How to Write Product Descriptions for your Website [Optimize Product Descriptions]

How to Write Product Descriptions for your Website [Optimize Product Descriptions]

The salesmen of your website are your product descriptions. Because while the staff provides convincing reasons to buy when visiting a physical store, the product description must do this on an online store.

It is therefore particularly important to give this topic sufficient time when creating the shop and pay attention. After all, this virtual sales talk ultimately decides whether your product will be bought – or not.

We will explain how to present your products in the best possible way and how to create sales-boosting product detail pages. In 7 very simple steps, you can go from mere product data sheets to content that will convince your target group.

7 tips for successful product descriptions for webshops

1. You need to know your target audience

The golden rule for copywriters is: You always write for your target audience. Not for yourself, not for your boss, or for someone else. In the end, it’s all about potential buyers.

It is therefore important that you gather as much knowledge as possible about your target group. Ideally, a target group analysis should already have been carried out in the course of product development.

If this is not the case yet, you should do so before you start writing. If this is not possible, collect as many empirical values ​​for your target group as possible in all possible ways.

You need to know the social background of your potential customers, how they live, what they need, and what challenges they face. This is the only way you can use the right levers and create sales-boosting product texts.

2. Take every product text seriously

If you offer a larger range of products online, you quickly face the problem that you have large quantities of text that need to be written. A certain level of sloppiness creeps in. After all, it’s just product texts that you can quickly work through, right?

Unfortunately, the importance of item descriptions is often underestimated. They not only play a major role in the final purchase decision, i.e. in the very crucial phase. They are also of immense importance when it comes to building visibility and traffic for your online shop.

Accordingly, you should never work through product texts according to the motto “quantity instead of quality”. We know that the sheer volume of text can be overwhelming at times. But it is worthwhile to approach every article description with the necessary seriousness. You’ll notice it later in traffic and conversion rate.

3. Rely on appealing pictures and videos

A picture says more than a thousand words. This statement also applies to online shops. Because the quality of your article photos sends clear signals to your customers.

So make sure you product detail pages with high-quality photos or enrich video material. Show the product from all necessary angles and provide additional explanatory diagrams where possible.

A 15-second demonstration video can sometimes add more value than 500 words of high-quality text. Accordingly, you should always consider when the use of media enriches your product texts.

Of course, media should never be an end in itself. Rather, on the one hand, they are necessary to show the article and on the other hand, they are always useful when they present something more intuitively than text ever could.

Website content means: simpler, faster, and mobile-friendly. And media integration plays an important role in this.

4. Communicate benefits, not facts

Your new hiking shoes weigh only 800 g, are made of a special fabric that is also used by the military is used and have a special quick-release fastener. That’s great. But what exactly does that do?

We, humans, are quickly overwhelmed by the mere listing of product properties. Only a few people who are really familiar with the subject can classify them accordingly.

Therefore it is important that you use the Translate properties – to a clear benefit. Because people want to know what the product really brings you.

Let’s go back to our example and translate the facts:

800 g Weight: This is extremely light for hiking boots. That means you can wear these shoes on long hikes without your feet getting tired. With these shoes, you can also manage particularly long hikes where you previously ran out of energy. Real long-distance runners.

Special military fabric: It may be a particularly tough material. On the one hand, this ensures durability and, on the other hand, that you can hike even in difficult weather conditions. Means: With these hiking shoes you face all elements with warm and dry feet.

Special quick-release fastener: Such a fastener allows you to quickly put on and take off your shoes. This is particularly pleasant after a long hike. That means: after a successful hike, you simply put the clasp on and glide smoothly out of your hiking gear into a well-deserved rest.

Of course, this is just a fictitious example. But it shows what it means to translate the bare facts of an article into real benefits for the target audience.

Here comes again your knowledge about the target group. Because if you know what challenges or problems they are facing, you can focus even more on the respective benefit.

5. Prioritize correctly

When displaying and sorting your content, you must make sure that you set the priorities correctly. In the case of product texts, this means: The most important information always comes first.

When the product detail page is opened, must be immediately apparent what the product is about, what it looks like, and what the benefit is. This can e.g. E.g. with a short text or a bullet point list.

Further descriptions follow and finally legally required information (technical data, package leaflet, general terms, and conditions…). Ideally, users should make a decision without scrolling.

The presentation of the content is also part of the prioritization. While the most important benefits must be clearly highlighted, technical details can also be hidden in a content element such as tabs or an accordion.

6. Pay attention to SEO for your product texts

SEO for online shops is unfortunately often neglected. Product description pages in particular offer a good opportunity to receive relevant and high-quality traffic.

If you are looking for a specific product, you are quite close to the purchase decision. The person is already aware that they want to address a certain circumstance in their life with a specific product.

If your product is prominently displayed here in the search engine, this increases the chances for traffic and ultimately a purchase enormous.

So make sure that you design your product texts in terms of SEO. Specifically, this means:

  • Product descriptions must inform users as simply as possible in full
  • Maintain corresponding meta information (meta title & meta description) for each product text)
  • Pay attention to a clear hierarchy in the heading structure with the main keyword in the H1

Watch out for Duplicate Content. Especially in shops, similar products can quickly lead to cannibalization.

In addition, you should optimize your online shop so that it offers the most pleasant user experience possible. Because these technical aspects are also part of a good product detail page for Google when evaluating.

7. Make the purchase as easy as possible

Are your product texts convincing? Then, ideally, the purchase is made – as long as it is not unnecessarily complicated. Because an unnecessarily difficult purchase process can lead to your customers jumping off after the last few meters.

So make sure that the purchase is as easy as possible. For this, you offer prominently placed the possibility to place the product in the shopping cart. This must be clearly visible and accessible at all times. Ensure z. B. Links or buttons with jump labels if the product text is particularly long.

You should then use all common payment methods (PayPal, credit card, direct debit, immediate transfer, invoice …). The purchase should also be possible as a guest without prior registration because creating an account is a hurdle for many people.

In this way, you can ultimately reap the fruits of your work on the product texts through increasing sales figures.

Optimize your product detail pages

Carefully optimized product texts are coming Good for your business in many ways. You can help your website to be more visible and thus increase traffic, so you bring more potential customers to your online shop.

But above all, you help sell your product. They’re like a well-planned sales pitch, only online. So make sure to exercise the necessary sensitivity and devote enough time to your item descriptions.

This is how you will create product detail pages that make sure of sales-boosting product texts. that your target group can’t help but click on the buy button. You will see: all the work is worth it.

By Ephatech

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