How to Get Rid of Unwanted Video Games

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If your collection of video games is getting out of hand, it may be time to start clearing up some clutter. Maybe you’re moving house and need more space or simply just don’t have the same interest in a few titles any longer. Whatever your reason, getting rid of unwanted video games can sometimes feel like an impossible task, but with the right guidance, you can easily get them off your hands once and for all! In this blog post, we will look at the different ways that you can go about disposing of old or unused video games to free up space while also helping somebody else turn their gaming experience into something special.

Try Selling Them To Site That Buy Old Games

One efficient way to offload your unwanted video games is by selling them to websites that specialize in buying old games. What you will find on their site is that they offer competitive rates and easy payment terms. Depending on the condition of your game, you can usually expect to receive a higher rate compared to second-hand marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. The process is also relatively straightforward. You just need to provide some basic information about the game you’re selling (such as its name, platform, type, and condition), and then you can expect to receive a quote from the website within minutes. All in all, these sites are great for getting rid of unwanted games quickly and easily with minimal effort on your part. 

Assessing Your Collection

The first and most crucial step in cutting down your video game collection is figuring out what you already have. Start by assessing your games and thinking about giving each one a close, careful look. “When was the last time I played this game?” or “Do I still find value in this game?” The process of selecting the games you’re prepared to sell might be time-consuming, especially if you have a large collection.

You may also consider the game’s monetary value. A quick online search can provide an estimate of what your games are worth. Some older games may have increased in value over time and might fetch a pretty penny. However, don’t let potential monetary value overshadow your main goal: to declutter and simplify. Your gaming environment should be full of games that you truly enjoy, not those collecting dust or causing unnecessary clutter. 

Organizing Your Options

The next step in the decluttering process is organizing your games based on the disposal methods you’ve decided on. You might have a pile for games to sell, another for donation, and a third for games that are collectibles or have sentimental value that you want to keep. 

For the games you’re planning to sell, further, sort them based on their condition and popularity. Games in good condition and popular titles may fetch you a higher price. For donating, select the games that are still in playable condition and are appropriate for a wide range of age groups. 

The games you decide to keep should be the ones you still frequently play or have a special place in your heart. However, ensure that this pile remains the smallest of the three. The goal is to declutter, remember? 


Trading old video games is another effective way to declutter and earn some money. Several platforms allow you to trade your used games for cash or credit toward new ones. Here are a few suggestions:

  • GameStop: A well-known retail store that offers in-store credit or cash for used games. They have a tiered trade-in program where you get more credit if you’re a member of their PowerUp Rewards program.
  • Best Buy: They have a trade-in program where you can get a Best Buy gift card in exchange for your used video games. 
  • Amazon Trade-In: This program allows you to trade in your games for an Amazon gift card. Their trade-in values are competitive, and they offer free shipping for your trade-in items. 

Remember, trading platforms will likely offer more for games that are in excellent condition and have their original cases and manuals.

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Donating for Good

Donating your games is a fantastic way to give them a second life, while also making a positive impact on someone else’s life. Some various charities and organizations welcome used video games and consoles. These donations often provide entertainment and a source of comfort to children in hospitals or families in need. A few places you might consider are:

  • Child’s Play: A charitable organization that provides toys and games to children in over 150 hospitals worldwide.
  • The Get-Well Gamers Foundation: They distribute video games and systems to hospitals to support children’s treatment and recovery.
  • Local Shelters or Community Centers: Many local facilities appreciate donations of video games and consoles as they provide recreation and entertainment for those they serve.

Always remember to ensure the games and consoles you are donating are in good, working condition. Clean them thoroughly and reset any consoles to factory settings to ensure personal data is removed. Donating not only helps declutter but also brings joy and comfort to those who need it most.

Recycling Electronics Responsibly

In a world emphasizing sustainability, it’s essential to consider eco-friendly disposal methods for your discarded games and gaming equipment. Electronics contain harmful materials that pose a significant environmental risk when disposed of improperly. But thankfully, there are numerous responsible recycling programs available to help. 

Companies like Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot offer electronic recycling services, accepting everything from video game consoles to cables. Some municipalities also have electronic waste recycling programs, so it’s worth checking with your local waste management facility. 

Alternatively, consider e-waste recycling events often held in communities across the country. These are fantastic opportunities to dispose of your unwanted electronics safely and responsibly.

In conclusion, decluttering your video game collection can be a daunting task. But with these simple tips, you can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Whether you choose to sell, donate, trade, or recycle – every choice is an opportunity to create a better gaming environment for yourself. So take the time to evaluate what’s in your collection and decide which pieces are worth keeping and which ones can go. With the right approach, you’ll be able to simplify your collection and keep it clutter-free for good!

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