Facebook Ad Account Disabled – Instant Recovery & Guide

Facebook Ad Account Disabled

Has your Facebook Ad account been disabled? Whether a company is running its own ad or an individual is running its own ad, thousands of Facebook Ad accounts are being suspended every day. And the biggest reason for this is the absence of Facebook Staff/employees at work, or automated algorithms.

At some point, this must have happened to every Advertiser. For those who are planning to do advertising on Facebook, solving this problem is very important.

And the saddest thing is when you are following all the policies and guidelines, and your Ad account is still suspended. Why does Facebook suspend your account? How do you recover your Facebook Ad account? How to avoid it in the future? You will find all these guidelines in this article.

Facebook is built entirely on AI (artificial intelligence) and learning algorithms. It can sometimes happen that these algorithms do not know their way around and do inexplicable things. The result can then be a deactivated advertising account. If that’s the reason, it usually doesn’t take long before the account is open again and can continue to be used.

In the second case, it’s a bit more complicated. The process of rejecting ads and deactivating the ad account is extremely strict! Many advertisers want to know what to do if their Facebook ad account has been deactivated. The information you get is mostly very sparse and meaningless, which is probably the most frustrating part for anyone who advertises on Facebook.

Regardless of ad account size, Facebook is way too strict and often hasty when it comes to rejecting ads and accounts that don’t break any of the rules.

The following steps should help you get back to your advertising account as quickly as possible!

IMPORTANT: The steps I outline here will usually work if you have not knowingly violated, any Facebook Ads Policies. If your ad account has already been disabled multiple times for violations, your ad account may be banned forever!

Why can’t you access your Disabled Facebook ad account?

There are two reasons why the Facebook ads manager gets suspended.

  • The first is that your own Facebook ID is blocked.
  • Secondly, due to some policy violation, the account has been flagged.

How do I prevent my Ad Account from being disabled?

In this section. We will look at how to take care of your ad account and why it is disabled.

Know and respect advertising rules

Facebook usually disables advertising accounts because they violate the platform’s advertising policies. Make sure your creations and texts respect these rules or you’ll risk your account.

Avoid being rejected by ads

Before starting Facebook / Instagram ads, they go through a review process to verify that the ad complies with the policies. If your ad is repeatedly rejected, your entire account will be reviewed and they may decide to disable it.

To find out which ads were rejected and why go to the Account Quality Center.

Some of the policies that are often violated are:

  • Absence functionality: Do not include functionality that is not present in advertising images, such as play buttons, arrow keys, network icons (such as share, seam icon, etc.), notification alerts, or checkboxes.
  • Unacceptable Business Conduct: Advertising should not promote products, services, schemes, or offers through fraud and deceptive methods, including advertisements that are intended for scammers or to steal personal information.
  • Trademark Assets: Do not include logos or trademark names without respecting their rules. I’ve seen a lot happen with brands that sell counterfeit or imported products (like makeup, cell phones, or shoes). Try not to include the brand name in your texts, and if you are going to use it, cover some part of the logo in the graphic. The same goes for Facebook’s commercial assets (logos and Facebook names, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.).

Clear Landing Pages

The destination link should include ad-related content. in short, you have to provide what is being advertised. Make sure the page is loaded correctly, and avoid adding misleading text and malicious ads.

Check your Billing Amount

Another reason to deactivate your advertising account is due to a malfunction in the loan or payment method. Go to your billing section and check for errors. If your card doesn’t work, call your bank and contact Facebook Support.


How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Ad Account

The first thing you should do is pretty obvious! You should request a review. If you go into your Facebook ads account and it’s disabled, you’ll see a notification that your ads account has been disabled for policy violations.

That’s pretty much all Facebook has to say about it. You will not receive any further information as to why and why your account was blocked. This is frustrating and unhelpful!

Step 1. Request a review

A link to request a review should appear in the notification from Facebook that your ad account has been deactivated. You should definitely do that. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

If Facebook has provided a specific reason or policy violation, it’s best to explain why you think you haven’t violated that rule. For example, if Facebook didn’t provide more details, you could say, “I’m not aware of any policies that I’ve broken.”

You can then explain to Facebook that you haven’t broken any rules, explain why you did what ads, and ask them to reactivate the account.

It’s also likely that your Facebook ad account will be restored if it’s clear that you made a minor mistake and your ad account was deactivated only once before.

After requesting a review, you should contact Facebook Business Support.

  • If you believe your account has been accidentally deactivated, you can appeal this form or request a review of this form. You can also check the Facebook Helpbox if they have left a message that you can reply to.
  • Your account has become inactive due to debt, go to your Billing-Payment Settings section, and click “Payment”. If the payment has not been properly received, change the payment method, and confirm the transaction by calling your bank or contacting Facebook support.
  • If you are still unable to retrieve your account after following these instructions, talk to Facebook Live Chat.

