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Content Management systems offer countless opportunities to prepare content in an exciting way. Nevertheless, there are still enough sites on the Internet that are boring and don’t appeal to the target audience. This has a deterrent effect on users – and is ultimately reflected in poorer SEO rankings. Because the magic word these days is: Diversity of Content.

If you want to operate a successful and well-ranked website, you cannot avoid an appealing content design. After all, the user experience is more important than ever. But what exactly does the diversity of content mean and what do you have to pay attention to? We have prepared everything you need to know…

What does diversity of content mean?

The English term Diversity of Content consists of the words Diversity and Content together. Translated, these keywords mean nothing more than diverse content. It’s about the demand to think of websites in a more varied way and to use different content elements so that the user experience is improved.

Why is the diversity of content important for SEO?

User experience is playing a more and more important role with almost each Google update that is introduced.

The behavior of users has had a particular influence on rankings for a long time. Does a website have e.g. for example, a high bounce rate – many people leave the page quickly after viewing it – it is seen as a signal that the content is not good.

For good SEO rankings, it is therefore important to design a website in such a way that people enjoy staying there. And that’s where diversity of content comes into play.

After all, it’s about nothing more and nothing less than creating versatile and appealing content. Of course, this does not mean that a website should be overstimulating.

As always, it’s all about moderation. But a website on which there are interactive content elements and content to discover is simply more exciting than bare text.

Of course, there should always be a balance in what kind of content it is. In the case of magazine articles or blogs, a healthy mix of text and images may be effective. For the company portrait or the description of the service, you can certainly allow yourself a little more creativity.

Because in the end, the formula is simple: you want to inspire your website visitors, Google wants to inspire the searchers and the searchers want to be inspired. So the diversity of content offers a win-win-win situation.

Create more diversified content

1. Pay attention to the text layout

Website content always requires a certain amount of text. Especially with a view to SEO, e.g. for example, it is important for advice texts to adequately answer all possible questions about the topic. This can quickly result in immeasurably boring text deserts.

To counteract this, it makes sense to set the text in an appealing way. It starts with the fact that you regularly make paragraphs. In times of smartphones, text paragraphs should rarely be longer than 3-4 lines. That already provides relaxation.

The use of subheadings structures the text in a meaningful way and offers visual variety. If you then work with lists/bullet points and emphasize certain text with bold font if necessary, you are already well on the way to creating a meaningful basis.

2. Use pictures & videos

The easiest way to break up long texts with a diversity of content is media engagement. Basically,  pictures and videos are suitable for this. These offer the user’s eyes variety and an alternative to text passages.

Whether you want to use an image or a video depends on the respective context and how much content is to be transported with it. Depending on the situation, an attractive photo can also do the trick to create a little diversity.

It becomes particularly interesting if you create diagrams, graphics, and videos yourself. This is a good way if you offer a product or service that requires a special and in-depth explanation. This gives you plenty of room to get to the heart of your individual content quickly and in a way that can be shared. At the same time, you loosen up your text and score with the diversity of content.

3. Use different content elements

With a well-structured text and the integration of media, the basis has already been created. Depending on the type of content, the page can already function without any problems. For example, when reading a magazine article, we are used to being confronted with a lot of text.In addition, it is advisable – especially for content such as product and service descriptions – to include your own content to expand appealing content elements. Conceivable are the following options:

  • Accordions
  • Tables
  • Quotes
  • Sliders
  • Buttons
  • Hover -Effects
  • Counting
  • Bar

This list is only about standard elements that are used for most content management systems are available. In addition, there are countless ways to make a website exciting. It’s worth exploring the possibilities of your CMS more closely and researching plugins. So you can definitely upgrade your content.

4. Prove your inquiring mind

Diversity of content thrives on creativity. If you only ever think of a website in terms of text and images, you will not put much more online than that. Diverse content begins in the head – and you are welcome to act boldly.

Dare to break new ground and try them out. Of course, this works particularly well if you have experienced developers at your side who can also implement your vision adequately. With the right evaluation, you will quickly notice which content elements are popular and which should possibly be replaced. The spirit of research thus contributes to constant optimization.

In the end, there is only one important rule: It always works for your users. Content elements should never be an end in themselves or inserted for SEO reasons. After all, they only have a positive effect on your SEO if users really interact with them and thus spend more time on your website.

So be careful in all experiments, and always make sure that you do not design your website for yourself and also not for your superiors. It’s all about your target audience.

5. Think mobile first!

Internet use has become increasingly mobile in recent years devices moved. Even Google switched its crawling system to Mobile First Index in a major mobile offensive. This means: content is only read as it can be seen on the mobile version of the website. That alone is a reason to optimize your own website adequately.

The other reason is of course the users. More than half of all website views worldwide are mobile. For diversity of content, this means: It’s no use if the content elements work great in the desktop version – but don’t look good on mobile.

Rather, elements with a view to the future should always be thought of in terms of their mobile usability and benefits. Of course, they should also perform on the desktop version. However, mobile use via smartphone and tablet will become even more relevant in the future. So when it comes to diversity of content, always think of the mobile version first.

Conclusion: Diversity of content as an SEO push!

Diversity of content is mandatory nowadays. Diverse content elements make a website more exciting and thus improve the user experience. Ultimately, this has a positive impact on SEO rankings through factors such as the bounce rate. So everyone wins.

It’s important when it comes to implementation, that you make sure that all elements function technically properly. At the same time, content elements should never be an end in themselves. Consider carefully which elements make sense for which type of content. Always keep our 5 starting points in mind:

  • Design your texts in a variety of ways with highlights and paragraphs.
  • Use pictures and Videos for relaxation and explanation.
  • Use appealing content elements and encourage interaction.
  • Dare to break new ground and try things out.
  • Always think about mobile first!

If you orientate yourself on these points, the basis for a variety of content is laid. In this way, you inspire your visitors and the search engine alike!

By Ephatech

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