How To Duplicate a Page in WordPress With One Click – Guide

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This is the most common question people ask How To Duplicate a Page in WordPress. Suppose you work with WordPress, of course once more than once you will need to copy pages and posts. And you will not know how to do it. Manually copying content is a waste of time.

If you are reading this post, the reason is that you want to WordPress duplicate pages and post with a single click. Because sometimes you need to get a backup of your page before you can edit it. Or you have a landing page that works very well, and you want to copy it with a few small changes. You may have different reasons. The fact is that many times, you will need it and want to save time. In this article, I am going to teach you how to manually use pages and posts in WordPress automatically along with some popular free plugins without using plugins. Your selection!

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WordPress duplicate page & post: How to duplicate WordPress page & Content

If something you see is another complete plugin, it is best to download and install duplicate posts. Duplicate Post Plugin is one of the oldest plugins for creating WordPress content (over eight years old). It has remained rendered into 32 languages ​​and has over 2 million active installs. Duplicate page WordPress with other people offering it in the premium version, with a duplicate post that you keep completely free. You can download it from the WordPress storehouse: Download duplicate post Plugin.

To get started, install the plugin and activate it. Before you start using it, you better configure it. It has a lot of options that I’m sure you’ll be interested in. Go to: Settings > Duplicate Post. It has three configuration tabs: what to copy, permissions and view.

Start with “what to copy”. Here you will filter the content of the element you are going to copy which you want to copy:

To copy page or post elements: Select which aspects of the original article you want to copy in your new post: Title, Date, Slug, Squeeze …

Title Preface: If you fill in this field, that text will appear before the title of your cloned content.

Title suffix: If you fill in this field, the text will appear after the title of your cloned content.

Upload menu order to: Add relevant numbers to a menu order. If you require to transmit it as a fault, leave it blank.

Do not copy these fields: with the name, by separating the characters from the commas, from each custom field that you want to exclude from the copy.

Do not copy duplicates: Check the duplicate box you want to exclude from replication.

Once you’ve customized everything, click “Save Changes” and go to the next tab: Permissions. Here you have to create two things: which user roles will be able to copy pages and posts in WordPress and what kind of content the clone function will be available in (pages, posts, or both).

When you make your desired changes, click “Save Changes” and go to the third and final tab: Imagine.

WordPress control panel

Here it would help if you marked the places in the WordPress control panel where you want the content to be displayed to duplicate instant links.

To finish, click “Save Changes” and that’s it! You can now start using duplicate posts. While you can understand, it has a lot more configuration options than a duplicate page and post, it’s just as comfortable when working with it.

To duplicate a post with a duplicate post in WordPress, you have to go to: Posts > All Jobs and fly over the position you want to clone. You will see that one option is called “Clone” and the other is called “New Draft”.

Good care! If you click “Clone”, the plugin will automatically copy all the content of this post and publish it directly. Therefore if solely you want to do is make a copy of the contents of the entry, but you don’t want to publish it yet, the best thing is to click “New Draft”. It will also copy all the content of this publication, but as a status, it will assign “draft”, not “published”.

If you want to duplicate a page in WordPress with a duplicate post, all you have to perform is run to: Pages> All Pages and hover over the page you want to clone. As you can see, the procedure is the same as for inputs. Now you have to click on “Clone”, and the carrier will appear directly. If you click “New Draft“, you will draft the page you want to copy.

Ready! As you can see, the duplicate post is complete and easy to use.

Duplicate page WordPress: How to Duplicate pages and posts in WordPress with one click

If what you want is simple and easy to use, Duplicate Page is your plugin. Duplicate Page is a plugin that lets you copy duplicates of pages, posts, and custom posts in WordPress. Allows cloned content to be saved as a draft, private, public or pending, depending on how you create it before you start working with it.

You can download the WordPress duplicate page plugin directly from the official WordPress Website for free, but the plugin offers improvements to its premium version: more layout options, access to plugin filtering functions by user type, Activation of plugins for different kinds of content, redirects after cloning … Although all you need to do is edit your WordPress content, make backup copies of pages and posts, etc., the free version is much more. Is.

The first thing you need to do is log in to your WordPress control panel, install the plugin and activate it. Before you begin practicing it, take a peek at the duplicate page configuration options. Go to Settings > Duplicate Page:

You need to create a duplicate page according to your needs.

Duplicate Post Status: When the plugin is going to duplicate pages or posts, this content needs to be assigned a status. There are four states of entry or page in WordPress: Draft, Pending, Public and Private. By default, it has the status of “Draft” and, from my point of view, it is the most appropriate and which I recommend that you leave it configured.

Where to redirect after duplicating: When the plugin duplicates the content, two things can happen: you will appear in the list of pages or posts (as appropriate) or in the post or page editing panel that you want. Has just copied. It depends on you.

Duplicate post suffix: When the plugin duplicates the content, it adds a suffix to the name of the post or page. This name will appear after the title.

Once you’ve got everything you want, click the “Save” button and you’re done. You can now start using the duplicate page.

If you want to clone a page in WordPress: go to Pages > All Pages and hover over the page you want to copy. You see that there is an option called “Duplicate”.

Click on the button and Whew! Your duplicate page already exists.

If you want to copy a post or entry in WordPress, go to Posts > All Posts and hover over the access you want to copy. You will see that the option to “Duplicate” (as before) appears. The plan is the equivalent for both pages and newspapers.

Slice or tweak for copying pages and posts in WordPress
If you’re not a fan of installing a lot of plugins and you like to create custom functions in WordPress. So! I’ll show you a tweak or piece that allows you to copy pages and posts in WordPress. Gives.

Since this is a somewhat “big” piece, I’ll show you a little bit of what it does, and you’ll have to copy and paste it the way I’m showing you.

The first thing in this piece is to add a new option or button to posts and pages. But these buttons will only be seen by users who are logged in to your WordPress. And only they have the access to edit them. That is users whom you have authorized to edit posts and pages on your blog.

Now you need to copy, paste and test it. You can edit what you consider and, if you have any questions, you can comment on me.

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Popular Questions People Ask

How do I copy an Elementor page to another website?

As the trend of Elementor pro is growing among people, I guess people will also have the question in their minds how can we duplicate our website page on Elementor pro. If you can check almost 70% of WordPress users now prefer to build their website on Elementor Pro. And it is because they are more impressed with its simple interface and drag & drop functions. So my suggestion for all WordPress users is to visit Elementor’s website. Check out the video in detail that will guide you through everything.

How to copy a page from a WordPress site to another?

There is a hazard of transferring a post and page to another website because of the risk of duplicate content. So the simple solution is to copy & transmit table Rows from one database to another. By the way, WordPress Importer allows you to export your current website data to another website using an XML file. It will also enable you to move posts, pages, and other custom-type content.


As you can observe, it is straightforward to copy pages and posts in WordPress. Depending on the usage you are going to create this function, it is better to install plugins or not. If you are the sole webmaster of your page and only want to clone the content temporarily, you do not need to install the plugin. Add a function and comment on it when you don’t need it.

On the other side, so many people who don’t matter are experts or not of WordPress. And this is also something that you are going to use a lot, then install a duplicate post or WordPress copy page.

By James Kandu

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