Remember that if your account was deactivated due to policy violations or non-compliance with the Facebook process, the internal team will decide whether to reactivate it or not. Therefore, it is possible that you will not be allowed to start using it again. If the Facebook team tells you that their decision is final and does not back down:

  • Unlink Instagram Account to Facebook Fan Page (from Trade Manager App and Facebook business manager settings)
  • Create a new fan page on a different personal Facebook.
  • Connect Instagram to the new fan page (from the fan page – settings – Instagram).
  • Reconfigure all commercial managers (Hint: do not connect to the same payment method that was in your inactive account)

This way you will now be able to advertise from your Instagram account, not with the current fan page.

What to do if your Facebook ad is rejected?

In case your Facebook ad is rejected, you have two options:

  • Review and edit your ad. Find out what could be the reason for your rejection. Facebook may have sent you an email explaining why they didn’t do it. Save the changes, and submit them for review.
  • Request a review If you cannot find a reason why your ad has been rejected or you believe that you have complied with all the rules, you can ask them to explain the reasons or revise it. You can also send an email with your issue through the support channel.

Learn Facebook Advertising Policies Before Your Facebook Ad Account gets Disabled

Once you’ve created your website and your Facebook assets, you can start advertising.

Our ads: images, videos, and text, also have to meet certain standards.

Before you start advertising on Facebook, you should always read the policies.

There are policies that tell us what we can and cannot promote on Facebook. And there are other policies that tell us how we can promote and what can be promoted.

For example, through Facebook, you can promote digital marketing courses. But you can’t say that with this course you will earn 100,000 in 2 days.

Facebook deletes anything that smells like a scam.

What else can we not promote on Facebook?

This is content that you should not post on Facebook under any circumstances. Otherwise, your Facebook Ad Account may be Disabled. If you plan to promote one of the following, it’s best to try something else.

  • Content that violates community norms: violence, criminal activity, suicide, nudity, sexual exploitation, harassment, hate speech, misrepresentation of identity.
  • Illegal products or services.
  • Discrimination
  • Products or services are prohibited. Tobacco, drugs, prescription drugs, weapons, adult content.
  • Content that violates other people’s rights. Copyright, trademark, etc.
  • Sensational, misleading, inaccurate, or controversial content.
  • Health ads with miraculous results.
  • The landing pages are not working.
  • Short-term loan announcements.
  • Multi-level marketing and other businesses that promise minimal investment.
  • Auction announcements.

There are also categories that Facebook does not allow to be advertised on its platform or that existing rules and regulations at the state and sector level must be followed to avoid getting Facebook Ad Account Disabled.

For example, it does not allow the promotion of sexually charged dating sites, and in some countries. Such as Afghanistan or Egypt, it is not allowed to advertise alcohol, but in other countries, it is possible as long as Follow the rules and that’s it.

How should we promote what can be developed?

  • Negative and unpleasant images, stock photos, or more red images (red is used to attract attention)
  • Bad language, grammar, and punctuation are not correct.
  • Exaggerated and concrete promises. For example, Learn how to generate € 10,000 in 1 month;
  • Avoid negative messages. For example: “You feel like you need to lose weight.”
  • Maintain a 1:10 ad ratio.
  • Advertising should not contain material that exploits crises or controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.
  • Ads should not include “before and after” images or images that contain unexpected or unreasonable results.
  • When a user clicks on an ad, the ad should not include sound or flash animations. That runs automatically without human interaction or an increase in size on Facebook.

How to use Chat to unblock Disabled Facebook Ad Account

When using this option to retrieve a Facebook account, it is suggested that you have the following information:

  • Your Ad Account ID.
  • The ad is being rejected.
  • Case number (obtained in the same chat with the agent, this is a record of your conversation with the Facebook agent who will attend to you).

With the above, we explain how this method works in a few simple steps:

  1. We are looking for Facebook Business Chat. You can do this by clicking here.
  2. Find the ‘First Steps’ option and click on it.
  3. Select the ‘Chat with Representative’ option.

From then on, you should mention the issue you have with the agent. If there is a problem with the policy, the agent will explain it to you in detail. In the event that there is no obvious problem, the agent will request a manual review through the platform.

In any case, cooperating in resolving any issue and being aware of all the data and information provided by the agent himself and Facebook will give you a better chance of retrieving your Disabled Fb Ad account.

Frequently asked questions

How do I fix a disabled Facebook ad account?

There are many ways, But the most recommended is you can go to the Facebook business manager and chat with Facebook support to reinstate your Mistakenly disabled Ad account.

Why is the ad account disabled?

It is because you are promoting products that violate Facebook Policy, or you have a pending amount that you didn’t pay.

Facebook Ad Account Banned: Ban Reasons

There are a variety of reasons that can account for the ban.

Of course, the most important are the advertising guidelines:

1. The Advertising Policies

Yes, you probably don’t like reading regulations and guidelines too much. In this case, however, Facebook has the upper hand.

