Top 10 Best Instagram Filter for Selfies & Instagram Filters Guide

Top 10 Best Instagram Filter for Selfies & Instagram Filters Guide

Let’s talk about the Best Instagram Filter for Selfies: Everyone uses them (it’s true that some are more than others) but they are there to entertain and edit our content.

Many of the impressions you see on Instagram edit the photos by putting one filter on top of the other and then adding to it with another filter, as choosing the perfect filter can sweep the photo on Instagram. ۔ Also, not everyone is an expert in photography and it works to maintain the consistency of the material.

At Epha we’re investigating, and we’ve selected the Best Instagram Filter for Selfies for stories and how to find them.

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What are Instagram Filters?

Instagram filters are editing tools that change the look and feel of a photo, allowing users to enhance and personalize their images. These filters use various effects, such as color correction, brightness adjustments, and special effects, to create a specific mood or aesthetic.

Benefits of using Instagram Filters

Using Instagram filters can add a creative touch to your selfies, making them more visually appealing and enjoyable to look at. Filters can also help to improve the quality of your photos, correcting lighting and color issues and making your selfies look their best. Additionally, filters can be used to express your personality and personal style, helping you to stand out on the platform and engage with your followers.

Overall, Instagram filters are a simple and fun way to enhance and personalize your selfies, helping you to share your unique story and connect with your followers. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or a subtle touch-up, there’s an Instagram filter out there that’s perfect for you.

Filters for the best Instagram stories

1. A4 filter

With A4 filters, you can fill every hour of your day with a layer of romance. Washing hands, drinking water, watering flowers, and everyday things have never been more cinematic. This is one of the best Instagram Story filters you’ll regret not adding to your collection before.

2. Honey Skill + movie

We love this Instagram filter because it offers your home interior summer colors and terracotta tones. This is perfect for the pictures you take from this corner of the house that you are very proud of or you usually give more light to the pictures taken inside the house. It will give a warm atmosphere to all your photos, you will love it!

3. Definition

We end our list of the best Instagram filters with a highly creative option that will make you fall in love. If you’re a fan of graphic design, creativity, and innovation, you’ll enjoy playing with this filter that illustrates the camera’s focus with a white outline that gives a hand-drawing effect.

4. Cinema Stories

Here’s another great Instagram story filter. Vintage fashion is now all over the world, from clothes to make-up. With the idea that the old is the most precious, it seems that we all try to travel back in time using our cameras. With this filter, you will get 100 get it.


This filter has multiple choices of tones and colors, and you can change the style of your image and video. A great way to give your photography a new tone that will make it very real.

6. Moody up

Sometimes we have interesting memories that deserve to be shared with the world. The only thing we have to do in these moments is to command them with this filter. Save any photography moment of your day forever with the Moody Up filter and accompany it with music.

7. Clarendon

This filter has a high contrast effect and is slightly saturated. The Clarendon filter will give your image an overall cool tone, but the skin tone will remain warm and normal. You can use it whenever you want because it looks good in any picture, be it a landscape picture or a portrait. Definitely one of the best Instagram filters for photos.

8. Boho filter

Boho Filter is another great Instagram filter. This filter has several options and depending on your mood, you can adjust the image or video mode as needed.

9. Almond milk

Ideal for those who love aesthetics, beauty, and simplicity. Taste the filter for the first time and be inspired by the names of the best fragrances. When you use cinnamon, tea, or almond milk filters, you will notice that your image becomes the cover photo of a design magazine.

10. Frame

If you are a fan of beauty and keep your photos and videos framed then this filter is for you. You no longer have to use other apps to be able to frame your photos and you can choose to follow this style when sharing content on your profile.

How to get a filter on Instagram

If you want to know how to find filters for the best Instagram stories, all you have to do is scroll through the filter browser on your Instagram where you will see a whole gallery of available effects.

To find and search filters on Instagram stories, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Instagram stories icon at the top left.
  • On the History tab, swipe the filters to the left with your finger.
  • Click on the final icon, Explore Effects Magnifying Glass.

What is an Instagram Story Filter?

Instagram Story Filters are virtual computer-generated images or video effects that can be inserted into the real world. They are also called AR filters. That comes from “Augmented Reality” and means something like “extended reality”.

