Social Media Comparison: The 3 Best Networks for Medium-sized Companies!

Social Media Comparison: The 3 Best Networks for Medium-sized Companies!

Social networks are an integral part of modern society. They have taken laptops, smartphones, and tablets by storm. According to the current digital report from we are social and Hootsuite, there are currently in Germany 66 million social media users. There are a total average of 6 social media accounts per internet user.

Especially as a small and medium-sized company, these numbers and the selection raise the question: Which networks are really worthwhile for me? Our social media comparison provides an overview!

Because the networks sometimes differ significantly – and so do their users. Therefore, the right choice of social media channels has a major impact on the success of your social media strategy. In order to make your decision easier, we present three important networks for medium-sized companies in the U.S. in a social media comparison!

Social media comparison: Which network suits my company?

Before we give you a social media comparison To give an overview of the three most important networks for SMEs, we would like to make a few preliminary considerations. If you want to use social media as a marketing channel, and there is hardly any way around it in 2021, then one thing must be clear to you: You have to be committed!

Because setting up a few channels and maintaining them half-heartedly will do you very little good. In order to exploit the immense potential of social media, you must work towards your success with strategy and perseverance. However, this work is rewarded – with likes, shares, and a large target group that perceives your brand and knows your products.

But enough of that, let’s start with the social media comparison…

1. Facebook – the classic

Again and again, declared dead, and yet the numbers continue to climb: Around According to the digital report, Facebook has 2.74 billion

(!!!) active users worldwide. The social network that laid the foundation for the social media boom, so to speak, is still bravely staying at the top. In the U.S. too, 60% of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 use Facebook regularly.

No wonder: the platform is so broadly diversified in terms of functions that it actually leaves nothing to be desired. From the company profile with many contents and advertising options to the chat messenger and shopping integration to events and closed groups – the possibilities are seemingly endless and new ones are constantly being added.

Facebook remains a good choice for medium-sized businesses

If you look at the numbers and the possibilities, the decision was easy. However, whether Facebook is the right network for your company also depends on a few factors. Before you make the decision for or against Facebook, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do I already have an account and followers?

If construction work has been done, you should definitely stay tuned.

Am I willing to invest money to increase my reach?

The organic reach is so limited that paid reach is often the only way.

Is my target group more in the age group of 29+?

The Facebook audience tends to be a bit older and not quite a young target group.

Do I have a product that needs to be explained and that cannot only be communicated via pictures/videos?

Facebook offers plenty of space for longer texts and links to extensive articles.

Do I want to use a large range of functions?

Facebook offers countless possibilities for content and more.

In general:

With Facebook, you are still right as a company in 2021. However, should you create a completely new account, you must realize that it is hard work to build it up to a relevant size. This has become almost impossible without spending money on campaigns and reach due to the limitations of organic reach. But with the right strategy, Facebook is still a powerful marketing tool.

2. Instagram – pictures, pictures, pictures

Instagram was something like the second big boom in social media. More than 1.2 billion active users worldwide and at least 46.9% of the German

Internet users form an immensely large audience. The well-implemented story function in particular has quickly made Instagram very popular – even if other networks have followed suit.

Overall, it is only logical that the network should not be missing in this social media comparison. Because of its large, somewhat younger target group and the opportunity to achieve a lot with the right hashtags and well-thought-out image material without having to buy a range, it is probably one of the hottest irons in the social media fire.

Instagram is mandatory – if the pictures are correct

In 2021, Instagram should be an integral part of the social media strategy of medium-sized companies. In hardly any other network can such a large reach be achieved organically and thus a strong channel built up. At the same time, however, you also have to accept the limitation and the strong visual orientation. You should ask yourself the following questions about Instagram:

Do I have visually strong images that I can use?

Instagram thrives on interesting and well-designed pictures. Without such content, it will not work. This does not necessarily mean epic landscape photographs or company photos, but above all a coherent visual concept.

Would you like to use the story function for short impressions?

A large part of the content is nowadays produced and consumed as a story. Using this function is mandatory on Instagram.

Do I not shy away from video content?

