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Merge PDF for Free Online

In this guide we will discuss Merge PDF for Free Online Years ago, combining multiple PDFs into one file took a ton of time and focus. You had to deploy various ninja techniques just to get the file to do what you wanted it. Then, compressing it small enough to share was a whole other beast.

Now, there are digital tools and applications that make it easy to merge PDFs for free online. Gone are the days when you had to carve out your whole afternoon for this task!

Today, we’re sharing how to scope out your options and choose the best resource for your needs.

Best PDF Merger Resources

1. Consider The Scope Of Your Needs

As you browse the different PDF merger tools, begin by considering the total scope of your needs.

Do your activities usually consist of just inserting a page from another PDF into a different file? Are you responsible for merging small files, rather than monolithic, mission-critical ones?

If you’re shaking your head yes, then you might be able to perform all the functions you need by using Adobe’s built-in Preview tool. The software’s native utility app is designed to handle small-scale changes like these with ease, allowing users to perform the following tasks:

  • Drag-and-drop document insertions
  • Seamless document conversions
  • Page deletions
  • Document reformatting

However, it isn’t usually robust enough to handle any edits beyond those simple tweaks.

If you need to perform custom changes to a PDF, then it’s best to stick with a third-party app that will perform the edits in a matter of seconds. This is also the case if you routinely deal with PDFs that include scripts or annotations.

2. Research Customer Support

If you’re used to dealing with larger PDF files that require a greater number of changes, then it’s best to find a PDF merger tool that comes with plenty of technical support.

Many of the features in these tools are complex and intricate, and they’re not always intuitive or user-friendly. Unless you have deep knowledge in the IT realm, you might not know how to leverage the features of the tool to your advantage.

Before you download any tool, take the time to understand what level of support you’ll receive if you ever have a question or need clarification on an item. Many tools will come with both free and paid subscription versions and only premium plans will include 24/7 access to support.

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3. Read User Reviews

Did you know that 84 percent of people now trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members?

The internet is overflowing with people who are more than ready to share their opinions on almost everything under the sun. This includes which online merger tools they prefer for their PDF documents.

Once you have a few options written down, hop online and check out what others are saying about them. Usually, simply typing the name of the merger tool into the Google search box will bring up a short profile of each company.

Here, you can find user reviews, feedback, and testimonials. While everyone’s experience is different, look for common themes within the insights. If multiple people complain about the learning curve required to get the hang of the tool, consider this a red flag and continue your search elsewhere.

In addition, it also helps to read industry news articles that rank and review a range of different tech tools, including PDF merger apps. You can find such a guide here.

4. Keep Document Security In Mind

While most free PDF merger tools will provide some degree of data security, there are certain industries that require more robust protection. This includes the healthcare, education, and industrial sectors, among others.

In these cases, it’s best to look for a tool that gives you the solution on how to combine PDF files and secure each upload with 256-bit encryption. While you may be able to find this feature in a free app, it’s worth investing in a paid tool if you need to.

5. Take Advantage Of A Free Trial

Are you on the fence about a few different PDF merge tools? If so, then look to see if any of the options you’re eyeing will offer a free trial period.

Most apps let users navigate the system for free for around two weeks. This is a great way to assess all of the features it offers and see how it works in a real-world scenario.

Most programs will advertise this trial period right on their website. If you don’t see it, then reach out to the manufacturer and check.

6. Consider Your Entire Document Management System

Do you consistently need to merge files beyond a standard PDF? For instance, think about the full breadth of platforms you work within your document management system, including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • JPGs

To combine these files into one comprehensive document, you’ll need an advanced PDF merger that’s up to the challenge. Many basic free versions might not include this capability, especially in their basic plans.

The best tools are those that give you the ability to move pages around via a drag-and-drop approach. Test each one out to make sure it’s user-friendly and intuitive before committing to it.

Ultimately, you want a tool that everyone in your department can use for all of their merging needs. If it only supports one person on your team, then the investment isn’t worth it. Look for a comprehensive solution that fits seamlessly into your document management strategy.

Merge PDF For Free Online Today

There are many different tools that can help you merge multiple documents into one PDF. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so take your time and find one that meets all of your business needs.

Now that you know how to merge PDFs for free online, you’re one step closer to simplifying this process for good. While premium versions will come with more bells and whistles, basic free plans are fine for most users.

Looking for more tips to optimize your workflows? Be sure to check out our Business section!

By James Kandu

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