Snapchat Built a Live Streaming Video Feature [Snapchat Live Complete Guide]

Snapchat Built a Live Streaming Video Feature [Snapchat Live Complete Guide]

Does Snapchat have a live stream feature? The short answer is no, at least not for the public. But we never know what features Snapchat may introduce in the future.

On Facebook, users have been able to produce live videos for some time. Friends and followers can follow the user’s activities via live stream. Now Snapchat is also introducing a live video feature, but with one major caveat.

The Snapchat makers marked the start of the Winter Olympics with the launch of a new live-streaming feature on the app. The big catch: The feature can only be used by selected partners. “Normal” Snapchat users are not allowed to post their own live streams via Snapchat.

It is called Live, and is just for a select number of partners. NBC utilized the live video element to show live inclusion from the winder Olympics in South Korea.

NBC streamed some live videos to Snapchat’s Discover area. The recording you saw inside Snap is similar to stuff you’ll see from NBC on TV, however a whole lot more limited: Each live fragment inside Snapchat will be somewhere close to two and six minutes.

That implies Snapchat will not be your place to observe full Olympics inclusion, obviously. Just pieces. Be that as it may, NBC is extremely defensive of its video privileges around the Olympics and doesn’t normally stream them anyplace adjacent to NBC-claimed properties. Snapchat isn’t NBC-claimed, however, NBC Universal put $500 million into Snapchat when the organization opened up to the world last year. So there are impetuses.

Past the Olympics, however, the live component is intriguing for Snap since it most likely means Snapchat will stream other stuff live, later on. This was likely just an experiment and test that indicates a live-streaming feature may arrive on Snapchat in the future. Snap is loaded with video, yet it has never been a spot for live video.

A couple of other Co-ordinations about the NBC course of action:

  • The live streams are important for a more extensive Olympics bargain between Snap and NBC, which incorporates NBC sharing other Olympics features inside the application utilizing different elements, similar to Stories.
  • That plan requires an income split on promoting sold close by that substance, however, the live feeds will exclude advertisements.
  • The live recordings will be erased from the application later they are finished streaming. So in the event that you miss the little window where NBC is live, you’ll need to go watch elsewhere (like TV).
  • The first livestream aired on Feb. 10.

Snapchat: Live videos not for private users

NBC used Snapchat’s new live video feature to provide breaking news from the South Korea Winter Games. Live videos can then be accessed via the Discover area. It is said to be the broadcaster’s TV content, which is shortened for Snapchat. It remains to be seen whether and how the live function will be expanded. Snapchat has long relied heavily on moving images, but live videos are not yet part of the available content.

Snapchat introduces a new real-time location-sending feature

Sharing your location on Snapchat has been possible since Snap Map was introduced a year ago. However, the function went too far for many users. However, with a new feature for sending and requesting real-time location data, the app now also wants to bring those who value privacy on board.

Many Snapchat users found the idea of ​​the Snap Map introduced in the summer of 2017 a bit creepy. If you wanted, you could share your location with all your friends and contacts – and it was then visible to everyone on an interactive map. This was just too much for many users, so they almost always stayed in ghost mode. With a new feature, Snapchat now wants to convince these users to share their location with friends in real-time – but a little more privately reported TechCrunch.

Snapchat lets you get location of individual friends

Similar to WhatsApp and Facebook, you should now be able to send your real-time location to individual friends. Your contact will then see where you are in the chat history as well as in the snap map. You can also ask your contacts to send you their location. This will then only be visible to you, but not to others. The live feature is deactivated again eight hours after the app was last opened. Alternatively, you can stop sharing yourself at any time. Other Snapchat users annoy you with frequent requests, so you can deactivate them in the settings.

The new feature has already been discovered by the first users of the photo and video app. Snapchat has since confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is currently being rolled out to iOS and Android devices.

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