5 Reasons to Build a PC as a Tech Student

5 Reasons to Build a PC as a Tech Student

At some point, there comes a time when you need to change or upgrade your personal computer. There is an opinion, in particular among gamers, that building your own computer is the superior option today. Buying a prebuilt PC is considered a huge mistake that will negatively impact your financial and gaming experience. 

However, why is this the case? What are the reasons why lots of people suggest building a PC yourself? Are there any advantages to it at all? Let’s find out.

1. Building a PC is easy and enjoyable

Of course, it’s not as easy as placing a custom essays order and having your essays written, but still, building a PC is not that hard. All you need to assemble your own gaming PC is some free time, a screwdriver, and a couple of tutorials from YouTube. 

Building a PC might have been a challenge back in the day, but today it has become much easier. This is something that any gamer, regardless of their level of skill or knowledge, can do, let alone tech students!

The innards of a computer may look weird and complicated for inexperienced builders. But in reality, the basics of computer operation are easy and clear, you just need a bit of experience. Plus, assembling a PC is an enjoyable experience. Once the construction is complete, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement each time you power it on. Isn’t it cool to know that you created it from scratch? 

2. Custom-built PC is cheaper

Building a PC from scratch is usually cheaper than buying a pre-built computer. Stores that sell pre-built machines wind up the prices basically for no reason. But if you buy each part of your future PC separately, you are the one to compare prices and choose the place to buy the parts cheaper. And you don’t have to pay anyone to assemble your PC if you do it yourself.

Building a PC gets even cheaper if you opt for used or factory-refurbished parts. But be careful when buying used graphics cards and PSUs. As long as crypto mining is a thing, people will be selling cards that have been in work continuously for years. And as you may guess, they can be pretty worn out. But other used parts like RAM sticks, HDDs, and even CPUs generally may serve you a long time.

3. Balance and reliability 

Though you can choose pre-assembled PCs for your specific purposes, it’s rare to find something truly balanced. It’s either something designed specifically for games or working purposes only. Whatever it may be – video editing, 3D design, gaming and streaming, music production, or machine learning. If you build a PC from scratch, you are free to tweak the parts and make a perfectly balanced build.

Besides, if you investigate and examine the internal parts of most pre-built computers, you will discover some interesting stuff. Most companies that sell pre-built computer systems use cheaper components from less-known brands to minimize costs and maximize profits. The overall specifications of a system may appear impressive to those who don’t know. But the actual components built into the system may not be as good as they seem. 

4. A skill you’ll have for the rest of your life

Knowing how computers are assembled is an essential life skill because they are everywhere – in businesses, homes, cars, and even carried in our pockets. 

Building a PC from scratch will give you extensive knowledge about computers, their hardware, upgrading, troubleshooting, and general principles of operation. Calling tech support is easy, but boring and time-consuming. And once you learn the craft, you won’t need to call the service every time – you’ll be able to fix it yourself and even help others.

5. Broad possibilities for customization

When you build a PC, you can choose the exact components you want and need. Choosing your own components gives you the freedom to add specific functional features such as ports, connections, drive bays, expansion slots, and so on. Besides the hardware, you can customize the looks of your PC. 

Prebuilts mostly look either too boring or overly sophisticated. But you can have RGB coolers, a sick-looking case, color scheme matching with your room – and all of this is possible only when you build a computer yourself.


As you can see, building a PC is an enjoyable and useful process. It may take some time to figure out how everything works, but once you do that – you’ll be able to make any build you want specifically for you.

By Ephatech

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