The first consideration is budget. High-end noise-canceling gaming headsets can be expensive, but they often come with a variety of features and high-quality sound. If you have a smaller budget, there are still great options available, but you may have to compromise on some of the advanced features.

Personal preferences

Another important consideration is your personal preferences. Some gamers prefer an over-ear headset that covers their entire ear, while others prefer an on-ear headset that sits on top of their ear. Some gamers prefer a wired connection, while others prefer a wireless connection. It’s important to choose a headset that meets your personal preferences for comfort and functionality.

Purpose of use

Another consideration is the purpose of use. If you play mostly single-player games, you may not need a headset with advanced noise-canceling technology. However, if you play multiplayer games, a good noise-canceling headset can greatly improve your gaming experience.

Type of noise-canceling technology: It’s also important to consider the type of noise-canceling technology used by the headset. There are two main types of noise-canceling technology: active noise-canceling (ANC) and passive noise-canceling. ANC uses electronic sound processing to cancel out noise, while passive noise-canceling relies on physical design features, such as sound-absorbing material, to block noise.

Additional features

Finally, it’s important to consider any additional features offered by the headset, such as LED lighting, built-in audio controls, and built-in microphones. These features can add to the overall gaming experience and make it easier to control the sound.

Overall, choosing a gaming headset for a noisy environment involves balancing your budget and personal preferences with the necessary features for a good gaming experience.

Our conclusion on noise-canceling gaming headphones

Noise-canceling technology is definitely a testament to modern progress. Whether passive or active, the suppression of external noise is very useful in many cases. Whether during sports, at work, or on public transport, noise canceling makes everyday life more pleasant. Instead of annoying noise, we enjoy our music.

We would like to give you a comprehensive overview with this information. Because noise-canceling headsets are anything but cheap. At least not if you have certain requirements in terms of sound and wearing comfort.

Of course, there are cheaper headphones with noise canceling, but are they worth it? The only way to find out is by reading the reviews. We also advise you to try out two or three models yourself in a specialist shop or mail order. This is the only way to convince yourself of the qualitative differences.

By Ephatech

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