How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2023


I was stuck on how to start a Social media marketing agency and come up with a reliable name. For those of you looking to start, scale, or grow your digital marketing agency. Be sure to check out our service, social media marketing services. If you are paralyzed on how to start an internet marketing agency and you’re just stuck on getting a name out of the way. you’ll have three strategies to get you.

An advertising agency name that sells we’ve proven this formula on our own business, and now it’s your turn. So the first step is the naming strategy. So we see a lot of people get confused about how to come up with a name. They want to focus on a particular niche. Or incorporate that niche into a name.


In our opinion, you should not make an agency name which is focusing on a niche. We recommend starting something that’s Broad easy to understand and is Growth focused. We’re not saying at all that having a niche isn’t extremely important. It certainly is but when first starting a DIgital agency near me. Cash is king!

Paying clients and cash in the door having a name like “dentists social” is going to limit you from the low-hanging fruit. You could be tackling on a local level or nationwide. When first starting a business, you need two things: cash testimonials. I have a generic name that covers the basics. That is a growth-focused Is going to allow you to work in multiple markets. Comment below what your how to start digital marketing agency name is Or #build it if you’re still working on one? We’d love to know!

Now that we’ve established the overall strategy for our social media agency name let’s dig into how to pick a name! In this day in age, coming up with a one-word name for your business is possible, but is usually the exception to the rule. You’ll have a lot more success creating a name that is two to three words in length, staking your claim, and ensuring that no one else has taken it.

For example, if we use the primary keyword: revenue and plug it into name-generation tools, you’ll get results like:

    • Order Revenue
    • Clutch Revenue
    • Tales Revenue

Check Your Social Media Marketing Agency Name

To further ensure that no one will have your name, you can tag on a third line. Our agency, for example, started with the keyword “vital”. After mowing it over, we landed on “vital traffic labs”. We wanted to convey that the marketing efforts we’re taking are vital for their business. Bringing in leads would be the “life-blood” of the organization. Also that we would drive significant “traffic” their way. Finally, we threw in “labs” to make it more data-focused on the campaigns we’re running. We came up with the concept and finalized our name in about 24 hours. If you walk away with anything from this video it’s this:

Move quickly and don’t get hung up on the name! No one cares about the name of your agency; they care about the results. Walmart and Tim Hortons are not brilliant names, But they deliver what they promise and are now household names. Now that we’ve decided on a name that makes sense let’s see if it’s available to register. As you’re going through this brainstorming process, you’ll want to be checking these sites for availability. The first step you can do is google the business name and see if the URL is available or not.


You can go to the department of the treasury of your state and search. See if someone else has already claimed the business name. You can also search our patent and trademark office to triple-check and cover your bases. Bonus tip: once you have a name you’re settled on that is not taken, Make sure you purchase the URL and claim all of the relevant social channels immediately. To purchase the domain, visit: or

We prefer Google because they don’t add your name to every cold caller in the world, but they don’t syndicate your domain. OR DNS changes as quickly as Go Daddy does, so pick your position there. Now you know to come up with a name for your agency so you can start a social media Advertising agency.


If you want more in-depth training, Stay Tuned for our more coming blogs on this topic in the future on how to build, operate, and scale a digital marketing agency from a-z.

Keep grinding the #buildit community.

Keep growing, and we’ll see you in the next one.

By James Kandu

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