Hire Facebook Marketing Expert [Tips & Guide]

Why do you need to hire a Facebook Marketing expert? Managing the marketing and results-oriented advertising on Facebook is the analysis and planning of a strategy that guarantees to reach, attract, and retain quality users.

Hire a Facebook Marketing expert because Marketing on Facebook is a constant search process where many automated processes. And valuable content is created. Social dynamics can’t stop, and you have no easy reason to do so. This is what we call social marketing and is based on interactions that, in turn, adjust to the needs that users use to find their impressions on social networks.

Not only does content become a way to nurture and generate traffic, but it also allows a community to take over when you have the right marketing strategy on Facebook. This new trend is currently underway. The method is positioned in a systematic way and successful technique. We should think of a dichotomy that guides us today to brand identity and a business’s growth.

That is why there is no immediate need to talk about the need for a website to generate economic revenue in developing traffic and financial freedom as an alternative platform for social networking—used to start a growth business—many demands.

From here, we talk about the immense potential of Facebook to help your business grow so hire a Facebook Marketing expert now. Of course, suppose the strategy focuses on socializing through an impression of marketing on Facebook.

In that case, there will be nothing but a series of empty campaigns that are likely to generate traffic without any action and without generating transmission. Will end The user’s search and focus on knowledge and emotions.

Why Market and Advertise on Facebook?

At Explorer, we always suggest to almost any company that it should have a Facebook page, but did you know that Facebook generates far more advertising revenue than any other social network? Nevertheless, advertising on this social network is not a guarantee of success. It is essential to carefully analyze and plan with “lots of strategies” to ensure the advertiser’s best results.

So I think it’s essential that you know all the details to hire a Facebook Marketing expert, as an advertising platform, before evaluating your advertising and following strategies on this social network.

  1. There are over 2 million existing sponsors on Facebook. It also means that when you talk about positioning yourself in the market and this social network, you will be more competitive than ever. You only get attractive advertising and quality content.
  2. If you tailor your Facebook ads to the right audience, you’ll get better results with less investment: the average cost per click will be 14% cheaper, and the cost per conversion will be 64% more affordable.
  3. 20% of your Facebook page (depending on the sector) wants to know about your product and have a real intention to buy. Use your page to understand your company’s limitations, products, or services, and talk directly to all your potential customers to resolve all their doubts or work on a company image.
  4. Companies that are active on Facebook have 3.5 times more interaction with users, which costs more. Talk openly with your fans, stay consistent, and answer their questions quickly.
  5. Will be able to More than 700 million users visit Facebook every day on their mobile phones, and the number continues to grow. Are you going to ignore the opportunity it represents? We’re talking about a significant niche of potential customers in which you can access and benefit from personalized ads just by designing and creating a mobile website. Furthermore, Facebook mobile users are more active, and advertising than computer users and a clear example of this is that 66 revenue from Facebook ads comes from mobile users.
  6. Facebook users are the most active users, consuming 4 234 million worth of goods and gifts in the second half of 2014. Are you letting them escape? Of course, you will not compete.
  7. 40% of your Facebook page fans want to receive regular news about your company, and this data is real. Get the benefit of this reality by building your own live and active communication channel on Facebook.
  8. Facebook has increased the visibility of the last 50 Facebook pages that the user has interacted with, showing the news of those pages in the user’s “Latest News” block. Another reason to publish information about your company on Facebook with frequency is one of these 50 pages.
  9. One in four characters who handle Facebook to write questions or complaints in business expects an answer within an hour.
  10. As presented by Facebook, the cost-per-click ads are up 70% from last year, and the ad click rate is increasing by 160%.
  11. 78% of consumers have interacted with the brand before purchasing its products or services.
  12. Short messages (limited to 250 characters or fewer) get 60% more engagement.
  13. In common, Friday is the most fantastic day to post updates when users are most active on social media.
  14. Overall, 75% of participants, who receive an update, receive it within the first 5 hours after publication. Therefore, it is essential to have a strategic plan based on how your audience is most active. Several times ago, we published an article on posts on social networks like Facebook.
  15. Emotional messages are more engaging. Using Emotions on Facebook, we humanize the company, and at the same time, we got 57% more “likes,” 33% more actions, and 33% more comments.
  16. Facebook gives more priority and presence to hosted videos on its servers. If you’re going to update with a video, even if it’s on YouTube, it’s recommended that you increase the presence of updates by 30% in the “Latest News” block of users. Copy it to the Facebook server. Not worth it!
  17. Video views on Facebook are 758% higher than last year, probably thanks to Facebook’s AutoPlay feature. Whatever it is, could you make the most of it?
  18. Asking a suggestive question at the end of your post gets 100 more comments as you make your message more interactive and invite users to join the conversation with your company.
  19. 35% of Facebook users have become fans of a page to participate in the contest. Competitions are a great way to increase a page’s followers on Facebook, and the key is to present engaging and standard content so that after the contest is over, the followers “stay” on your page.
  20. Photos represent 93% of user activity on Facebook. Messages with images get 53% more “likes,” 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks than text messages alone. In high resolution and rugged, publish personal photos of the brand.
  21. 70% of Facebook users follow local businesses. Doing a small and local business is no excuse for not working seriously with Facebook. The opportunities for “little ones” are tremendous!
  22. There are already over 40 million active small business Facebook pages. Facebook offers many exciting options for low-budget local businesses to reach future users.

