How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel in 2023


How to start a Youtube gaming channel? Games are a diverse resource with all sorts of different ways to play them, so YouTube Games is a diverse group of creators who create content in a variety of ways. The way you want to make a game, or how you want to make it, can be very different from other YouTubers. It is advisable to read our article on how to become a YouTuber before you start, where you will find general tips to get you started.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can create game content on YouTube and ways to improve it while working. Of course, you may have thought many times, “I want to be a gamer YouTuber.” Let’s get started.

What difference does it make to be a Youtube gamer?

First of all, you will not need a good camera, if not a small webcam with decent quality, not necessarily the best, because you will use it in a small space that you have set aside for yourself. What is it? Followers like to watch the gestures and faces of their favorite gamers YouTubers when they play scary games; they succeed in defeating this difficult boss who has tried a lot and so on. Charisma helps in these situations.

Do you already have your webcam, microphone, tripod, and spotlight? Now is the time to take one last, very important step. Let’s start talking about hardware. It would help if you had a good build to make your video. Especially with games and recording, you can play games and record at the same time. A decent amount of DDR4 type RAM (16GB) will be required. We show you our personal recommendations.

Now, with your GPU (graphics card), you want to have good graphics and make your games run at maximum graphics quality. No one wants to play games on low pictures, Which is a decent CPU for heavy video rendering and sports.

GPU (Nvidia)

You can see different types of graphics cards at this link.

CPU and RAM will work together to render your videos. A better CPU and more RAM means you will have less time and time savings.

Lastly, we can’t forget about storage. You want more storage to record videos and better save previous videos if you’re going to remember them as much as possible. Too many recordings, even with failed recordings, can make you manage the videos you forgot.


SSD storage performs better than HDD, but they add a lot of value if we need many jigs. Although in recent years it has become cheaper.


The traditional option, HDD, has been with us for decades and is a more established, secure, and economical technology than SSD. They are available in large gigabytes for storing hundreds of videos.

Is the hardware ready? Let’s follow the latest before we point out our tips and steps below. Let’s use the software. We generally recommend a good graphics card (preferably an Nvidia), so you can get a free screen capture with little or no use (ShadowPlay). Most applications, such as Faripus or OBS, reduce your games by FPS (frames per second) when recording and playing simultaneously, but this is not the case with the Shadow Play application. It is also one of the easiest screen recorders out there, with the help of which you can record with just one mouse click.

Now for video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a good choice, very professional, and uses many famous YouTubers.

Lastly, you will need a good sound recorder so that you can edit and record your voice separately instead of merging it into your screen recording. Because if you register your screen with your microphone, sometimes the game can be louder than your voice, and it’s not what you want.

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We recommend Adobe Audition CC or Sound Forge Audio Studio 10. I recommend Photoshop for photo editing because one of the important things about YouTube is that the creator has very attractive thumbnails that attract viewers.


Tips on How to start a Youtube gaming channel

Step 1: Choose your area

If you want to know how to become a YouTube gamer, you must first choose which games you have played. Many people prefer different or indie sports, but some may focus on sports from a particular series / a particular developer / a particular genre.

For example, many large gaming YouTubers concentrate exclusively on one game (like YouTubers TF2 mostly play TF2), occasionally containing videos of other games on the channel.

Once you have chosen which games you want to video, it’s time to decide what kind of game channel you will have:

  • Tutorial Channels: These channels provide lessons on game mechanics or ways to improve the game. This category often intersects with others, but usually, the purpose of such channels is to help their viewers improve the game. This type of channel is especially popular in the gaming community, especially in online multiplayer titles such as Valve Big 3, FPS, or MOBA. They also suggest ways to win trophies on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.
  • Informative / Trivia Channels: These channels make videos about gaming trivia. This trivia can be about Games Development, and often such content can be fed to other channels. Did you know that gaming is famous for it in the gaming realm: not only because of the small movement of the game but also because it uses other YouTubers for its videos.
  • Feedback Channels: Feedback channels usually take screenshots of the game (with some modifications) with player feedback. This comment may break into tutorial/comedy and generally talk about the gameplay, but instead, YouTube users are also known for telling personal stories.
  • Comedy Channels in the Game: These appear as comedy clips and are often interspersed with comments. These creators build skits within the confines of a game/tool, and for open titles such as Gary Mode, GTA, and TF2, it’s very common to make such videos for related games. ۔
  • Show channels: TV channels focus on one person and have episodes with common themes. There are some crossovers with the other genre, but what difference does it make if these channels have one or more series? Good examples include Dave Script, a series of journalistic game videos, and Angry Video Game Fools, which founded the genre.


Step 2: Start building your channel.

Once you know for sure what you want to do (it’s okay to experiment in the early days of your channel), it’s time to start building your channel. This means getting an attractive art channel and profile picture. If possible, you can also create or order video entries, logos, and other designs.

Time to start making videos. Before you can begin monetizing or searching on a network, it is important to start creating a content pool. Creating content also means that you have an audience that will tell you what’s good, what’s not, and what you can change.

Step 3: Get the right feedback.

You are learning how to become a gamer YouTuber also means how to handle impressions. To grow as a creator, you need to learn from your mistakes, so listen to your videos’ criticism and work hard to improve them. Consulting more experienced YouTubers can also help you in this situation.