Instagram lives not only from pictures but above all from video Content.

Do I want to link a lot to content articles on my website?

Links do not work from the texts – only via the biography line in the profile. So if you’re just looking for a channel for more website traffic, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Am I willing to give people real insight give?

Authentic Action is especially important on Instagram. The users want real insights into your company and your work.

Our recommendation: Strategically operated, Instagram is probably the most promising network at the moment. Since a lot is done through the images, you should be aware that you may have to invest in graphics work and good photos in order to work really successfully. You should also get involved in being more approachable than usual in marketing. But this is generally expected more and more often from companies nowadays, even outside of Instagram. Accordingly, Instagram should not be missing in any social media strategy of medium-sized companies.

3. LinkedIn – the business platform

LinkedIn is a business network for making contacts and for presenting your own company. What is special about the network is the thematic focus: there are hardly any private postings here, but mainly business topics. People are not on the move as private individuals but as employers or employees. Around 722 million people use this platform worldwide, in Germany, there are approx. 16% of internet users.

This may not sound as impressive as the previous numbers. However, the difference lies in the quality. Because on LinkedIn you will find industry experts, potential employees, and a broad target group with a great interest in company content. So you don’t reach as many people, but you may reach a more valuable target group.

Logically, the target group here is a bit older, since schoolchildren or students tend not to have any accounts yet. In terms of functionality and presentation, LinkedIn is similar to Facebook. You can produce different content formats, network, write messages, create events, and form groups…

LinkedIn is mandatory in B2B

Whether LinkedIn is the right network for your company, depends on various factors. Simply answer the following questions for yourself:

Does my company work in the B2B sector?

Especially in the B2B sector, LinkedIn is important for making contacts with other companies and increasing brand awareness there. But depending on the objective, it can also make sense in B2C.

Do I want to build my business as an expert instance?

On LinkedIn, you can contribute your expert knowledge in depth.

Am I looking for networking within my industry?

You can find industry contacts via LinkedIn and can thus promote cooperation and your profile.

I want real discussions to guide you through specialist topics and let me be inspired.

Here you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other experts and E experts.

Am I possibly looking for new employees and would like to present myself as an attractive Present employer?

Many potential employees are active on LinkedIn and looking for jobs.

The conclusion to LinkedIn: Do you work in B2B?

Then LinkedIn should be high on your agenda. But there are also exciting opportunities in B2C, especially if you have special expert knowledge or are selling a product that requires an explanation. In addition, LinkedIn is the point of contact for recruiting new employees. So you should definitely consider LinkedIn as a channel and carefully consider whether it fits your purpose.

4. Other networks in the social media comparison

Of course, there are also many other networks that we will not go into in-depth at this point. The main reason for this is that, for various reasons, they are only of greater relevance in special cases for small and medium-sized companies. Of course, we don’t want to leave them unmentioned:


The ultimate video platform. If you produce a lot of moving images, this is the right place to start building your community. However, professional video productions require a high budget and a lot of time.


The popular short message service. For companies in the media industry, there is hardly a way around Twitter. However, the channel is particularly fast-moving and requires a lot of commitment and a high posting frequency. Several posts per day are completely normal here, which is beyond the capacity of many smaller companies.


The youth trend is becoming more and more of a varied video platform for information and entertainment. Here you can reach a young target group in particular, but you have to get involved with the fast-moving trends. The form and tonality of TikTok do not suit every company.


Create your own pinboard with your company content to inspire other people. This network can be a nice bonus, especially if you are active in areas related to design, creation or nutrition. People search here e.g. B. Inspiration for furnishing, decoration, and design of the house, apartment, and garden or ways of preparing and serving food.

Draw your conclusions from the social media comparison!

There are no silver bullets when it comes to choosing the right social media channels. Our social media comparison serves only as a guide to show small and medium-sized companies a direction. In the end, you have to consider which channels suit your company and which ones you really want and can use. You are usually right with the three networks presented – as long as you proceed strategically and get involved in your own world of social media. We would be happy to accompany you on this path …

By Ephatech

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