How to find NFT projects early: Quick Tip 2023

how to find nft projects early

Today we will discuss how to find NFT projects early and make millions. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique and unique digital assets that are verifiable and secure on the blockchain.

crypto shit is a team of long-term cryptocurrency investors specializing in blockchain and NFTs. Our goal is to provide the best information on NFTs.

Cryptoshitcompra is not a team of financial advisors, our goal is simply to provide valuable information. We recommend being very careful when investing in NFTs because space is incredibly unpredictable and moves very fast. With that said, the cryptocurrency buying team has compiled a list of ten tips and things to consider before deciding to buy NFT Art.

1. Creator / Founder.

Although there is no specific order in this list, it is probably the most important factor to consider the creators or founders of the NFT project. The presence of NFT project founders like Paul and Abby from the Top Dog Beach Club is a promising sign. All their social media links are available to the public.

It’s satisfying because they take responsibility. Both promote their projects by accessing YouTube and podcasts that help popularize the project.

The cryptoshitpurchase will not recommend investing in NFT Art projects with an anonymous team due to the possibility of “rug pull”. This can be defined as the failure of the founding team to keep its promises. This can happen once they receive the money and it can happen immediately after the mint.

Although this is not always the case, there is something to be careful about. It is possible that the founder or creator of the NFT project may collaborate to make it more successful. If you already have a large audience, it’s probably easier to engage in brand partnerships as well as partnerships with influencers.

The presence of social media within a team is another important aspect to consider, as they can reach a large audience. “There are a lot of inspiring people who still have failed plans,” he said. Public disclosure is something to consider because creating awareness about a project is critical to success. The last thing anyone wants is for the founding team to move away from a project.

2. File or original artwork

The content of the NFT Art itself is probably the most thematic aspect of this list. However, it is important to look at and understand what kind of artwork will appeal to a wider audience.

Even if you enjoy a particular piece of art, it is important to consider whether others will do it or whether the art is so appealing to others. For example, many people find the board app yacht club appealing to all monkeys. No monkeys look ugly and the monochrome background creates a nice social media profile. Cool Cats looks cute and looks like a cartoon with a lot of appeals. The background is also a crisp, unique color that makes a good profile picture, and the cats look hand drawn.

The last thing anyone wants is to have an NFT in their wallet which is now useless and lacks aesthetic appeal. After looking at some of the most important collections of OpenSea, you can get an idea of ​​the different types and types of art that you can enjoy. The community is an incredibly important aspect to consider for the NFT project, but one aspect you shouldn’t get caught up in.

This is something that can be found relatively quickly. This can be done by searching on social media for the NFT project as well as checking groups on Discord or Telegram. After a while, you will encounter one of two different scenarios.

3. Number of people in the group

The first scenario is that the majority of people are friendly and there seems to be a high level of engagement. The second scenario is not ideal with negative people involved. This could include trolls or poisonous people. An uncommon community may include those who constantly mention pumps and dumpsters, or those who are obsessed with the lowest price.

Another aspect to consider is the number of people in the group and whether any invitation scheme is being developed. It can be misleading to estimate the general interest of the community in terms of the number of members in the Discord group, as some projects require you to invite five people before you get a chance to receive a pre-award. This community statistics “game” makes quick analysis a challenge.

Although the participants in the Discard chat may be very loud, it is not a good indication of the number of people who are interested in it. Most of the people who join them are not active.

4. Historical or cultural significance

It is important to note the historical or cultural significance and explain why Other Rocks, the JPGs of rock, sold for an astonishing 8 1.8 million. Since this line of NFTs was launched shortly after CryptoPunks, it is considered one of the first NFT projects in 2017.

People are willing to pay a heavy price for such an initial and important project. This is not for the aesthetics of the rocks. People think this project is culturally important because it was one of the oldest projects. This historically significant example of price increases can be seen in the article on crypto shit buy on the history of NFT Art. That article is attached here.

In addition to being the first, cultural significance can be reduced to the first line of a particular artistic genre or the first NFT line on a specific blockchain that can be widely adopted.

Both are things to consider and it is important to understand that human nature enjoys being involved in it and when it comes to something first it is given more importance.

5. Roadmap

The board is a series of popular, roadmap commitments made by the founding team to the NFT project through the Appetite Club.

The cryptocurrency buying team has a comprehensive article on NFT roadmaps and what makes them successful. That article can be found here. An important aspect is how a team intends to use the money from the mint. The overall success of a project depends on its longevity.

6. Indication of status

As the world moves further into Meters, the most visible online property (the ability to bend) will play a key role in people’s decisions to purchase NFTs.

It is in human nature that people want beautiful things and that explains why people buy designer things. The flex element forces people to spend incredible amounts. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. He was willing to spend $ 180,000 per NFT.

How to find nft projects early: Conclusion

A unique utility that some NFT lines can offer is the staging of events that only NFT holders can enter. This is a unique value and something that can add value to NFT.

An example of this is the yacht party to which all board app holders were invited. People were only allowed to enter if they could prove they had a boring monkey. Another example is the Top Dog Beach Club, which has announced that it will have real-world beach parties that members of the NFT line can attend. All of these factors must be considered before choosing to invest in an NFT project.

By James Kandu

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