Step 4: Find networks or learn to be free.

Once you get in the habit of creating your content and finding the “voice” for your channel, you will start earning time. If you don’t already have it and enable monetization yourself or start searching for MCN (YouTube Network), get referral status. However, if you are on the path to freedom, you must know proper use and copyright principles inside and out.

Step 5: Research

Once you’ve made money and created content, do your research. For SEO (search engine optimization) and Google / YouTube search, find a way to make your videos and your channel more attractive. Stay in touch with the latest game releases and how you can get them on your channel, and of course, also do research methods to improve your videos in general.

Step 6: Work with other gamer YouTubers

Last but not least, be sure to work with another gamer YouTube Tubers. Now that you have learned how to become a gamer YouTuber, you are part of a larger society that is much larger than you. So, you need to know from other creators, get fans and collaborate with them.

It’s impossible to top the list on your own, but capturing the attention of other creators with your content and working with them on an even bigger range is a sure way to increase your audience and your channel as a whole.


Tips for being a YouTube gamer

We will make a list of some great tips that will be very helpful when you become a YouTube Tuber gamer.

Create regular content: To stay relevant on YouTube, you need to create content regularly. Because of how YouTube’s algorithms work, you become more popular based on how much time you spend watching people’s videos. Focus on high-engagement videos that can be released relatively regularly. Small channels can start on a weekly basis. Still, it’s a good idea to release two or three episodes each week as the channel grows.

Pay attention to audience participation: By nature, play is an interactive medium. By extension, this entry in our YouTube Gaming Channel Tips is about using it. Your viewers will regularly comment on videos and try to contact you via social media or YouTube. Respond to user comments on your channel and pay close attention to the words of your loyal users.

Consider an MCN (Multi-Channel-Network): This is an easy way for YouTube to access useful resources for your development, as well as affiliation with YouTube, and copyright protection.

(or learn your rights): MCN is not the only option to contribute as a gaming channel. By properly studying the fair use of YouTube, you can enjoy publishing game content through Google AdWords and YouTube Red, earning 100% of your advertising revenue. Even if you choose to go with MCN, it would be wise to learn the rules because MCN does not protect you from a copyright strike if you openly violate it.

Make your profile personal: Think of it this way: You dress up for a job interview because you want to get a job. It’s called a presentation, and this is what the YouTube gaming channel hints at. Gamers enjoy the best-looking graphics in their games, and video providers use sharp editing and clever illustrations. Your track should have a nice avatar and banner that suits you and your content.

Consider intros / outros for your videos: Intros / outros are popular on YouTube. Generally, you want your entries to be short title cards that include your name and photos associated with the video. Outros can last up to 10-20 seconds after the video is finished, adding annotations to your other videos and perhaps playing catchy tunes of your choice.

Rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is God for all kinds of content creators, including YouTubers. For YouTubers, it’s mostly about capturing and tagging your videos correctly. Be sure to include the name of the game, the type of content you are creating, and other important information on your tags. These tags are what people will use to find and find your videos.

Choose your niche: There are some definitions of niche, but the most relevant in this context is what is meant by products/services sold to specific groups of people. This means focusing on a particular type of content or a particular genre or series of games in gaming terms. Odd channels may not have widespread popularity among adults, but working in a small space is beneficial for early growth and collaboration with other YouTube sites in the area.

Work with other YouTubers: If we don’t encourage you to work with youtube game channels, this will not be a list of tips for youtube game channels. The largest YouTube channels benefit from collaboration, and gaming channels are no exception. Some special channels are just one hub where all the people of YouTube work together to promote their channels.

Always listen to feedback: To improve as a content creator, you need to listen to your audience. You can’t please everyone, but you should consider their opinions and comments so that you can learn to improve. Remember what we said earlier about engaging with your audience? Your audience will usually appreciate or criticize your videos, and you need to pay attention to both types of communication.

Bring friends/co-hosts: Something you don’t often see in the YouTubers gamers channel advice is the idea of ​​working directly with your friends on your channel. This is amazing because that’s why so many great channels are popular. In general, most channels cannot broadcast privately alone, especially not through television channels. A co-host or group of friends that you regularly play on your videos helps your viewers feel like part of their group of friends personally.

Use social media to your advantage: Gaming channels don’t usually take advantage of making videos for every little thing in a creator’s life. Videos should be reserved for your main content or important announcements. For everything, plug your social media into your statements and encourage your users to follow you there.

Consider streaming: Getting together with YouTube is a great way to grow your gaming channel. There are two main services you can use: Twitch and YouTube Gaming. The twist is great for increasing your followers and blowing them up to new audiences, while YouTube gaming is great for attracting your existing YouTube followers. One way to engage your audience is a great way.

Priority over sports: Sports is the initial draw for most gamers’ channels. Another lesser-known piece of advice is this: People come for sports, but they shop for you and stay. They go because you hide a game that interests them, but they like you, and when they enjoy your offer and style, they become members of it.

Establish your voice: To consider the last point, it is very important. Even if you share a niche with other YouTubers, you want to be unique. Remember: there is no one like you. It’s important to learn and be influenced by other YouTubers, but at the end of the day, you need to be unique enough to gain the loyalty of users and viewers.


I hope now you are capable of How to start a Youtube gaming channel. So what you are waiting for? Get started and earn your first Dollar.

By James Kandu