The effects are often used as face filters. Instagram has enabled this feature since 2017, competing with Snapchat, which is based on these features. The filters became an instant hit. Users love to modify themselves in photos and videos. Most of the time this is done in a funny way.

Instagram profile growth thanks to Story Filter

In May 2018, Instagram rolled out a beta version that allows brands and public figures to create face filters through the Spark AR Studio platform.

Brands were immediately enthusiastic about how they can get in even closer contact with users and their fans. The brand love is automatically increased because the users commit to the brand and bring it into their own community. Some accounts must first be followed in order to use the account filter.

Use Instagram Story Filters

In order to be able to use the filters, you call up the profile that created the filter. In addition to Shopping, IGTV, Reels, and Mentions, Instagram has also created its own menu item for filters. Another way to get filters is through the story camera. There the filters can be called up by swiping all the way to the right.

Filter Types

There are two ways to use the filters. One option is to use the selfie camera. In selfie mode, mostly graphic elements are projected onto the face or the surrounding area. Filters can also react to gestures or facial expressions. Another option is to use the main camera. Here, for example, 3D objects can be playfully placed in the environment.


The Instagram filters can be produced with the Spark AR Studio. Elements (e.g. glasses or a hat), objects or color levels (e.g. color filters or backgrounds) can be integrated using layers. Spark AR is constantly expanding its templates. Currently these include: Animated Poster, Background, Face Decoration, Color Filter, Makeup, Neck Decoration, Head Decoration, 2D & 3D Stickers, Eye Color, Voice Changer and Hair Color.

In the meantime, there are some restrictions in the implementation, which are recorded in the guidelines of Spark AR. For example, logos may appear, but they must be well integrated into the scene. The same goes for text. This must not simply stand in the room, but must follow the user’s head movement, for example.

Too many objects should not be inserted as there is a size limit. But don’t worry, you can test the filter directly in the Facebook or Instagram app before exporting.

The filters can then be exported to Facebook’s Spark AR Hub. There the filters are checked again. If any part of the filter doesn’t meet Spark AR or Facebook guidelines, you’ll get a message detailing where the problem is and tips on how to improve the filter. If the filter has been verified, it can be seen in the respective Instagram account and is ready for use.

How to find Instagram Story filters & fun effects

With filters and effects, you can make your stories entertaining and creative on Instagram. Found a fun effect on an Instagram account and want to use it too? We’ll show you how to find and use story filters.

Find filters in the effects gallery

Are the standard filters and effects not enough for your reels and stories? A small detour takes you to the effects gallery. Here you have access to a lot of filters and effects.

  • Open the camera panel on Instagram to make a story or reel.
  • Tap the screen once to make the filter bubbles appear below.
  • Swipe all the way right to the “Browse Effects” magnifying glass icon.
  • Tap the magnifying glass to open the effects gallery.
  • Search for filters in different categories or use the classic search function at the top right.
  • Tap the filter you want and tap Try it.

You can also save the new filter so that you can find it more quickly. To do this, tap the flag icon next to “Try it out.” You can now always find the filter as the standard filter in the filter bubbles on the far left. It is also in the effects gallery under “Saved”.

Find story filters through Instagram profiles

If you have discovered funny or creative filters and effects on other Instagram profiles, you can easily save them and try them out for yourself. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the desired Instagram profile.
  • Tap the star icon.
  • Find a video and tap “Try it” to test the filter.
  • Find filters in stories and reels

While scrolling through stories and reels on Instagram, you will surely come across different filters and effects. Once a filter has been used, you can try it too.

Find filters in stories: The name of the filter is displayed directly under the profile name – if a filter was used. Tap the “greater than” icon next to the filter name, then tap “Try it”. You can also tap Save Effect. The filter will then be displayed as the default filter in the filter bubbles or in the effects gallery under “Saved”.

Find Filters in Reels: The name of the filter will be displayed above the Instagram profile name – if a filter was used.

Tap the name, then tap Use Effect at the bottom. You can also tap the flag icon in the top right. The filter will then be displayed as the default filter in the filter bubbles or in the effects gallery under “Saved”.

You can find and use filters and effects on Instagram in a number of ways.

In the effects gallery, you will find numerous effects and filters.

You can also use the asterisk symbol to find and try out effects on other Instagram profiles.

In Stories and Reels, you can see if filters have been used. If you tap on the filter name, you can try out the effects yourself.