Before you even place an ad, you should read Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

It’s best to also look at the community standards.

2. Pay attention to the subject areas

On Facebook, there are subject areas that are very often blocked in advertisements.

This includes:

  • network
  • cryptocurrencies
  • Political topics

3. Have a good UX

Facebook wants its users to experience added value on the pages they come to via Facebook.

With FB – Ads there is often a problem:

For example, if you collect leads with a short opt-in page, many people will usually leave the page again.

This would mean a bad user experience [= UX] and your ad or advertising account could be banned.

However, if you set the targeting and the opt-in page excellently, you can also achieve opt-in quotas of at least 30% to 50% as a professional.

However, only extremely good marketers achieve the latter quota.


The better users like your landing page, the better you are on Facebook.

The measuring factor you use to judge this depends on your target for the ad.

4. Don’t use before/after pictures

Advertisements that show the effects of a product on a person in the form of before/after images are no longer tolerated.

In the area of ​​weight loss, for example, users could think that a certain body weight is desirable, although you yourself accept it.

Facebook punishes such comparisons.

5. Never scale ads too fast

As soon as an ad is finally performing well and you can estimate the numbers, you naturally want to increase the budget immediately.

But beware:

If a two-day-old account suddenly uses several hundred dollars a day, then from Facebook’s point of view it can seem implausible.

Make sure that you first “warm up” a new advertising account and only gradually increase the budget after two to four weeks.

6. Respect privacy

Facebook also stipulates that advertisers must observe data protection rules. Of course, this includes never using other people’s content and media in your own ad.

This is an obvious exclusion criterion.

The following error also often happens:

Suppose you create an opt-in page, through which the leads have to be entered directly into your email CRM.

It may then be that this option can only be carried out via so-called GET parameters.

The mail program reads the lead data using parameters from the opt-in field.

This data is then imported into the mailing list with a redirect.

You should make sure that the data is encrypted during the redirect and cannot be read by potential hackers.

Facebook also recognizes this and then punishes you.

Why was your Facebook Ads account disabled?

If your account has been suspended, then it is important to find out why your account has been disabled. Measures to reactivate the account can already be derived from the reasons why the account is blocked.

1. You have violated Facebook’s advertising policies

Facebook’s advertising guidelines are designed to ensure a safe, tolerant, and legally compliant environment for all users. If your ads don’t follow the guidelines, they’ll be disapproved and may result in your ad account being suspended.

As a rule, the account will not be blocked for the first violation. If the violations accumulate or if there is an extreme violation, your account will be blocked sooner or later. You can find a link to the advertising guidelines here.

2. Your Facebook account has been hacked

According to Facebook, suspicious activity is quickly detected when accounts are hacked. Either due to the hacking or due to unusual activities, the account ends up being blocked.

It can definitely be advantageous if Facebook blocks your account: it is a protective mechanism so that the hackers cannot damage your account further. In addition, your company is protected from possible image damage, e.g. through provocative postings by hackers.

How to avoid deactivating your Facebook account?

As already mentioned, solutions can also be derived from the reasons for deactivation. The same applies to prevention. If you observe the following points, the risk of Facebook blocking your advertising account decreases.

Follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Facebook’s advertising guidelines are the be-all and end-all. So pay special attention to this when creating your advertisements. As a rule, small violations are easy to fix, but serious violations will result in the account being blocked.

Facebook’s Ad Policy is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. Review the policy regularly to ensure that your ads comply with the latest guidelines.

Avoid non-payment

Make sure that you always have valid credit cards on file to avoid a payment default.

It has proven to be best practice to store two payment methods. If there is a default on one card, the other will be used as a substitute. Finally, you should regularly check your payment methods to ensure they are correct.

Regularly monitor your payment information to ensure that it’s up-to-date and that there are no payment issues. Resolve any payment issues promptly to avoid having your account disabled for non-payment.

Ensure Accurate and Up-to-date Business Information

Make sure that the information you provide about your business is accurate and up-to-date. This includes your business name, address, phone number, and website.

Avoid Prohibited Content and Activities

Be sure to avoid using prohibited content and activities in your ads. This includes misleading or false information, adult content, hate speech, and promoting illegal or harmful products or services.

Best practice tips for Facebook ads

Create two admins

Create different admins. These should be natural persons, not fake profiles. Creating two administrators is useful as soon as one of the two admins is absent for various reasons: the other can then step in.

Verify Domain/Company

You should have your company verified. As a rule, this already supports the unlocking of blocked Facebook advertising accounts. There are different ways of verifying your company. Facebook or Meta offers detailed explanations in the help area.

Identify multiple advertising accounts

Multiple advertising accounts can be specified in the company settings. If you have only specified one and it is blocked, you will no longer have access to it and you will not be able to add any further advertising accounts. If you have multiple ad accounts for your business, you’ll always have a backup in case an ad account is suspended.

By James Kandu

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