Ads on Facebook, through Facebook ads, are within the design of any company’s Internet campaign. And the reasons, as you can see, are not lacking. The important thing is that you analyze and plan the ads that guarantee to reach, attract, and retain your company’s standard customers and potential customers.

To do this, we recommend contacting Facebook marketing experts and creatives who specialize in Facebook advertising campaigns. Shall we give you a hand because you need to hire a Facebook Marketing expert Right now?

Facebook and Instagram Advertising Consultant

You’ve campaigned on Facebook and Instagram ads, but you don’t know that if they’re well-directed, you don’t know how to interpret the data that Facebook uses to help you improve your campaigns. That’s why it is recommended to Hire Facebook Marketing Expert.

You don’t know if you’re enhancing your budget and if you can get more out of this monthly game with this guide on Facebook Ads. You can’t tell the matching score, frequency, reach, and many other concepts that Facebook uses to describe campaign results.

If you have ever noticed yourself in the following situation …

> You never know if you’re reaching your target audience
> Your Business get a very high price per sale, and you want to reduce it to get more returns
> Are you getting very few CTRs on your ads (audience doesn’t click)
> You get a lot of clicks, but a few visits to the landing page
> You will be interested in my services as an Social Media expert in Facebook and Instagram advertising.
>  Are your business getting very high CTR, but you don’t get sales (you don’t convert)
> The price per lead is extremely expensive and you don’t know how to improve it
> You are not sure what you are sending to the audience
> You don’t know how to design a sales funnel that will help you convert your potential customers.

Choose between 5 types of content to create interactions

Content is everything in social networks. It is recommended to hire a social media marketing expert. As it allows users to make important decisions based on interactions. So getting the content right is performing with the audience you want to capture.

So, Do you hire a Facebook Marketing expert yet?


The first thing users observe is that it records the written conversation. And therefore all the ideas are focused on communicating in writing with the social states, resulting in them being identified as sensitive. Because they are ways of free expression. This is where the copy, or writing, gets the most exposure. And becomes the Call to Action (CTA) that guides the user to register actions regarding a brand or product.

Visually, the photos on Facebook have received special attention in terms of being a hook generator and providing guidance on promotions and special events. Images are a graphic design vision that is important. Because of the creativity that allows it to represent an image in marketing and advertising on Facebook.

Facebook has become one of YouTube’s direct rivals over the past two years. Leading the way in storing and playing all kinds of videos. Due to the fact that the videos are being talked about. This does not mean that they are more engaged with the images. Because of the location of the place and the nature of the event or action. , Then investing in a photo or video will be effective.

Facebook Live
One of the latest marketing innovations on Facebook is a live transmission. This is widely used in promotional campaigns to show the confidence that the state or image does not achieve many times over. It is in this trust that purchases are calculated. The records are created and offers or links that lead to them are clicked.

To change the content displayed in a state. Or to link to content that leads to links that point to offers, advertising campaigns, or just valuable content that has meaning for consumers.


Popular Questions People Ask

How much does it cost for a Facebook Ad Manager?

Hire Facebook Ad Manager Worth it. Most Facebook Advertising Agencies charge almost $150+ per week. As their expertise, the more professional the agency is the more they charge. Because they provide guaranteed results. so it is recommended to hire a facebook ad expert company for your Social Media Management.

Hire Facebook Ad Expert Worth It?

Yes! Because the CPC is very low. And social media expert know their duties very well. They know how to target the right audience which drives better and more relevant results for your business. Also, Facebook is the best Ads Platform if you want to earn big.

By James Kandu

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