How to search and download Instagram Story filters

  • You must first open the camera on Instagram by swiping left and going to the news feed section.
  • You then need to tap the Your Story icon if it’s the first story you’re posting.
  • You can also post a new story by tapping the plus sign in the top left corner of the app and selecting the “Story” option in the resulting carousel.
  • Then swipe left near the shutter button to go to the Browse Effects option.
  • Tap on it and you can browse multiple effects that you can save to your account. You can choose from a number of filters, which you can see in the form of tabs at the top of the screen.
  • If you want to search for a specific filter, you can do so by typing its name in the search bar above.
  • To save a filter, tap the effect and then tap the download option in the lower-right corner of the app.
  • The filter will be saved in your camera panel. You also have the option to try the filter before downloading. If you want to use the effect, you can find it in your camera section.

How to download and save Instagram filters to your camera

If you come across a filter that someone in your followers list is using, you can also download the same filter/effect.

To download this filter, tap on the effect name shown in the top left corner.

You will then get an option to save the effect to your camera at the bottom. Tap “Save Effect” and it will be saved on your camera.
To use the filter you have to go to your Instagram camera and scroll through the effects below by swiping left or right. This effect is stored in this carousel.

Best Filters for Instagram Stories

In addition to the filters that Instagram itself offers for subsequent editing of stories, all users have been able to create their own filters since August 2019. These filters are then available to all other users.

The trend is clearly towards naturalness. Many big bloggers and influencers therefore deliberately point out that they use color filters at most, but rarely beauty filters for their recordings.

Color filters like “Retro Glam” by pilotmadeleine or “retro” by elenaundben change the lighting and the color of the picture, but don’t distort the face, for example.

Nevertheless, there are still many beauty filters that people still like to use from time to time. These filters usually ensure that the lips appear a little fuller, the chin a little more pointed and the eyes a little larger than normal.

With some filters, however, the intensity can be adjusted. Despite the beauty filter, relatively natural results can be achieved. This is possible, for example, with “Cute face” by positivebaby.

Other beauty filters such as “NO FILTER” by alexandra_rmh, on the other hand, do not allow the intensity to be adjusted.
In addition to the color and beauty filters, there are also fun filters in the Instagram app. For example, “celebrity twin GIRLS” by max_aivi can be used to find similar-looking celebrities.

said_akcan’s “Amcascircles” filter cuts the head of the shot into a chase scene with the police.

In principle, filters of all kinds should be used to a certain extent. Beauty filters in particular can severely distort reality and mutate into false beauty images.

Discover and apply Instagram Story filters

Already saved effects are displayed to the left and right of the record button when recording an Instagram story.
To select specific effects, you need to swipe left or right until the desired effect appears.

To record, click on the button that frames the selected filter as usual.

To browse more effects, swipe your finger all the way to the left. A magnifying glass icon will appear there, labeled “Browse Effects”.

You can browse the effects gallery by clicking on the magnifying glass. You can either enter a specific name or browse through the categories shown above.

The effects found in this way can be tried out directly or saved. If you save the effects, they will appear next to your previously saved filters for further recordings.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Filter for Your Selfies

Choosing the right Instagram filter for your selfies is important to ensure that your images look their best and accurately reflect your personal style. When selecting a filter, there are several factors to consider, including:

Skin tone and lighting: Different filters can have a big impact on skin tone and lighting, so it’s important to choose a filter that flatters your skin and enhances the lighting in your photos. Consider filters that adjust brightness and color balance to help your skin look its best.

Mood and aesthetic: Instagram filters can be used to create a specific mood or aesthetic for your selfies. Consider your personal style and the type of mood you want to convey and choose filters that align with your vision.

Filter popularity and trending filters: Popular filters are often trending and widely used, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for your selfies. Take some time to try out different filters and see which ones you like best. You can also look for inspiration from popular Instagram users to see which filters they’re using and how they’re using them.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best Instagram filter for your selfies and ensure that your images look their best. Whether you’re looking to create a dramatic change or a subtle touch-up, the right filter can help you achieve your goals and share your unique story with the world.


If you want to go a little further and discover more options, in the effects gallery you can divide Instagram filters into different categories (like love, color, light, mood, funny filters, animals, science fiction Fantasy, etc.). I hope you people like all the Best Instagram Filters for Selfies.

Don’t forget to save your best creations and create your own photos.

By James Kandu

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