How to Succeed with Google Rich Snippets for SEO

How to Succeed with Google Rich Snippets for SEO

If you want to be successful with search engine optimization, or SEO for short, the aim of ranking well in the organic search results and be as visible as possible.

It’s not just about appearing high in the SERPs, but also about how much space you take up there.

A great way to spread your web content in the search results and thus attract the attention of users and users to attract are so-called rich snippets.

What are Google Rich Snippets?

Unlike regular Google snippets, rich snippets offer an added value of information and are more visually appealing in design.

Examples of this are star ratings or FAQs. Depending on the type of rich snippet, these are displayed above or below the description.

This increases the space your content occupies in the SERPs and visually sets it apart from other search results. Users can not only see the content more easily but also get the feeling that they are getting relevant information here.

Strictly speaking, rich snippets do not directly influence SEO ranking. The above-mentioned special features, however, have a positive effect on traffic to your page.

How do I get a rich snippet for my website?

So that your content is displayed by Google as a rich snippet you should four steps follow:

  • Use appropriate markup to describe your Page Data to structure.
  • Testing if everything is ready for a Rich Snippet.
  • Check the Performance continuously and optimize you if necessary.
  • Make sure your website answers the query of the searcher

Which Rich Snippet is the right one?

Consider which Rich Snippet matches your content. If questions are answered in your content, it may be a good idea to combine them into a restructured FAQ. If a certain course of action is explained, a How-to-Markup makes sense. For offers and products, rich snippets of the types Review or Product Type be interesting.

Keep in mind: Only if the selected rich snippet also matches your content will there be valuable content for users and thus an SEO advantage for you.

Structure page data – how does that work?

Structuring page data: This may sound like a complex undertaking that you are reluctant to attempt. There are now a variety of generators that will do the job for you and the data automatically into the desired structure bring. These generators prepare the data according to, which is considered the standard for data structuring in the network.

Is your content ready for the rich snippet?

It’s a good thing that Google itself has a tool for testing your content for rich snippets. Just copy the URL in question into the tool and see if there is still There is a need for improvement means SEO continuous optimization.

If you’ve followed the steps above, chances are your content will show up in search results as a rich snippet, driving traffic to your site. As always with SEO, however, the same applies here: after work is before work. So don’t rest on your laurels, but run regular checks to secure it in the long term. With the Google Search Console, keep an eye on the relevant pages and, if necessary, make optimizations.

By Ephatech

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