How Attractive Youtube Videos can Boost Your Marketing Stats

Hey guys! Do you know how to make a video on youtube? In the past few years, YouTube has evolved from being dominated by funny video clips to becoming a powerful platform for marketers. It has grown to be the world’s second most visited website with over a billion hours of videos watched every day, more than Facebook and Netflix combined. Businesses and marketers would agree that YouTube is a sure way to increase brand reach, engagement, and sales.

Of the huge number of videos uploaded on the platform, a few strike the right chord and appeal to the audience. When you look at viral videos on YouTube, you may notice that they are highly attractive and pleasing to the eyes. You may have deep knowledge of how to make YouTube videos, but that doesn’t matter much unless you can capture and retain audiences.

Such videos drive more targeted traffic, better conversions, and increase sales. So, let us try to understand how attractive YouTube videos can effectively boost your marketing stats.

Importance of Attractive YouTube Videos for Marketers

YouTube has today grown into a crucial part of digital marketing. You can create YouTube videos for cheap and use them to expose the brand to a wide audience. However, the effort is only worthwhile if your YouTube videos deliver the results you are looking for.

While there are several considerations for an effective YouTube video marketing strategy, one of the first things you should focus on is the appeal of the video you are posting. No matter what content and information the video presents, it has to catch attention to be able to stand out from an enormous number of options users have on the platform. You do not need any resources to start your youtube channel, you can start your choice. If you are a gamer then you can start your gaming channel.

If your YouTube video is not attractive enough, it can easily get lost among the flood of content uploaded on the site every day.

Here are some ways attractive YouTube videos can significantly boost your marketing stats.

Increases Number of Views

The most important YouTube stat for businesses and marketers is the number of views. It is this metric that decides how successful your YouTube marketing plan is.

When it comes to increasing the number of views for a video, thumbnails are one of the most powerful tools. The little preview image is extremely important for creators and marketers. An effective thumbnail helps a video stand out from the rest and catch attention.

A thumbnail should represent the video content properly, consistently match the brand identity and catch attention. An attractive thumbnail increases the chances of your video being clicked on from the suggestions bar. This way you can also become a social media influencer.

This will also ensure that your videos attract the most relevant traffic that has a better chance of a conversion. Your thumbnails also help establish brand consistency and trust.

Helps Build Authority

YouTube videos that include theme-related elements look quite attractive and professional. You can use brand colors, taglines, and themes to expose a sense of consistency and professionalism while conveying your brand message.

If you are creating a video for a festival or occasion, ensure that the video has elements representing the theme. This will not only make your YouTube content more appealing to the eyes but also help establish authority.

Improves Retention Rate

One of the most significant YouTube stats for marketers is the audience retention rate. Reports suggest that the average retention rate on the platform hovers around 30 percent which means a viewer can be expected to stick to the video for 30% of the duration before moving to the next one.

This metric is important because it helps the Google platform decide the ranking for the video in search results.

An attractive YouTube video catches attention and keeps the viewer hooked for longer. In this era of shorter attention spans and higher distraction, content creators need to create attractive intros that get the viewers glued to the screen for longer.

The key is to deliver value within the first few seconds of the video. Front-loading the content will display the best portions of the video in the beginning so that viewers are curious to watch it till the end.

Outros also improve the aesthetic appeal of your video and break the monotonicity of the video. CTAs and other relevant elements added in the outro give your viewers something to act upon.

Outros can also be used to summarize the content or convey an important message in an appealing way. An attractive video is thus effective at improving the audience retention rate and other marketing stats.

Increases Conversion

The ultimate goal of your YouTube marketing campaign is to increase sales. This is why getting qualified traffic is meaningful to marketers.

While it is great to see your YouTube video going viral, you want the people watching your videos to be those interested in your product or service. This is why you should focus on creating attractive videos that capture attention and turn viewers into loyal customers.

A high-quality video that contains the message, logo, graphics, and other elements matching your brand identity is likely to leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of the viewers. An attractive video that hooks your audience for longer helps build trust and authority in a unique way by bringing your message to life, making it dynamic and engaging.

A YouTube video that appeals to viewers is also effective when it comes to encouraging people to take action. The use of components like brand identity graphics, infographics, and industry-related graphics would help you come off as professional and make the video better organized and eye-catching. Such videos capture more traffic, retain the traffic for longer, and better inform the traffic what to do, giving marketers the much-desired conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

An attractive YouTube video stands out in the crowded digital space where thousands of hours of content are uploaded each day. It also helps get more views, better convert viewers and build trust and authority for your brand on the platform.

While there is a lot more to focus on when it comes to making your YouTube marketing plan a success, making your videos attention-worthy is one of the first things you should do to see your marketing stats grow in number.

By James Kandu

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