How To Have Effective Content Marketing – Guide

How To Have Effective Content Marketing

In today’s article, we will discuss How To Have Effective Content Marketing.

Creating high-quality and effective content may not be as easy to do when you don’t have the right business content marketing strategy and when you don’t know which direction you are heading. Your writers might put a lot of work into their writing; however, are you paying the needed attention to it after publication? 

Content marketing is more important than you think. In fact, 70% of marketers invest in it and consider it a priority. After all, content marketing also affects your brand awareness level, so if you aren’t getting enough exposure on the internet, there has to be something wrong with your content strategy. 

We can ask many questions and maybe not even get an answer to them, but today, we will show you how you can upgrade your business content marketing strategy. 

Let’s dive right in! 

How can you upgrade your content marketing? 

Transcribe audio files to text 

Transcribing audio to text is an excellent way of improving your video content marketing. Of course, this counts for you if your business is into video marketing. Let’s not forget how much videos have evolved in the past five years in the marketing industry. 86% of marketers claim that videos have been effective in helping them generate leads. 

In short, audio transcription services convert audio files to text. Moreover, this may be an interview, academic study, music video clip, conference recording, and more. In many cases, having a text file might just be as important as an audio recording. In short, transcriptions are used for research, phone calls, podcasts, and more. 

To transcribe audio files to text, you need to use the software. For instance, you can transcribe audio to text easily with Happy Scribe’s software, but this is just an example. After all, it would be best if you chose the software that fits your business requirements. 

Use email newsletters 

Email newsletters are a fantastic way of getting your business into the email marketing world. In addition, this is an effective way of upgrading your content marketing because you are continuously providing your audience with alerts such as upcoming events, industry-related news, new products, and much more. 

According to studies, email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent. Moreover, it’s an excellent tool for helping small businesses and doing the following: 

  • Promoting your product and best deals 
  • Increasing the value, you deliver to your customers 
  • Building brand awareness

When thinking about email marketing, many businesses will tend to use Mailchimp. However, you can find the best Mailchimp alternatives; here are some of them: 

  • Flodesk 
  • MailerLite 
  • CampaignMonitor 
  • GetResponse

Use chatbots on your site 

Chatbots are an excellent way to ease the buyer’s journey and persuade them during the sales funnel. In addition, you can use them to accomplish more and be more responsive to your users. For instance, you know that you can’t be awake for 24 hours while the chatbot doesn’t ever sleep. In this case, whenever a user has a question about the content on your website or any uncertainties, the chatbot is there to answer. 

Chatbots can answer the most simple questions; however, human intervention is required when it comes to more complex answers. 

Use the proper keywords 

Identify the proper keywords for your content. After all, if you want people to find you easier, you need to use the correct keywords. This directly relates to your SEO ranking and will impact how many people see your content. Because there are millions and billions of blog posts on the web, if your content isn’t properly optimized, there is no way it’ll be seen. 

To assist you further, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and more. Once you have identified your keywords, determine what your consumers want to know before purchasing from you. 

Use popular content formats 

If you successfully identify the most popular content marketing strategies, it is by measuring your user engagement levels. Hence, it would help if you created different content formats that fit user needs. 

Here’s a list of one of the most successful content formats for improving your user engagement levels: 

  • Blogs: 32% of users agreed that blogs are the main factor for quality content. Create engaging and target long-tail keywords that will match your user’s intentions. 
  • Infographics: visuals have a positive effect when you include images. In fact, our brains actually process images 60,000 times faster than text. Moreover, when something is easier to understand through visuals, your viewers will continue to read your blogs more often. Conversely, what looks complicated will only make people run away. 
  • Webinars: Webinars can have anywhere from a few people to hundreds of people in one, depending on the application you are using. Their primary purpose is to serve educational scenarios, so you can consider setting up free ones for your audience. 
  • Videos: According to statistics, more than 80% of traffic on the internet is from videos. As we mentioned before, videos are an excellent way to upgrade your content marketing and prepare transcripts for each video you post. 

Use social media 

If you’re involved in selling a product or service, you most likely have a social media presence, but it’s a requirement for upgrading your content marketing even if you don’t. Unfortunately, only being active on social media isn’t enough; you have to be where your audience is.

Before you start to use any social media platform, identify where your audience is most active. Is it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or where? After you’ve identified your target audience, it’ll be easier to set up your content marketing strategy.

Furthermore, you can use a set of strategies to identify where your audience is most active on: 

  • Use Google analytics to identify consumer behaviors 
  • Visit competitor social profiles to see where their audience is most active
  • Analyze your consumer data to see where your consumers are involved the most

Promote your content on social media 

The huge advantage of social media is how you can promote your content. Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram have reduced the amount of organic growth that you can get, so at some point, you’ll be required to promote your content to get a better reach. The truth is that on social media, your reach can expand reasonably quickly when you are posting on platforms where your audience is hanging out. Moreover, if you produce the proper quality in your images, Pinterest and Instagram are great networks for building and attracting a wider audience. 

Improve your site’s speed 

A site’s speed is a crucial part of your SEO ranking. If you take yourself as an example, when you visit a site and loading speeds are slow, you will most likely leave the site. So, in this case, you should put yourself in your customer’s shoes and know that site speed is an essential factor concerning page experience. 

Alternatively, you can consider using a content delivery network (CDN) to improve your site’s speed. However, when you are a small business owner, it can become quite challenging to host content on a CDN since it is pretty costly. Especially if you don’t have enough traffic flow, your CDN’s costs won’t be justified. However, you can consider using a CDN with cloud storage; that’s a more affordable option. 

In this case, you only have to choose a cloud storage provider: Google Drive, Sync, and more. Another method you can use to improve your site’s speed is to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your content. 

How To Have Effective Content Marketing: Wrapping it up 

Well, that’s about it for this article. These were our top tips on how you can improve your business content marketing. New content on the web is continuously being posted each day, and it’s more important than ever to differ from your competition. 

Many businesses will post content but never think about improving it or changing how they create their content. This is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make because the digital world has reduced the barrier to entry for everyone and has made it possible to create content. Thus, it makes it harder for you to stand out and the only way you can is to create unique and SEO-optimized content. 

Take into account who your target audience is, check on which social platforms they are the most active on, and hang around there. Then, consider promoting your content on your site and social media to reach a wider audience. Do all of that, create quality content, and we’re sure you should be on the path to a great content marketing strategy.

By James Kandu

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