Facebook Ads – Is it Worth it? 4 Reasons for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads - Is it Worth it? 4 Reasons for Facebook Ads

Facebook is and will remain one of the largest social networks in the world. According to their own statements, there are an average of two billion users active on the platform every month and each of them is a potential growth for your company. Facebook offers companies many opportunities for advertising and provides all sorts of free tools that allow you to easily place your next ad yourself.

Yet How Exactly Does Facebook Ads Work? Why is it worth turning on? And what options do I actually have as an entrepreneur on the platform? Very simple, for many reasons and it depends on your goals! In this article, we will tell you exactly what is behind Facebook Ads!

Short Summary

Facebook offers a large audience and many opportunities for advertisers.

  • With the Ads Manager, you decide who should see the ads.
  • The platform offers you different advertising formats for different destinations.
  • You determine the costs and the duration of the campaign yourself.

4 Reasons for Facebook Ads

The use of Facebook is also free for companies, so you can also use advertising without spending money to invest, publish content and build a community. We have already covered exactly how this works in our blog article “Facebook: the battle for reach”. Leveraging advertising is like a good cup of coffee in the morning for your Facebook reach. It’s also possible without it, but it’s a lot more pleasant with it.

1. A large audience

There are 32 million active users on the platform in Germany alone. These are there on average 40 minutes per day. In direct comparison with other social networks such as Twitter or Instagram, users on Facebook are more willing to subscribe to content from companies and accept it as part of their usage. Properly designed, your ad on Facebook can have a positive effect on the user experience of your target group and thus also strengthen the image of your company.

2. Smart Cost

Advertising always involves costs, both direct and indirect. In the age of online advertising, the “cost-per-click” system has established itself on most platforms. This model allows you as a company to control exactly how much money should flow into your campaign. As the name suggests, this is the cost of each click on your ad. Conversely, this means that your ad will be shown to more people, but you only pay if a person clicks on the ad.

3. Organic growth

For small and medium-sized businesses, it is difficult to create a large organic without effective advertising efforts and Build reach on social media. This is the number of people who see unpaid posts from an account. This is a great opportunity for companies to be present for customers and enable themselves to build a large community. Paid ads and posts get your content seen and help you reach a larger group of people who could eventually become part of your organic reach.

4. New Audiences

We’ve already talked about how big the basic audience is on Facebook. In reality, however, not all 32 million users on the platform are relevant for most companies. Facebook offers you the opportunity to determine your target group precisely and to filter people by factors such as age and gender, but also by interests.

As a company, you usually know your target group very well, but do you also know so-called “lookalike audiences”? Behind this term are people who behave similarly to your target group, they could also find your content interesting. With Lookalike Audiences, you can open up completely new target groups and potential customers without much effort.

How does Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads can change worth it! But how exactly do I get my advertising material on the social platform now? Thats is quite easy! The network offers you the opportunity to create advertisements for business directly and without any detours via Facebook.

The Ads Manager

If you want to advertise on Facebook, you need a page for your business. You can create this page easily and free of charge. You can designate different people for your company’s page, who have certain rights and responsibilities. For example, you can designate employees from your marketing department as moderators for the page, who can then reply to comments or create posts on behalf of the company.

The Ads Manager offers you numerous functions and options. Here you can define different target groups and lookalike audiences, plan budgets and upload ads or have posts highlighted. You can also see numbers and data for your advertising here.

Facebook Ads Targets

Depending on the product, industry and size of your company, but also depending on the situation, you pursue different goals with your advertising. As a small start-up you may want to increase your visibility, as a service company you may be trying to get more people to visit your website. Facebook understands that there are different intentions and goals for advertising and therefore offers you the possibility to tailor your campaign specifically to these.

For example, possible targets include:

  • Sale of products
  • Views the website
  • Install your app
  • Reaching as many people as possible
  • Number of likes it on a post

What possibilities does Facebook advertising offer?

In the age of digital advertising, we are long gone beyond the classic forms of advertising such as commercials or advertisements. Although these still exist, they are present in various forms on social networks.

1. Highlight Posts

Advertising does not have to be advertising. Many companies use Facebook and other platforms to build a certain image. This image can be humorous, serious or completely unique. In order for your customers to internalize the image you are aiming for, you must regularly publish content that works towards this. So you typically post different content on your Facebook page that is played out to your organic audience, i.e. to the people who already follow you.

However, you can also promote this content and contributions, i.e. highlight them and thus play them out to people who are not yet familiar with your company follow. This will help you reach more people, and promoting existing content can result in your organic reach growing as well.

2. PageAd

Depending on the nature and image of your business, and depending on the resources available, you may not want to post content that impacts your image. Nevertheless, you want to inform as many customers as possible about current events, preferably without spending money on individual posts. You can use the page ad to increase your organic reach, i.e. the number of subscribers. Your entire Facebook page is not advertised here.

3. Website Ad

If the subscribers on Facebook are not necessarily important to you, but you Rather, if you want to make your own website stand out, you can do the same. With the website ad, Facebook offers you the opportunity to forward users from Facebook directly to your page. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as when you’re offering a service that’s difficult to explain or when you’re running a special promotion like a sale on your website.

4. Call to Action Button

Sometimes as a company you want very specific actions to the reach target group. For example, you want potential customers near your business to use a route planner to find you or you want to Make sure that customers make an appointment directly. The Facebook call-to-action button can be aligned to a wide variety of actions and thus opens up numerous ways and possibilities for more interaction.

Is advertising on Facebook worth it?

The short answer: Yes! The long answer: Facebook advertising not only offers you numerous and interactive options for the most diverse forms of advertising, but it also costs significantly less than classic advertising and can be controlled very precisely. In addition, Facebook offers you deep insights into the behavior of your target group and enables you to address new customers completely free of charge.

By Ephatech

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