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Zoom- Meetings have become an integral part of everyday life at least since the Corona crisis. Whether as a platform for work or for virtual meetings with friends – online meetings are booming. In April 2020, there were around 300 million participations in video conferences via Zoom worldwide every day. From sports events to church services, a wide range of offers takes place on Zoom.

This raises a question for companies: How can you get a wider reach with Zoom meetings get? The answer is simple: by giving more people access to the content. This is particularly easy to do by streaming your meeting live via Facebook or YouTube. We’ll explain how it works.

Why stream Zoom meetings live on YouTube & Facebook at all?

Of course you don’t want to live stream private business meetings. After all, these do not take place privately in a closed room for no reason. But for many other formats that are intended for the public, it is a sensible way to get more reach. This can e.g. B. be:

  • Discussions / talk shows
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Webinars / Online Training
  • Other Events
  • Corporate Content
  • Press Conferences

Annual General Meeting

The main advantage of streaming via Zoom is that you create a closed space in which a certain number of people can discuss and produce content. In this room you give outsiders insights. That means: you don’t suddenly have to let 200 participants into your zoom meeting, who then discuss wildly there.

Instead, you stay in a selected circle, discuss your topics, but give everyone the opportunity to participate passively. And if you have someone watching the Facebook / YouTube comment columns, this is a great way to engage viewers.

Why not go live directly on YouTube or Facebook?

A logical question, of course. And depending on what you’re up to, that might be a better choice too. If you e.g. B. as an individual to give an online lecture or want to distribute other content live, you do not need a zoom meeting in between. However, if you want to discuss with several people, in an online chat room or similar, then you would need to be in one place for this simpler solution. In times of Corona, however, this is often simply not possible. In this case, Zoom should be used as a digital conference room. And even after Corona, such a solution will reduce the logistical effort immensely.

Stream live via zoom: This is how it works in 3 steps

01. The technical requirementsIn order for you to have the opportunity to do this at all, you need a Pro, Business, Education or Corporate account. Anyone hosting the meeting must hold the license.

You need a current version of the Zoom desktop or mobile client. In addition, e.g. For example, the option for live streams must be activated on YouTube.

02. Getting the Account Settings Right

There are four options you can use to set your account settings for your Zoom meetings:

  • Account Level: You determine all users of an organization
  • Group Level: You decide about all users of a special group
  • User Level: You decide only about yourself
  • Webinars: You use the special webinar function of Zoom

The process is always the same: you must allow live streaming of meetings. To do this, go to your settings (“Account Management”; in the case of groups “User Management”) and then to “Account Settings” (for groups: “Group Management”).There look for the item “In Meeting (Advanced)” and activate “Allow live streaming the meetings”. There, make sure that “Facebook” and “YouTube” are activated. And you’re done with the settings.

In the case of group management, you must first select the group and click on “Settings”. Otherwise the process is the same. If you want to use the webinar function, you have to edit them via “Account Management” to “Webinar Settings” and then activate the points mentioned.

You see: Both the technical aspects and the settings are quickly taken care of.

03. Finally live! To start the stream

Have you done all the settings? Then you can now start your Zoom meeting. If all participants are present, start the live stream.

To do this, click on “More” in the control functions of your meeting. Here you can now select “Live on Facebook” or “Live on YouTube”. At this point we will use YouTube as an example.

For the live stream on YouTube, you must then log into your Google account. Finally, Zoom needs access to your YouTube account. You can then enter a title for the live stream and make the privacy settings. So you choose whether the live stream is public, unlisted or completely private.

Then click on “Go Live!” – and your Zoom meeting will be live as soon as everything has loaded. You will receive a notification for this in Zoom. If you end your Zoom meeting, the live stream will automatically end as well.

The live stream via Facebook works very similar overall. Here, too, you have to log in and can then stream live. What is special here, however, is that the Zoom webinar function must be activated.

Important: Communicate your Zoom meeting in advanceIn order for your live stream to be a success, you should definitely plan the date in advance and communicate appropriately via social media / newsletter / website.

If your YouTube or Facebook account is very large, you will generate viewers even without announcing the date. However, in most cases – unless you want to surprise your followers – it is worth announcing the Zoom meeting like any other event.

Plan when your live stream from the Zoom meeting?

As long as the Corona pandemic continues, Zoom will continue to be an important part of communication. It is likely that this special situation and the insights gained from it will also have a major impact on future use.

Accordingly, it is likely that even after the pandemic, Zoom -Meetings continue to be of great importance. It is all the more important that you now collect your own experiences in the live stream.

So what are you waiting for? Dare and set up your first online event! Your viewers and fans will definitely thank you!

By Ephatech

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