How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently [Complete Guide]

This guide will be very useful if you want to learn How to Delete a Reddit Account permanently as we are going to explain the process of deleting the account in Windows, Mac, and Linux. We will also tell you how we should do it if you want to do all this from your mobile device, whether it is iOS or Android.

How to delete a Reddit account from the web on Windows, Mac & Linux.

Regardless of the operating system you’re using, we’re going to have to go to a social network website and log in with the account we want to permanently delete. Once we are logged in, we have to click on our avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. A new menu appears and we have to select “User Configuration”.

On this new page, we’re going to scroll down and click on “Inactive Account” which is in red. So it’s easy to find.

Next, we need to re-enter the login information, for security reasons. Another thing we need to do is mark the option just below the password that says “Understand that deactivated accounts are not recovered.” Once everything is done, we are going to click “Disable”.

A warning will appear asking us to confirm the action by clicking the “Disable” button. The account will now be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved in any way.

Permanently delete Reddit account from mobile devices

We will not be able to delete an account with the same Reddit application. But we can use a browser from the website that we have installed on the device. This process will be the same for both iOS and Android.

We open any web browser we have installed on our device, log in to the Reddit site and log in. Then we have to click on the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, we need to click on “Account Settings” in the “Settings” section.

On this new page, we scroll down and click “Disable Account”. We need to re-enter the account credentials and check the box that says “Understand that inactive accounts are not recovered.” To end, we will give “Touch” a touch. A popup window will appear confirming, so we will click “Disable” again and that’s it.

Reddit Delete Account: What happens afterward?

There is not much science behind this. When deleting a Reddit account forever, we delete it from the platform, it can no longer be accessed and the process is irreversible. This means we’ll never be able to access it again. An important difference with other similar platforms is that Reddit does not offer an option to temporarily disable the account.

On Reddit Settings, this process is called “inactive” but it does not work that way. In other social networks like Facebook, there is a clear difference between “inactive” and “delete. If we disable it, it is temporary, if we delete it, it is permanent. On Reddit, we only have the option to permanently delete the account.

Reason Why you need to stay away from Reddit

  • Contrary to what has happened in the past, especially with the game stop issue, Redditers are now turning to corrupt currencies amidst big fluctuations.
  • This may be an example of the behavior of some small investors, a week after a large number of corrupt currencies hit hard.
  • Researchers and analysts believe that traders are not only looking for instant profits but are also using their money to tell a story.

The Reddit community, which, like any other forum, launched its adventure on the web, is slowly reaching unknown dimensions. Many will remember the game-stop affair, when these people came together, taking advantage of the abominable rules of Wall Street, to complicate the accounts of many large financial groups. After the intervention of the ‘market’, everything indicates that Redditors are now turning to corrupt currencies amidst great fluctuations.

Specifically, whether it’s the Wall Street Bates or the WSB’s Radiators, Finance Subreddit is responsible for the sudden recent rise in popularity and the climatic rise of “meme stocks”, which are playing with a bit of corruption. It is only necessary to take a look at the different threads. So you can check that they are looking for investment tips and tricks for quick and easy access to the benefits of bitcoin. A bit of what we all want, right?

At the same time, it receives traction within the subscript platform dedicated to “cryptocurrency”, thanks to the fact that comments have multiplied in volume. In fact, if we put it in the statistics, we find that between May 1 and May 21, the growth of these conversions is 82%.

What do analysts say about cryptocurrency?

“Investors still prefer meme stocks,” Steven Susnick, chief strategist at Interactive Brokers, told the Financial Times. He sees the crypto as a pure expression of the meme trade, which has gained much momentum from stock speculation.

Always on the lookout for cryptocurrencies, a record 59,000 comments on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies were received on May 19. Coincidentally, this is the Black Wednesday in which the asset fell to half its value. The next few days also saw a lot of activity, though far from these figures.

However, James Carditz, founder of Quiver Quantitative, which reads and analyzes this data and makes reports, believes that the talk of cryptocurrencies is growing.

Similarly, Reddit administrators have already expressed concern about the recommendations being published in the forum. He explains that these assets are “susceptible to scams” and suggests that consumers be cautious. In addition, they have limited disputes to BTC, ETH, and DOGE.

The reason for the investment in the statement, the Redditors, and the cryptocurrency.

It seems that as fluctuations hit markets, traders are also looking for new communities to express new investment ideas. “Many active retail investors not only want to increase the number of their Robin Hood accounts, they also want to invest in a statement,” Kardatzke said.

Proof of this is everything that surrounds the Musk trend, and how Tesla’s owner plays with the value of digital currencies. His statements are so impressive that Ethereum also wants to protect itself from tweets.

The CEO of the electric car maker was mentioned in more than 2,000 comments shortly after Musk tweeted about Tesla’s decision not to accept any more Bitcoin, according to always Quiver data. So it would be ridiculous to deny their influence at this point.

Right now, bitcoin is still trying to recover from last week’s deep decline. But markets and investors continue to show their uncertainty. Therefore, fluctuations are likely to continue for the time to come. This means that, in other words, there will still be a lot of discussion about cryptocurrencies on Reddit.

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